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RuXiaoNan suddenly turned out to be the adopted daughter of a chef in Dali Temple.

"She should be looking for green ink yan please come in" RuXiaoNan way.
Soon someone brought Qihua into the hospital.
Although Qihua is dressed as a woman, she is full of Jianghu spirit, and even the meeting ceremony is a male bow ceremony.
"Can Lord Shao Qing be there?" Qihuawen
Ru Xiaodong shook his head. "He has gone to the palace and I don’t know when he will come back. What can I do for you?"
Seven flowers or so looked at the abrupt stretched out his hand and pulled out a dagger from the waist to arrive at RuXiaoNan neck.
RuXiaoNan froze.
Those who died in the courtyard were also deceived.
This painting style has turned too fast. Come on, okay, or how did our own people suddenly become enemies?
RuXiaoNan finger touched the seven flower dagger.
Lengliang is a real guy.
"Don’t touch carefully cut your hand" Seven Flowers complained.
RuXiaoNan secretly pie mouth with a knife pointing at somebody else’s neck also said what to be careful to cut your hand.
"What do you want to do?" To the seven flowers ru small nan is not afraid at all, but patiently talks about the conditions. "Do you want to rob money or rob color? You see, there are only so many men in my courtyard. Which one do you like? But forget about Shi Datian … He likes mature types … "
In the courtyard, everyone was sobbing.
Princess, you are a little conformal, okay? What time is this?
After hearing this, Qihua actually looked at these men, but her eyes all fell on the crucial surface somewhere in her legs.
When everyone’s Qi Jue key is cold, it’s like a knife passing there.
"Your men here are really better than those rough people in my village," commented Qihua, "but if I hadn’t been for this."
"seeking money?" Ru Xiaonan pursed her lips. "I don’t have a family, even the dowry is still rewarded by the emperor. What do you want?"
"I want Shao Qing’s black cat" Seven Flowers Road
Silence …
RuXiaoNan looked at Qihua sadly. "You’d better kill me."
Seven flowers frowned. "I just want to ask Shao Qing that black cat won’t really hurt you."
"Why do you want that black cat?" RuXiaoNan bitter face.
She has no way to tell her that she is the "cat"
Seven flowers look gloomy. "I let people burn their hands in our village. Those people were also killed. They also took the adoptive father and asked me to be a black cat in exchange for my adoptive father."
RuXiaoNan Teng to jump up if it weren’t for seven flowers move quickly dagger narrowly really want to cut her neck.
"Master Chien-cheng has been taken away?" RuXiaoNan exclaimed.
Seven flowers nai nodded. "I wasn’t in the stockade at that time, and it was already late when I came back. They left a letter asking me to do it according to the letter. I heard that Shao Qing liked his black cat very much …"
"Even if you really take the cat, they may not be able to put it back in your adoptive father." Ru Xiaonan said urgently, "Besides, the black cat with black ink face will not stay in the yard every day, and sometimes it won’t come back for several days. Where can I help you find a cat?"
Seven flowers paused "that … what should I do? I don’t know anyone here in the capital …"
Just then, the steps came at the gate of the hospital.
I don’t know who called "the world is back"
RuXiaoNan skirt jumped up and strode to the door.


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