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"Uncle, you are as handsome as my father, and I have decided to like you too."

Patted his red face, cold owl gazed at him softly for a few seconds, then got up and nodded to Qian Zhongyao and strode away.
Out of the mall, Bao Qi took a breath of fresh air and looked at him with a relaxed and handsome face and a shallow smile.
"Uncle, I think you are in a good mood. Do you particularly like that child?"
"Yes," he did not deny it.
"Poof, no matter how cute it is, it’s someone else’s child. After you have yourself …"
"Speed up with …" Interrupted her words. Lengxiao’s eyebrows screwed tightly and he walked intently to the parking lot. The sound was cold and heavy.
Left the pie mouth and looked at his tall, cold back. Bao Qi realized that there was something wrong with his words.
He must have a diaphragm in his heart, right?
A man who likes children so much will never forget to wear a condom every time he does it.
How tangled is his heart?
If she hadn’t changed to another woman, would he have set it up?
The ups and downs in my heart are getting more and more chaotic, boring my head. She bowed her head and followed the past, but the clever little face of the little boy in the mall kept emerging.
If she and her second uncle had a child, would he like it so much?
Almost immediately, there appeared a picture in her mind of whether the baby was a man or a woman in her arms, but she couldn’t see clearly, but she was smiling with eyes flying instead of a straight face.
Ow! How beautiful fantasy is ~
Without durex’s supervision, she would be willing to try.
Two people all the way in silence to the small stuttering ward.
But things are not as easy as I thought.
As the saying goes, people who stretch out their hands and don’t smile, especially those who stutter at the gift door, are of course the same. Even if there are 110 thousand uncomfortable feelings in their hearts, they are embarrassed to say anything difficult when they walk into the ward with a smile on their faces.
Section 169
Especially when they see the coldness with her, they are more cautious in their words.
After all, it’s the army leaders who come to express their condolences, and it’s okay to be polite.
Leng Xiao came here today to represent the army on the one hand and Jiang Dazhi on the other.
However, although Wang’s father and mother spoke politely to him, it involved Jiang Dazhi and Xiao stammer’s emotional problems. Why didn’t they let go? Talk about Xiao stammer, talk about Bao Qi, and talk about how cold it is.
It seems that in the female problem, once the parents are determined, it’s really nine cows that can’t be pulled back.
After being forced to stay in the ward for thirty minutes, the two men had to leave.
When I left, I left a big envelope with money in it after my father and mother turned away Lengxiao.
Money is not everything, but money is the most valuable thing for every family.
Seeing him do all this treasure and purity are heavy in my heart.
I hope dajiang and stuttering sister won’t be impacted by things …
After the fifteenth day of the New Year, a new semester has come again.
This semester will also be the last semester of Baoqi’s high school career. Up to now, it has been less than four months since she took the national unified college entrance examination in June.
Before the middle school attached to the National People’s Congress passed by, the students in Baoqihe class were neither bad nor familiar nor strange. Everyone knows that she is not an easy girl, and her current situation is based on the high-end state of’ people don’t guard against me, I don’t guard against people’.
Her mind is so smart that she has a second uncle’s’ private’ guidance office. She did quite well in the final exam of the semester. As soon as she studied this semester, the teacher transferred her seat directly from the three rows of’ Golden Triangle’ to the third row.
It is said that the first three rows of the attached middle school are reserved for students with good grades and outstanding performances.
So she felt a little satisfied.
Well, she has to admit that this is the first time that she has deployed Feng Shui Liu An Hua in such a good position in all these years-
I’m burying my head and feeling smug. Suddenly, I heard another screaming in the mouth of the students around me.
"Wow … so handsome!"
"… someone’s school grass position is about to be lost!"
The pie mouth treasure and pure suspicious look up.


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