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Green historical one leng looking at shallow that cold yan immediately brought life when he left also don’t forget to look at the Helan Yunzhao.

Looking at the people around the shallow general, I can foresee what will happen next. In front of her, the female body seems to have a cold breath, like to isolate everything around her, including him.
"Helan Yunzhao" looked at the tall and free-and-easy male voice in front of him. It was the first time that they were very serious. She didn’t give him a good look when they met, and she didn’t hate him. She didn’t like the feeling that things were beyond her control.
"Shallow so serious sample is to want to say to me? I have to prepare well for this. What kind of posture should I pose? Is it sitting or lying down? " Helan Yunzhao said with a smile, but those obsidian eyes are beaming and staring at the opposite woman.
Looking at Helan Yunzhao’s cold eyes, it seems that the lake is calm and there is no waves. He seems to be a stranger to her, and this gesture has returned to the time when they first met. This time, the only thing is the alert.
"I don’t know what you are doing to help me, and I don’t want to guess what your purpose is. It doesn’t make any sense to me whether you regard me as a friend or an enemy. Now we are involved and there is a king who will make me pay you a certain amount of money. It’s irrelevant from now on." She held hands slightly, and the sound in her heart was as clear as a drum at this moment, so don’t be involved again. She has no time to run her contacts and has no heart to care for others.
I don’t know when the cold around me gathers, and the night wind raises her thin figure slightly. As the night wind blows, it seems that it will be blown away at any time. How lonely and lonely it is to hide that expression.
Helan Yunzhao quietly pours the white brocade robe of the moon, while he holds the folding fan hand and holds it tightly. His eyes have been staring at the opposite woman for half a minute. At this moment, his eyes seem to be foggy, which makes people unable to see his emotions clearly.
"Do I help you because I like you or because I like you?" Suddenly, Na Yue’s white figure moved. He raised his folding fan and shook his head. He objected, "No, no, I shouldn’t say that. It should be said that I admire Shallow for a long time, thinking that one day I will be close to Shallow and then win the beauty heart and get the beauty back! This life is not shallow! It’s much better to say so. "
Shallow body that cold general momentum instantly collapsed at this moment. She glared at Helan Yunzhao. Did this person deliberately flirt with her? She just wants to draw a line with him, and he will pay him back sooner or later if she owes him a favor.
"Helan Yunzhao, I won’t be friends with you." When her friends are too tired, they should feel this way, but they never say anything.
Helan Yunzhao put away his face and smiled and shook his head. "I didn’t say I wanted to be friends with you. It’s not true that I spoke, is it?"
"What words?" Frown slightly. He talks a lot. How does she know which sentence he said?
Helan Yunzhao heard that there was a trace of Naise in his obsidian eyes. Why is it that such a clever person is confused now? It seems that he really has plenty of time to get beauty.
"That shallow what don’t want to be friends with me? It’s not because you like me, is it? "Helan Yunzhao is going to communicate with her in another way. Look at how straightforward he said. You don’t want to be friends with me because you like me. I don’t want to be friends with you because I like you.
Nai’s shallow mind is not like this. She suddenly turned around, and the cold wind raised her forehead, and there was a dim light in her bright eyes. If she was normal, if she was not tied down, she also wanted to have many friends to play chess with many people, but she couldn’t …
"Even if today is a friend? Maybe the sword will face each other in the sky, maybe you will forget the person’s appearance at dawn, so can you still be a friend? " Shallow closed eyes fundus restored the former indifference. She turned around and looked at the man behind her with a cold look as if he was a stranger. "Thank you for not sending Yun Zhaogong today." If he couldn’t speak, she went directly into the master and gave the door directly.
The first man in the open day was shut out like this. Outside Helan Yunzhao House, his mouth evoked a smile. In the eyes like obsidian, the brilliance still reacted to her. He knew it clearly, but what he didn’t mean was that she refused him before he could express it clearly, which made his heart quite resistant. However, the last sentence seemed to show some emotion and sadness to people’s hearts. She seemed to have experienced many things.
Shallow because of the previous forced obsequiousness, the body was a little tired, so I went to sleep directly, and I didn’t come to shallow stubble after Deting came back. It was quite peaceful this night.
The next day, I lay shallow on the couch and suddenly felt something moving in the room. I blinked and sat up from the couch.
"Wake up?" At the table, a man in a white gown sat quietly, pouring tea for himself, and a silver mask covered his face.
Looking at the visitor’s shallow eyes, there was a flash of consternation, and then his eyes glared coldly and said, "What are you doing here?" Didn’t you make it clear to him yesterday?
"Of course, it’s to make sure you remember when you get up early. I think so." Someone poured a cup of tea and took a sip of it and looked at the couch girl with a smile.
Ps the third more ————— Let’s give some rewards ————
Chapter 14 conferring titles
"Of course, it’s to make sure you remember when you get up early. I think so." Someone poured a cup of tea and took a sip of it and looked at the couch girl with a smile.
Looking at the opposite man, she certainly remembers who he is. Is this human brain okay? She looks very sick. She is too lazy to ignore him again.
Looking at the couch that was wrapped with a female Helan Yunzhao, the smile deepened, and the effect seemed good. He didn’t drive him away, and a little nai suddenly rose in his heart. I didn’t expect that he would be gratified that a woman didn’t sweep him out of the house one day. Is he possessed?
When shallow woke up again, the householder had left her and gently stroked her forehead. What happened to her? She was still asleep when there were outsiders. She must have been too tired recently.
Shortly after waking up, the imperial edict of Princess Rong Ning came to the palace. The imperial edict was not to pick up some nice words to shape her. She was like a dignified Minhui. She held the imperial edict in front of the gate and looked at the boxes of gifts moved into the government. You couldn’t see the joys and sorrows.
For her, the identity of Princess Rong Ning didn’t attract her much. She didn’t know that He Lanyunzhao begged this identity for her, but this identity could block a lot of trouble for her. After less, Chu Hanxuan wouldn’t pose as her fiance every day to find fault.
"Princess Rong Ning told you to go to the palace sometimes to see that he just gave you a token that you can go out and into the palace at any time." The eunuch Song Gonggong around the North Chu Emperor hooked his waist and smiled.
Glancing at the token in his hand, he nodded and said nothing.
Send father-in-law corners of the mouth smile suddenly froze a minister female seal the royal family’s most distinguished princess ordinary people even fell asleep also want to wake up, this princess Rong Ning is not too cold, but who let the emperor like her, they have to be careful to serve.
"If the princess didn’t tell the slave to go back to the palace first," Song Gonggong said with a smile.
Shallow nodded lightly and said, "Then I won’t send my father-in-law."
Song’s father-in-law nodded, "Don’t send or not send our house excused himself." He smiled and retired.


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