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That’s what I think. If Song Changgeng can’t preside over the magic wave pool because of his injury here, it will be disgraceful if we win. If he can’t see it, it will be even more difficult to find trouble later. After all, he is a fairy, but we Emei Sect don’t have a fairy. If the ascetic younger brother doesn’t soar, it will be less able to fight him. "

Fentuo Shenni Yang Jin is really like this? I can’t help but look at it. At this time, I flew to the side of Bai Mei monk’s great apprentice, Cai Wei monk Zhu Youmu, and saw that he was already strong in supporting Fentuo Shenni. I quickly replaced him. Fentuo Shenni and Bai Mei monk are both Buddhist arhats, and the fairy level was easily taken over and the ban on the light cloud round head tube was extended a lot.
[End of Volume 54]
The fifty-fifth volume Two places at once at large Chapter five hundred and forty-one To survive.
Seeing here, Fentuo alone can support everyone’s peace of mind. According to the Xuan, others should be Song Changgeng. One person is supporting Yang Jin and Zhu Youmu. He is going to see Fentuo suddenly stop them and say after a little thinking, "If Song Daoyou’s body is too poisonous, I’m afraid there is a unique treasure of wild parents to solve the problem."
However, Song Daoyou is already a fairy who is close to immortality, but he has suffered a little for a few days. After all, he can get rid of it and do great harm, such as changing people’s injuries caused by this fire and smoke. Hugh said that he would have to break through the ground and fly out of the ground at that time, but he would have to be buried underground. However, Song Daoyou would have to drive away the fire poison in the future, and his ability would be much damaged.
After we go to see him later, if it’s not poisoned, if it’s poisoned, then quickly find someone to ask for treasure from the wild parents. Some of us may be lacking in skills or careless and need to be rescued. Everything depends on the actual situation. Let me know after you see the situation. Let me have a number. "
Yang Jin, three people, bowed down and flew all the way, and soon they reached the clouds. The air was getting scarce and the wind was getting stronger. If they were not all pedestrians, they would have been blown away. These clouds were actually not original, but gathered after being sprayed by poisonous fire. They are all ordinary clouds.
All three of them are masters of Buddhism and Taoism, and their magical powers and mysterious knowledge are really superior. However, the sight of flying clouds soon made them dumbfounded. They have never seen such a spectacular sight. Purple dragons circled in the black column composed of fire, poison and smoke. From their height, I don’t know how high it was.
And those purple dragons circling around the columns and swimming higher and higher are harder to see, but those purple dragons are still visible to the naked eye for a while. Zhu Youmu, the big disciple of the bridled monk, can’t help but sigh, "Fortunately, with the help of Song Daoyou’s magical power, if it weren’t for this, I’m afraid it would be difficult for all of us to eliminate the tragedy this time."
Yang Jin nodded Xuanzhen’s eyes flashed a trace of jealousy and then sighed, "There is too much poisonous smoke in the underground. It will take three days and nights to finish spraying. Although all our friends will come one after another at that time, it is also very dangerous. I don’t know if Song Changgeng can persist until then. Let’s go and have a look."
Say all the way, fly all the way, and you will see a purple dragon coiled around the poisonous smoke column of Taihuo not far away. There are dozens of them all the way. They forget to count and don’t know exactly how many. Yang Jin suddenly remembered something and asked Xuanzhen, "I just remembered that it was blown out and eliminated in nine days after the poisonous fire was sprayed."
Then the rest of the robbery ash must come down. When I came, I saw someone driving away thousands of miles of Fiona Fang in the sea. Now there are no living things in the thousands of Caspian Sea, but although they are moved to the open sea by law, they have not been driven away after all. Maybe there is a net to escape the robbery ash. I’m afraid we can’t get away. We should first find a way to restrain the robbery ash for a while. "
Xuanzhen and Zhu Youmu both nodded Xuanzhen. "It turned out to be this. We also know that this matter was hasty, but at the beginning we also considered that the center of the poisonous fireworks column sent four people to move in all directions to restrict the ash robbery and let it fall near the island. I don’t think I’m worried that the ash robbery will be scattered around. Now I don’t know what friends have to add."
Yang Jin sighed, "Brother’s side is thoughtful. This time it’s really an unprecedented robbery, but if it’s done well, it’s not great. Then you have a detailed plan. Let’s work together."
The three people who spoke had already flown to the vicinity of Gangfeng dense area, and then it was nine days before the Gangfeng layer saw that Song Changgeng was conducting the command in Gangfeng dense area. When Zi Long saw the three people flying, he just nodded and didn’t say anything. When Yang Jin saw that the mirror of science was suspended behind his head and his face was ruddy, he knew that he had not been invaded by poisonous smoke and fire. She still knew the defense force of the mirror of science.
See Song Chang-gung is focusing on the line method. They didn’t bother Song Chang-gung for a while to complete the line method. After everyone saw the ceremony, Xuanzhen also abandoned the filth. Now things will be said first. After Song Chang-gung nodded a little thoughtfully, he said, "The base of things has been settled. If we people who are too restrained by poisonous smoke and pillars have nothing to say, the base of the early stage is nothing."
Now, you should go to each side and prepare to restrain and rob the ground. At the same time, you should be prepared to guard against one thousand. If someone comes to make trouble, we will be in trouble. If something really happens, all our efforts will be wasted. I am fine here. You should go to someone else to help. You can push it anytime you want.
The more people come, the more people will have enough hands. At that time, let people. "
Yang Jin and others nodded, knowing that it was not good to disturb him here, and they all flew back after Fentuo, Bridled Eyebrows, Blissful, and Yi Zhou. They told everyone about the situation, and they were relieved that they were behind and found Miao Yi, a real person who just expelled water life. Miao Yi and Youtan Shenni all came back, and at the same time, Kunlun Zhifei Zen Master also took people to arrive.
You just said it a little before you realized that after Youtan’s expulsion from Tongcoconut Island, the creatures of four or five thousand miles in Fiona Fang were driven to the open sea together. Among them, the goddess baby Yi Jing came to be competitive and conceited, and she was good at banning the five elements. This move showed her a lot of spirit in moving the five elements.
However, the forbidden law is a little fierce, and it can’t be all smooth. It has been many years since the psychic aquarium was injured. Only then did she realize that her skill is still poor. Some things can’t be forced to eliminate a lot of her usual pride. Because of the large amount of things, it took a day and night to keep it.
Yang Jinlai wants people to help Song Changgeng, because he is responsible for the largest area, but Miao Yi is a real person who shirks the past saying that there are not enough people. When there are enough people, he can’t afford it. Although everyone is hard, the more people come, the more people take turns to exchange positions. The two Taoist ways of transporting immortals and releasing them are respectively restraining the poisonous smoke from being sprayed too hot.
However, no one changed Song Changgeng to support him alone, and others wanted to help him, but after waiting for a long time, no one had reached the limit. After all, long-term absorption and transformation of the runaway poison fire did great harm to Zi Long, that is, he took the life force of Qinglong and Jiuningding without listening, but he still prevented Zi Long from being physically damaged.
Seeing that no one came to change himself, Song Chang-geng estimated that it was their intention. He was also a stubborn guy. Seeing that no one cared about himself, he decided to solve it by himself. He let eleven Zi Long condensed essences split into dragon fetuses and put them in a nine-coagulation tripod. Then he ignored the physical injury to Zi Long and tried his best to keep them alive so as not to let the poisonous smoke escape too quickly.
Then, in a flash, poisonous smoke was sprayed in the fire for three days, and the fire was already a spent force, and Song Chang-geng’s eleven Zi Long articles were also a spent force, and they were going to collapse at any time. When a real person is about to achieve success, it is necessary to drop the ashes before going out as soon as possible, and everyone is relieved to see that things are not too big.
By this time, it’s late at night, and the fire is poisoning, and the residual silk and smoke have been sprayed for a while, and the residual smoke has also been sprayed.
Due to the migration of the fish, medium and biology department in the sea, the waves are still floating on the sea surface, and the waves are pounding the coast. Looking up at Zhong Yizhou and others, there is no shadow. The poisonous smoke and fire are breaking straight, and the wind and thunder are gradually static, which makes the night scene particularly quiet. The fierce evil situation is far from the same.
Everyone congratulated on the success of the celebration, and so on. After a while, the Oriental micro-facility started to work, and the dawn began to shine in the East. After a little discussion, it was decided to let Master Youtan help restrain the others on the ground, or to arrange them on the periphery of the poisonous smoke and fire pillar layer by layer as expected to restrain the robbery.
After everyone discussed it, they all went to their own actions. A real person will fly with a wave of his hand as expected, telling people to reinforce the spell everywhere. First, the large light tube in a deep well will be reinforced and expanded, and the whole copper coconut island will be circled in and hundreds of miles will be given up.
And Yang Jin and Miao Yi, Master Jade Qing, and Tian Ling are in charge of the first floor. The four of them are flying to avoid light. By the way, tell Song Changgeng that as soon as they fly nearby, they will see Song Changgeng sitting in an exquisite jade pavilion with more than one white cloud in his face, and Tian Ling can’t help but be shocked when he sees these purple dragons.
Yang Jinxiao flew to his side and saw his eyes looking at those Zi Long sadly. He couldn’t help laughing. "Song Daoyou has finished spraying poisonous smoke and fire now, and when the ash robbery falls behind, we’ll be done. I’ve been waiting for four people to replace you to restrain the ash robbery. Please put Zi Long away and take a rest for three days."
Song Chang Gung nodded and said, "Yes, it’s finally over. Hehe, although it’s a merit, I’m not happy. First, I was calculated by the wild parents, and then I was hunted down by the giant wood god. I got out and led this big robbery. Finally, I spent it safely without any chaos. It’s up to you to finish the rest."
The fifty-fifth volume Busy Chapter five hundred and forty-two Get even with the robbery
I can’t finish it, but I don’t look at the four people still sitting there. Mrs. Tian can’t help but feel a little annoyed. He took a big look at Song Chang-geng and finally took a sad look at those Zi Long who waved the exquisite jade pavilion and flew away leisurely. Four people looked at Song Chang-geng and looked at dozens of Zi Long who remained motionless. I couldn’t help wondering.
Just when they were strange, Miao Yiren and others listened to the nine-day Gangfeng layer, and the drums sounded like drums. It seems that there are thousands of magic weapons, which have been thunderous and violent since the day of death. They immediately knew that the robbery had fallen, regardless of other things, and of course, those Zi Long were all in the circle.
A wonderful lady can’t help secretly thinking that Song Changgeng may have been poisoned by smoke and fire, and her head is not awake. Even these treasures don’t know that collecting them just ruined it. Although Yang Jin and Jade Qing want to call Song Changgeng back, they are all duty-bound. Song Changgeng has flown away, and they have to deal with it here without saying hello.
Passing 18-wheeler, in such a blink of an eye, the four of them have rushed to fly to their own positions, and then together, they will fly out in hundreds of golden rays, and then they will be intertwined to form a large aperture, and then the light will be reflected in all directions, and the golden rays will be as golden as the horse’s practice, and it will be combined with each other with just one click.
Then a light tube with a length of more than 100 feet was formed, and then four people continued to fall, so that the light tube was formed and fell again. In this way, each layer was separated by hundreds of feet, and four layers were laid in total, and the length was as long as a thousand feet. Four people were in charge of a light fist, and then the difference was getting closer and closer, and several sparks were extinguished.
These Mars get together as big as a mountain waterfall, and it seems to pour down to the sea surface to see that it is getting closer and closer. Miao Yi and his wife drank a "disease!" Each of them flew away with a great golden light, and the four light tubes immediately rotated. Those sparks were the ashes left after the fire and poisonous flame were destroyed by Gangfeng.
Lagging behind, eating their way of doing things is forbidden, and they are forced to synthesize a stream that is bigger than the ash waterfall, and the ash and sand pour down and rub against each other, stirring up the amount of Mars, which is like a volcano flying and roaring. Earth-shattering Yang Jin and Yu Qing are worried that those Zi Long will see the robbing of ash and the rushing of Zi Long will collapse like ash piles.
Then it fell with those robbing ashes, and I couldn’t tell who was robbing ashes and who was Zi Long. Four people formed an aperture cylinder, which was so crowded that the robbing ash waterfall became a falling trend, and the more fierce it became, the more evil it became, and it was surrounded by golden light and poured down all the way. There were many people who tied many roads and days, and the aperture cylinder wanted to fall all the way to the sea.
As soon as the ash robbery restrains everyone, the only thing left is to keep the aperture. When it falls, Yang Jin will be white. Just now, Song Changgeng will look at those Zi Long sadly, apparently because no one will replace him. As a result, he doesn’t try his best. These dragons have been eroded by poisonous smoke and fire, and she can’t help but resent Miao Yi, who ignores the overall situation.
However, she just turned her mind. Now she has to cope with the magnificent golden light shining in front of her eyes and ears, and the rosy glow is horizontally connected to a pillar of fire that has never been seen before. For about a moment, one end of the ash waterfall of the fire river has not moved in the sky, and the other end has been stretched for two or three hundred miles and gradually lowered, and then it is diverted into shares in half a day.
The robbery ash was injected into the sea downstream from an aperture cylinder, and the seawater immediately roared. At that time, the waves were as high as a mountain, and the ash-robbing clots hit each other like thunder.
Song Chang Gung didn’t go far, so he looked at the way to restore his physical fatigue in the distance. Although he was free to absorb his vitality for three days, he was still very tired physically and mentally. Now that things are over, he finally didn’t go on a business trip. While playing with nine small Zi Long in his hand, he looked at the spectacular fire river and gray waterfall.
This little Zi Long is the nine earthworm fetuses hatched from eleven Zi Long, with a total of 252 dragon fetuses. Because of the too much strength he extracted from the nine tripod, it is insufficient to hatch nine, and it is still a larva. However, these little guys grow up very quickly, and Song Changgeng estimates that it will not be long before they can be born into a complete body.
Sitting in the middle of the night, I watched the ash waterfall of the Huohe River fall in a fixed range of the sea by the aperture, and the robbed ash still poured into the sea, and the sea water boiled everywhere, and then gradually piled up one by one, and the fall was very strong in the directions of southeast, northwest, northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest.
At this time, the red sun in the middle of the earth is rising from the horizon, facing the clouds and xiaoxia, and the layers of golden light will ash the fire river.
As if jin hong was hanging sideways to set off the surging waves, Qian Qili relied on Song Changgeng to sigh that there is no camera for later generations, or these strange scenes could be taken to protect the memory.
However, it is not impossible but unnecessary for practitioners to practice in the training center. These foreign things are not big, and everyone believes in the old saying that five colors are deafening, five colors are blinding and five flavors are refreshing. These things can distract the training, especially in the initial training center.
While sighing, he watched the flood flow into the sea, each of which stretched out gradually in the sea. He was responsible for the fact that at the end, there were people with high skills. Every time the ash in the sea came out of the sea for a few miles, they wanted to extend it. It was not simple. So many ash robbers rushed in such high ground and needed strength to move.
Song Chang Gung saw that the nearest place to his side was Yi Zhou, and he and B Hugh joined forces to release a red light beam. They were responsible for the aperture cylinder and barely moved a little distance to the distant sea. The two of them quickly took medicine and recovered, which obviously consumed a lot of money. So did others. This robbery of ash and displacement of copper coconut island is about 200 miles away.
In the hundreds of miles of sea water in the island of robbery and copper coconut, there is no robbery. There are many poisonous smoke robberies that have been rushed for three days and three nights, but in nine days, the poisonous smoke was blown away by Gangfeng, and the remaining ashes were not much. It will soon be finished in less than one day. When people see it, it is dusk. It is estimated that the robbery ash will soon be finished.
After he and Xuanzhen looked at each other, they had already discussed with others that everyone would work together to wave their hands and fly up a group of green light, and then they would unite to form a huge mask to cover the copper coconut island and the nearby sea surface for more than a hundred miles, and then they would control the ash robbers from the outside and drink, "Dear friends, let’s show our magic to decorate a wonder, for example?"
The last one is that more than a dozen hosts with the highest mana or the highest status. When everyone hears the news, they will gradually put their own parts inside and outside, and gradually unite into a large aperture to enclose the ash, and then immediately rush into the green light cover to help resist the ash. Those ashes fall wildly after they are not restrained inside.
Being blocked by a green mask, it falls on the periphery, and gradually fills each other when the shares are robbed of ash. The inner mask becomes a canopy, and it expands wider and wider into the sea, and so does the outer aperture, so that it can fall in the middle.
After more than a day’s rest, Song Chang-geng has gradually recovered his physical fatigue and his mind has been quiet. Many of them are almost over, and they can’t help but envy Tian Chi when they come here. As a result, his scenery of the copper coconut island is special, because the gray column falls in all directions from the aperture and the mask.
Without stopping it from flowing into the sea, it has spread evenly from beginning to end, just like a huge fire curtain, and the four sides of the fire ball are rolling down like a tide, and from beginning to end, it is like a golden lotus hanging upside down from the sky with the amount of star sand under its arm. It is a spectacle because it makes a big circle from the sea, and at the same time, it pays attention to everyone’s magical powers inside and outside.
Make the amount of star sand flying far and near excited to lift the sky, the waves surged and it was a dazzling spectacle. After several hours, the apocalyptic ash was finally put out and was injected into the sea. After the medium aperture cylinder was gradually removed, I saw a circle near the Copper Coconut Island forming a ring-shaped circle to enclose the whole island.
The circle of ash-robbing island is hundreds of miles wide and the copper coconut island is hundreds of miles apart. Seeing this strange scenery, the idiot can’t help but thank everyone with great joy. A wonderful real person laughs. "In fact, it’s nothing. These ash-robbing islands will fill the sea water. If it falls by itself, it will not be beautiful after all, and the bottom of the sea will be uneven.
It’s bound to be full of dust for months, and it’s easy to attract other things, so we just made a trick. In fact, these are all secondary, mainly because the residual poison from the robbery is not extremely heavy and widely distributed, and this ring-shaped island will not have life, so Taoist friends will have to arrange their own array.
Now that the foundation of the matter has been completed, let’s talk about this copper coconut island thing of yours. It happens that the giant wood god is also here. You killed so many people’s seven flowers and so many younger brothers, robbed others, and the B-wood elves also cut off several copper coconut trees. Do you want to pay for it? So many people here are thinking about coming, so it’s not easy for you to default, is it? "
The fifty-fifth volume Busy Chapter five hundred and forty-three Union Lian Heng
A real story has just been finished. Yi Zhou and others have surrounded him. The giant wooden god is forbidden to smile bitterly. He just helped to come here and hasn’t left. First, Tianchi and others are keeping a close eye on him. Secondly, he knows that even if he left by himself, these guys will find a door. Who told that bastard Song Changgeng to tell his name and place of residence?
Even if you can’t think about going back, it’s impossible because his Yuding has almost completed the integration of spiritual veins. The last step is that a small cave will be formed. Although it’s not as good as the tens of thousands of miles of caves like light, it’s even better than those of the western paradise or paradise, but the hundred miles of caves are enough for your own life.
He betrayed his father, offended Dayu, gave up his official position and escaped from heaven. Now he will succeed. How can he give up? So he didn’t leave and kept thinking of a two-way plan. After all, the cave is important, but the second wood elf is as important, and Song Changgeng’s Classic of Mountains and Seas is equally important, but he hasn’t come up with the best way.
Hearing Miao Yi’s real inquiry and surrounded by many untrue people around him, he couldn’t help but feel upset. Now that it’s basically accomplished, everyone has finished their duties and is talking to all kinds of friends and acquaintances. When they talk loudly here, they attract the attention of others. Everyone doesn’t know the giant wood god. It’s a little surprised to see him.


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