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It is said that Tianyu took the initiative to’ lure’ Xiao Ye to confess.

Actually, if there is a feeling that the confession stage will come sooner or later, Tianyu will look at the two of them and consume some things like Xiao Ye and Xiao Yue as soon as he comes back.
Said xiaoye and abortion have been together now, of course, is the main credit of Yunyun Tianyu direct credit.
Since we are brothers’ female friends, what about feelings? The guy with bad feelings will definitely not want to ask the other party to help him. Plus, Abortion volunteered to help Tianyu in the game. Therefore, Tianyu gladly became the shopkeeper of cutting and handed things over to Abortion.
However, the time limit is before New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Day, Xiao Ye will fly back with Abortion.
That’s why Tianyu is so leisurely in the game at the moment. It’s time to have a rest after a busy year.
By the way, this picture of attacking the valley is definitely crushing IQ vice …
Some people don’t know how to brush this picture for two hours, which is no exaggeration.
One picture is just a formality, and the key point is two pictures.
Fig. 2 Goblin bss will summon different Goblins to perform a sacrificial ceremony every time, and when he performs a sacrificial ceremony, he will designate a certain Goblin as a sacrificial ceremony. What the player does is to kill this sacrificial Goblin without killing the other two Goblins, and then bss will be attacked.
If this cycle is repeated several times, bss Goblin will attack the city and the wizard will enter the stealth state. At this time, the warrior needs to gently move his finger to defeat it.
"Silly bear, how did this picture pass …" Two whew didn’t look at the raiders for the first time. Anyway, it was there that he killed three goblins for a long time, and Nai was asked in the group.
"Look at the Chinese position on the map and show the yellow characters. Just kill the corresponding Goblin according to the yellow characters. You can’t kill the three Goblins every time."
"… I’m dizzy this figure can be naive? Bullying primary school students can’t read? " Two xiu looked at Tianyu to explain some language typing way
"… ahem, do you know different words and don’t know how to brush them?" Tianyu smile typing way
"I’m nearsighted. I really didn’t see that line and didn’t understand the meaning of this picture …" Erxiu replied.
"…" Tianyu shame.
On this day, nothing new happened. After brushing the counterattack valley, Tianyu and Erxiu continued to go to the abyss of Kanan’ Gate’
Three days later, that is, on January 8 th, Zeilya logged in again in the game, saying that it was because the login of this teaching was cancelled on January 1 ST
The so-called "Zeilya teaching" is actually to punish those who violate the game agreement and open a tripartite auxiliary player by being locked in the Zeilya room to punish the players and increase the number of online players in disguise.
There are too many players who are guilty of punishment … It is good for everyone to be white.
"What is the price reduction? !” This day Tianyu looked at the auction house and wondered about the equipment
After that, he typed in the group and asked one or two wheezes.
"I don’t know if it’s because the horse is celebrating the New Year that there will be some activities in the game that affect the price of contracted equipment, such as selection activities, and then the news gets out and the merchants know to dump the goods before they start?" Two xiu explained
At this time, Tianyu has learned through Guihe Xiaoyue and Xiaowen that the price adjustment of equipment is not unique to the four districts in Zhejiang, and almost every district is like this.
"Strange strange …" Tianyu frowned heart way
Chapter 567 Suspicion
"It’s definitely not the second whew. I remember that there was no special activity during the Chinese New Year, but the gift package made people tremble … and the first choice should be made again after the Mid-Autumn Festival on May Day of the following year, so it wasn’t a toy factory. I can’t remember clearly that time, but I definitely didn’t make a choice during the Chinese New Year." Tianyu was betting in his heart.
"Brother Xiong, look."
This message was sent by Xiaowen with a picture behind it.
"According to reliable sources, it is speculated that there will be another choice activity in the New Year?" Two whew at Vivian posted screenshots mouth chanting.
"What do you think of silly bear?" Because Tianyu has the so-called department personnel, of course, he has to be asked.
"Show is my uncle party" Tianyu betting way
The so-called "uncle party" in the network means that the person who spreads rumors has no real conclusive evidence that he is there to talk about the so-called update.
"Brother Xiong is not only in this forum, but also in other places, there are similar speculation posts." Xiaowen typed a few pictures again.
Tianyu frowned at these screenshots.
Uncle recently severely punished black businessmen, but the recent election campaign made many black businessmen see that all the business opportunities were piled up in the hands of black businessmen.
Everyone knows that the price of equipment in the game will directly affect the proportion of game currency, or that the proportion of game currency can reflect the price of game, and the two are complementary.
However, if a game currency depreciates to a certain extent and the operator has a good strategy to recycle it, it will definitely lead to inflation, which will eventually make the game equipment directly easy for the three parties.
The birth of this phenomenon means that the game will not be far from being piled up into tombstones.
The uncle must find ways to punish the black merchants, including of course a large number of hoarding merchants. A while ago, a large number of merchants were mistakenly blocked.
Missealing will cause public anger. If it is too violent, it is likely to speed up the life cycle of the game and shorten the cycle. Therefore, other methods must be found to punish the black traders in the game.
This means of adjusting the output of equipment in the game through game activities is relatively high, because it does not directly harm the interests of the majority of players, on the contrary, it helps the majority of players to realize their equipment dreams.
Imagine the increase in equipment output, what will the equipment price be like?
I think the answer to this question will give you a good explanation when choosing the equipment.
At that time, the bearing equipment dropped from about 40 thousand to 150 thousand, and then look at it. Now the bearing equipment has risen to more than 30 thousand. What’s the problem?
Prices will be low when there is a large output!
Therefore, if Tencent wants to open a decision-making activity during the Spring Festival, it would be great.
I believe that the big businessmen in each district must have a large number of contracted equipment in their hands.
Is the declaration of uncle’s party
"Say there is a nose with eyes …" Tianyu sneered after reading it carefully.
"Although the reason is right, it has shifted the main contradiction …" Erxiu continued typing after reading it at this moment. "Although black businessmen are hateful, not every businessman is a black businessman and the game needs a businessman. I think you can all understand this truth. Merchants are goods circulation to facilitate others to sell goods and then sell the goods they receive to those who need them. If there is no profit, who is full and has nothing to do?"
"And when I say the main contradiction, I mean that the real culprit of inflation in the game is not the businessman in the game, but the workshop in the game."
"No matter how much the merchants toss about the game, the game coins will not increase, just to make a large number of game coins circulate, while the workshop will produce a large number of game coins, which will certainly depreciate and eventually inflation."
Erxiu, the explanation is over
"It’s hard to say whether this situation will be decided again. Anyway, it’s not the official news. It’s best not to take it too seriously," Bones typed.
"Don’t worry, if it is really out, I still don’t know?" Tianyu is confident typing way


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