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"Why don’t you go? I can’t help you."

Vice President Yue directly kicked people out.
Xu Taotao shook his head and looked sorry. "Vice President Yue, do you think I’m here to beg you today?"
Vice President Yue looks suspicious, doesn’t he?
You give gifts and are so flattering.
Chapter six hundred and sixty Gu Dad works
Wait, Xu Taotao suddenly reacted. What did the system just say?
[What did you just say? My father is from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? 】
Xu Taotao Meng forced [I don’t know about this? 】
Tongyin sounds a little pity [because you never asked]
Xu Taotao []
But she never asked Professor Gu what her father-in-law did. Anyway, she knew she was a busy man, so she often went abroad all year round.
So obvious that she just found out?
It’s not like modern people often go abroad. What kind of jobs can people who go abroad on business trips these days be?
Is she a pig brain? I have never thought about this question.
Tone reproach [you are too careless of your father-in-law! 】
Yeah, I blame her for being so careless about her father.
Hey? No, she wants to care about her father-in-law. Why does she care about her husband?
Xu Taotao shivered and shook her head. She was almost taken by the whole system.
According to the host, you also have a background in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You might as well find Gu Dad if you are looking for Vice President Yue.
This sentence will definitely be recognized by the host, but Xu Taotao shook his head.
It’s a good thing you woke me up. I really can’t find Gu Dad.
Tong Xiao is cute and puzzled [what? 】
Xu Taotao is justified [to avoid suspicion]
Unified [] it just hit its host didn’t hit?
[By the way, how much is the current account of our business point? 】 Xu Taotao asked
A light screen immediately appeared in front of Xu Taotao, who brought up the data.
It is pleasantly surprised [there are still 836 business points in your account balance]
The host is much richer than it.
[Quite a lot]
You know, when she upgraded the director of the Western Province Meat Factory, she also awarded 5 career points!
Xu Taotao is also surprised-she doesn’t care much about her career at ordinary times. Anyway, her base is buy buy’s mouth, ingredients and gifts sent back to her family in the western province. I didn’t expect this to take long and save so much from the balance.
She rubbed her hands and suddenly wanted to spend money. What happened?
Xu Taotao immediately strolled around the mall and took the opportunity to jump and show off.
[Host, don’t forget the system. If you don’t work hard every month to turn the’ industry influence points’ into business points for you, how can you get rich now? Don’t you pity your lovely system? 】
Xu Taotao [] On shameless, I lost after all.
I couldn’t make Taotao after being entangled by Tong Xiao Cute. Finally, Nai had a good temper and bought it-a colorful lollipop.
I think it’s better to unify the skin.
Chapter six hundred and sixty-nine Honghui ham sausage
Don’t say that Xu Dage and Zhao Zhen’s cousin are both here, but Xu Taotao is a weak woman who can carry the tripod. She is not afraid of being alone at home.
When the knocking continued for a while, Brother Xu got suspicious and opened the door.
When I opened the door, I was an acquaintance
"The factory director! Something is wrong! "
It turned out to be a monsoon outside the door, and he was panting and anxious at this time.
Xu Taotao woke up and let him calm down before asking, "What happened?"
If it wasn’t a big deal, monsoon couldn’t have knocked on the door at night to find her.
Zhao Zhen stopped lying dead. He slipped up and was equally anxious to ask, "What happened?"
Brother Xu stood in awe with a tight face.
The monsoon took a few breaths and felt that the breath was finally even.
He was depressed and said, "As far as Chairman Yu of the Western Province is concerned, there is a new brand of ham sausage market, and we have suffered heavy losses."
"What? New brand ham sausage? !”
Brother Xu and Zhao Zhen’s face changed slightly, which is definitely not good news.
Heavy losses?
Xu Taotao frowned.
Xu Taotao, the new brand of ham sausage, didn’t pay much attention to it. In her opinion, one day sooner or later, she didn’t expect it to be so soon.
But she is more concerned about the word "heavy losses". She can’t be that Chairman Yu made a slip of the tongue, even if something really happened.
Will you clean up the table and chopsticks? Xu Taotao and others lock the door and follow the monsoon back to the courtyard. The staff of the First Hospital are anxiously waiting to see Xu Taotao coming. Everyone is worried and surrounded.
"factory director"
"What about the factory director?"
"The new ham sausage brand will definitely grab business with us!"
Everyone is worried about the new ham sausage brand, and at the same time, they are nervous and eager to look at Xu Taotao and want them to trust the factory director to give them a reassurance.
Xu Taotao is not in the mood to coax them.
She wrung her eyebrows and reprimanded, "Now the situation is not good. Isn’t it just that a new brand of ham sausage was first developed by our western province meat joint factory, but it’s not impossible to say that other meat joint factories have developed the market. It’s never a monopoly with competition to have vitality? What are you afraid of? You have so little confidence in our Great Wall brand ham sausage?"
The panicked workers were scolded with shame, but their mood stabilized a lot
Didn’t you see that factory director Xu is not afraid at all? The factory director has to stand up if he is not afraid of them.
Others are waiting outside for Xu Taotao to go in. She looks calm in the quadrangle office and dials back.


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