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I really don’t know if this reporter’s editing skills are not good, or if he is just joking.

How can Changsheng go to Inter Milan?
People’s status in Lazio is almost equal to that of club president Lotito. It is said that Lotito always wins some decisions.
The manager of the club, Tare, is no different from an errand boy. How can he feel as a manager?
Moreover, Tarai himself doesn’t want to compete with Changsheng, so he is willing to be the general manager of such a soy sauce club.
Although Chang Sheng is the head coach in Lazio, he is actually the same as the king of the club. Call the wind and call the rain, whatever you want, no one dares to offend him, and basically walks sideways in the club.
Some media also found out that Changsheng owns shares in Lazio Club!
Where is the head coach?
This is simply the senior management of the club.
Can Inter Milan give these things?
Obviously, it is impossible to give it.
Even if Moratti likes winning constantly, there are other big shareholders in the club.
When the time comes, I will score factions and fight with each other. I am tired of playing in Valencia.
In Lazio, Lotito now owns 67% of the shares, not counting the 3% he gave to Changsheng.
Absolutely Lazio’s first shareholder, no one can shake his position.
All the other minority shareholders’ combined shares can’t stand him alone.
So as long as Lotito has a good relationship with Changsheng, no one in Lazio can win, no matter how unhappy they are.
Mourinho’s life is very hard now, but Chang Sheng has no time to pay attention to him.
The home game against Florence is coming soon.
This is Lazio’s first home game after being suspended at home.
It means a lot to the whole team.
Lazio have been preparing and looking forward to this game since the last home game against Catania.
Not only the team is looking forward to it, but also the fans.
Perhaps both sides didn’t have such a strong feeling before, and they felt inseparable from each other.
The players are used to the fans cheering for them in the stands, and they don’t feel any big deal.
But now, after playing three empty home games, they feel it. There is no one in the stands and there is someone, so the difference is really different …
Playing away from home is more exciting than playing at home like that …
There is no cheers at all, which makes people think they are dreaming, and there is a sense of unreality.
Looking up, except for a few visiting fans, there are a lot of empty seats.
Are we really playing a proper league game?
They all have such questions in their hearts.
They began to yearn from the bottom of their hearts for the fans who kept making noise and making all kinds of noises to return and fill the stands.
Like these players, Lazio fans have suffered in these three games.
For real Lazio fans, it is not support if they can’t go to the scene to watch the ball and support the team.
What is watching TV at home?
As a result, they were implicated because of extreme fans.
In the first game, they didn’t go to the stadium because they knew it was useless to go.
At the same time, they are also worried that the team will not play well in the empty stadium. What if we lose to Livorno?
There is a lot of hatred between Livorno and Lazio.
And the result?
Lazio easily beat Livorno 3-0 at home.
When the second match came, Lazio fans couldn’t stand it any longer. When I watched the last game at home and in the bar, I suffered a lot.
They are eager to vent their emotions in the stands, and they are eager to roar and sing loudly, even if their throats are hoarse!
It’s like watching an ordinary league game, they are all dressed up and going to the Olympic Stadium in Rome.
Although they can’t get in, they should be closer to the team.
What’s more, at that time, the club was still in conflict with the incorrigible faction and needed their support more.
So they went.
Through a thick wall, Lazio scored inside and they cheered outside.
Not only ushered in a 4: 0 victory, but also angered the unruly football hooligans.
The third game, that’s out of the question. It must be to support your team outside the stadium, fight side by side with your team and feel the same breath!
So no one organized, and everyone came outside the stadium again to cheer for the team.
The team also lived up to expectations and beat Catania 2-0.
Now, the short separation is finally over.
It is said that parting is better than getting married.
I really miss missing three games …
Everyone can’t wait to hang up slogans, hold up portraits, wave flags, cheer for the soldiers of Lazio and shout and sing!
At home, I dedicate my blood and passion to my favorite team, and the teams feel their passion and repay them with their best performance.
This is football!
This is why football is so popular!
Because, we will always fight side by side!
Chapter one hundred and eighty-six Tophro’s mind
On February 27th, Lazio played against Florence at home.
Everyone has been waiting for this game for a long time.
The fans have also prepared for a long time.
Three hours before the start of the game, many Lazio fans can already be seen gathering around the Olympic Stadium in Rome.
Even the earliest ones arrived half a day early-they came to Rome from other places.


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