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I destroyed the "Star" in Xingren Village long ago. How could that guy get the power of "Star"? Did I get in touch with Xingren Village when I destroyed the hidden treasure in front of Xingren Village? Long ago, Tuan Zang was ready to use the power of "Star" to become stronger? Now the world is really different from the world in the original book of Huo Ying! "
Although eye cross-country is just a guess, it must be said that cross-country guess is limited to reality.
In the original works of Naruto, few people pay attention to what happened in some small villages or small countries, just like Kakashi Skunk God. It is impossible to know what is hidden in some small villages after the end of his ninja career, but ninjas like Uchiha Fugaku, Shimura Danzou and orochimaru are different.
Orochimaru is to study and study all kinds of black technologies. Every ninja in the village knows something, and ninjas like Shimura Danzou and Uchiha Fugaku need to master the potential. Since they have the potential, they must master all the intelligence agencies in the forbearance world, even if there is any trouble in a small country, ninjas like Shimura Danzou and Uchiha Fugaku must know.
It is also because of this that Shimura Danzou contacted Xingren Village early
After the secret theft of the "Star" failed, Shimura Danzou abruptly destroyed a part of the "Star" and took it back to Konoha Village for experiments.
Not long ago, Shimura Danzou was finally able to master some power of "Star" with the experiment of fusing the first generation of Huoying cells.
Is to be able to master the "star" power, Shimura Danzou must not rely on his own experiments.
Behind him is a mysterious person to help.
Shimura Danzou is the only one who knows about this matter. I’m afraid even three generations of old friends of Huo Ying Shimura Danzou don’t know that there is a mysterious person behind Shimura Danzou to help.
Besides, Shimura Danzou fought off-road
When the breath of "star" suddenly appeared in the body, Shimura Danzou severely suppressed the first generation of fire shadow cells in the body. The first generation of fire shadow cells is the kind of enemy strong, weak and strong. When Shimura Danzou could not suppress it, it began to bite Shimura Danzou’s body in an attempt to devour Shimura Danzou. When Shimura Danzou can suppress it, it will start Shimura Danzou again.
Just like what happened in front of the cross-country, Shimura Danzou severely suppressed the first generation of Huoying cells with the breath of "star". After that, the first generation of Huoying cells began to repair the body in Shimura Danzou, and the palm blade sharp gun ran through the heart and it was restored to its original shape.
But what really surprises off-road is not that Shimura Danzou’s heart can be repaired, that he can run through the palm of his hand with a sharp gun, or that he can master the "star" power
What really surprised the cross-country was what happened after Shimura Danzou’s "Star" power suppressed the first generation of Huoying cells and repaired their hearts.
That moment Shimura Danzou with the breath of "star" turned out to be an instantaneous burst of terror chakra fluctuations.
And when that horrible chakra fluctuation abruptly tore Shimura Danzou’s bust.
Cross-country from Shimura Danzou’s right chest turned out to be seeing a head!
It should be exactly.
Fairy head!
Chapter 713 Shadow Level ()
Also a person.
God can do what people can’t do and become God.
It’s like forbearing Ootutuki Hagoromo is just an ordinary human being, but he can do things that several people can’t, and it becomes a ninja world. The so-called immortals mentioned by God are not real immortals, but ninjas who are stronger than ordinary ninjas, or ninjas who can make natural energy transport magic. chakra ninjas are so-called immortals.
On Shimura Danzou’s chest, you can see a person’s head in cross-country at this time.
That man’s head is naturally not Spot Ye, let alone Ootutuki Hagoromo, but a strange guy who feels cross-country
However, from that avatar, when Shimura Danzou’s "Star" power began to burst into chakra in the body, cross-country could clearly feel the natural energy breath filled in that avatar.
In an instant, the pupil was slightly constricted. Suddenly, it was guessed that there was a mysterious guy behind Shimura Danzou. Otherwise, how could Shimura Danzou finish the experiment with his research ability? orochimaru failed to finish the experiment. It was also because he felt that there was someone behind Shimura Danzou to help him. He thought about harvesting Shimura Danzou’s life as soon as possible.
right after
Palm blade sharp gun!
At this time, the off-road left-handed palm-blade sharp gun is impressively going to smash the immortal head directly through Shimura Danzou’s right chest. Off-road knows that it is the immortal head that can be absorbed by Shimura Danzou, and it is very likely that natural energy will be absorbed. Otherwise, as it was said before off-road, Shimura Danzou is not an experimental genius, and it is impossible to develop the immortal mode in just a few years.
Cross-country is still a little underestimate the power of Shimura Danzou.
Accurately speaking, it should be cross-country. There are still some mistakes in the power of the mysterious man behind Shimura Danzou!
When the cross-country palm blade sharp gun eye looks to fall on Shimura Danzou’s right chest, cross-country can ensure that there is no mistake in his eyes. According to Shimura Danzou’s right chest, the fairy head is impressively directed at the cross-country direction, revealing a strange smile. Soon, when the cross-country palm blade sharp gun falls on the fairy head face, it is only a "hum". The physical energy and mental energy of the cross-country palm blade sharp gun are actually completely absorbed in the fairy head.
And when the physical energy and mental energy of the cross-country palm-tightening blade sharp gun are absorbed and swallowed up.
It’s Shimura Danzou!
The supercilious look he wrested from Hyuga Hiashi turned out to be a hole.
Almost in Shimura Danzou’s eyes, when the supercilious look disappeared, his eyes turned into a deep hole, and the fairy head portrait on Shimura Danzou’s chest instantly opened an eye.
That eye is not Hyuga Hiashi or Shimura Danzou’s white eyes. What can it be?
After devouring the cross-country power, the fairy head was actually devouring Shimura Danzou’s power as well, and the supercilious eyes were glued to the cross-country
What’s the look in that eye if it’s not greed?
"What a strange guy. What is he or is it greedy for?"
"Is it my hidden brand?"
Just relying on the eyes of the immortal head image, cross-country is to guess what the immortal head image needs, but its own hidden brand. It is a feeling of practicing hidden secrets. With this feeling, cross-country can guess a lot of things, and it can also guess what the immortal head image wants
Then, in the cross-country, I vaguely guessed when the immortal’s head wanted something. The secret of spiritual energy cross-country shadow escaping is to make it again!
The shadow of the foot climbs


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