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"What’s the matter? ?” I went over and asked

"You know that I am a Tuoma family!" An uneasiness looked at me.
I nodded my head.
"The hateful woman of Egret Dove actually threatened me with the whole life of Tuoma family!" One is obviously angry. "Even if I don’t care about Grandpa, but-"
"I am white!" I nodded my head, so everything made sense. One heart, one anxiety, one sadness.
"I can’t betray you if you create vampires to some extent, my Lord!" A see me eventually light expression anxiously said
"Go ahead!" I smiled faintly and stared at his eyes.
A leng for a while suddenly white what also smiled.
"I am a white man!" A knowing theory
"Well, you go ahead and I’ll find a way to bring it to you!" I turned and walked to the villa, and a gust of wind passed behind me and disappeared.
As soon as I entered the room, I saw Li Tu sitting gracefully at the table and looking at me. It seems that Neko, the leader who just took a shower, is lazy and has a few hairs dripping with water.
"Why don’t you even blow dry your hair?" I complained that I had punched Li Tu lightly and took a towel carefully to try to wipe my hair.
"How do you say one?" Li soil slightly partial slant head asked
I had a good meal with my fingers and burgundy hair.
"Li Tu believes that I can handle it!"
Li Tu was a little uneasy. Looking back, I held Li Tu’s shoulder and answered him firmly.
Li Tu nodded for a long time.
I saw that woman again in my sleep. For a month, she appeared in front of me day and night.
Black hair, black eyes and black wings, a black skirt wrapped around her, and her soft skin has to be said that she is a very beautiful woman.
"Who the hell are you?" When I asked this question again, the woman looked at me.
"Lilith," she said quietly.
I was surprised. Isn’t she a lover in Satan’s temple? How did it happen in my dream?
"Who said this was your dream?" Lilith said indifferently, "I am here!"
Now there are a lot of things, and I can’t figure out who Qinning is, but I slowly remembered that it was a fox from a strange street.
"You forgot her anyway, so I’ll take over for the time being!" Lilith asserted that the black pupil once again stared at me. "Predict that you also know that you have to take your own measures to win this battle!"! Lucifer (Lucifer ap; #86; Satan Lucifer and I will wait to harvest your soul in the future! "
She drifted away when she spoke.
"I won’t come again. Hello, since the first time you saw me, you were dying!"
Lilith’s figure finally disappeared, but I still slept in this chaos and thought about something carefully. I’ve been looking forward to dawn
As soon as we left the building the next morning, we felt that the atmosphere in the hall was wrong.


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