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The other party squinted at Zhao Tu before he saw him riding a horse. "Who’s your honor?"

"Officer is the magistrate of Xilin County. Zhao Tu heard that today you escorted prisoners through Xilin County and heard the magistrate’s order to pick up a few people to take a break in Xilin County." Zhao Tu said and took the initiative to take out the certificate
The other party handed over "but Linchun House heard the magistrate?"
"Exactly" Zhao Tu calmly replied.
The other person’s face is not good-looking. Look back at the person behind him. The man nodded and took the reins and turned around and took a few steps. Then he left quickly.
Zhao Tu smiled and looked at the person in front of him at a glance. "I heard that the magistrate has made an official dare not ask you not to delay or it will be late."
Say that finish before the other party to talk, he turned and walked to Xilin County.
The other party gave him a cold look, and the black face showed reluctance, but he could still follow behind him.
After walking for a while, he couldn’t help but say coldly, "I have long heard that the magistrate in Linchun Prefecture is brave and good at fighting. I wonder if I have a chance to meet the magistrate. Seeing is believing."
"This ….." Zhao figure hesitate eyes quietly look behind him.
Li Erzhu and Lu Ying are taking those prisoners away with people fair and square, and they didn’t say a word in front of others.
Pedestrians with him look calm instead see zhao figure can’t help but heart "how is your first day for Wenping rob people? I also heard that Zhao County Order in Xilin County has never heard of the magistrate. How many people do I have in Zhao County Order? Now it seems that Zhao County Order has also been wronged? "
Zhao Tu looked back and looked complicated. Before him, he thought it was too much to rob people aboveboard. I didn’t expect the other party to take it for granted than he did.
It was Wenping. Great name.
Zhao Tu sighed that he had made a lot of efforts in his life, but who would have thought that by this time he had defected to others? Instead, he began to do things that he had been unwilling to do for many years and was still willing.
Zhao Tu looked at the person in front of him, "What’s your name, young man?"
"Who guards who nickname" WeiLiangCai calm way also looked at zhao figure "zhao adults really is the first time to help smell adults out to rob people? For others which meeting so carefully "
It is almost universally known that Wen Ping loves to rob personnel. Even the people in Zhao Wang’s side know that Wen Ping loves to rob personnel everywhere in Linchun House. He not only grabs prisoners and people, but also robs his own soldiers.
Take the game of life to the ancient section 1
It happened that his reason was also very justified, that is, to strengthen the imperial power.
And because most of the time Wenping robbed Ren Wang Ren and sent some people to other places to supplement other troops, everyone turned a blind eye as if they didn’t know about it.
Wei Liangcai has heard of Wenping’s name more than once. He didn’t expect Wenping people to grab his head.
Weiliangcai corners of the mouth evoked a sneer.
Wenping people are afraid, even if someone goes back to report that Wenping’s fame is there, others will not stop it. Anyway, it is not once or twice, and most people will not care.
But this time, I want this group of people, but today’s younger brother Guang ‘an Wang Wenping kicked the iron plate. He will be interested to see how the magistrate who is robbing people everywhere will respond.
Wei Liangcai calmly followed Zhao Tu to Xilin County. Even if there are fewer and fewer people behind him, his expression can still remain calm.
Until he saw the messenger who rode away and was brought back by the bound.
Is a moment WeiLiangCai pulled out the waist sword pointing to zhao figure "just magistrate dare to touch guang’ an Wang Ren? Let people go now, or don’t say it’s you, even if your Lord Wenping comes in person, he can’t get away safely. "
Zhao Tu quickly turned over and the horse quickly ran to the other side in Wei Liangcai’s gaze.
The person over there happened to be Xu Zhe. When he saw Zhao Tu running like this, he suddenly felt helpless. "My Lord, are you exaggerating?"
"Anyway, the funeral has nothing to do with me." Zhao Tu simply did his best. "That’s King Guang ‘an. I dare not provoke Wen Ping. How dare I provoke King Guang ‘an? Anyway, you want me to do it. I’ll leave the rest to you … I’ll go back and study first!"
With that, Zhao Tu quickly ran away again and then disappeared.
Li Erzhu was shocked to see Zhao Tu disappear and looked back in surprise. "How is your adult like this?"
Xu Zhenai "He used to throw his weight around, but now it’s like this …"
"Oh, I’m trying to eat my bread?" Li Erzhu suddenly realized that when he finished, he felt that it was wrong. "It’s not more appropriate to change the idiom to hide its strength."? Anyway, it’s similar to an idiom, but it’s only light that can raise bad luck. Just like him … "
So Chol wry smile, he can probably guess Zhao Tu’s idea that Shenzhen is really special and makes Zhao Tu willing to stay in Shenzhen, but after all, he used to be a court magistrate and a court official. If he shows his ability too much, I’m afraid he will be afraid.
So he chose to make himself a little more mediocre, just as he did in the past many years when he faced Wen Ping, and he was completely fearless of threats.
On the other hand, Wei Liangcai finally realized that something was wrong when he saw this situation. "You are not Wenping people. Who are you?"
Li Erzhu looked at him with a smile. "I wonder if you have ever heard of’ there are gods in the north’?"
WeiLiangCai startled immediately sneer at "you? What kind of’ god’ am I supposed to be? It turned out to be just a bunch of Uzbeks. It turned out that gods would be short of people. How did they come out and rob people? "
Wei Liangcai’s voice just fell and Li Erzhu immediately looked at So Chol. "You said so at the beginning."
"It’s not that I didn’t," So Chol immediately denied being serious. "How could I say such a thing? It’s definitely not me."
So Chol immediately tilted his head and felt very regretful.
If I had known that this day would come, he should never have said anything before. Now it’s always good to be picked up and laughed at from time to time. Although these people have more or less a black history, he is the last one to speak and the last one to speak.
So Chol thought about suddenly looking at Wei Liangcai. "Who is Guang’ an Wang Ren?"
Wei Liangcai held up shuriken. "This time, I’ll lead the people to Guang ‘an Wang to personally call the roll and let us go, or we may give you a chance to live, otherwise all of you will die."
"It’s just a king of Guang ‘an" Xu Zhexiao.
WeiLiangCai also smiled "tone not small self-proclaimed’ gods’ can really get the blessing of the gods? I didn’t expect that even Zhao Tu of Xilin County could listen to you. He has been desperately trying to find a way to violate Wenping’s words. At the moment, he is obedient and I don’t know what ecstasy you gave him. "
"I hope that the Wei teenager will remember his words and have an excuse when you are mutinous." So Chol’s face is much more pleasant when he sets Wei Liangcai’s words.
Even people like Zhao Tu can defect in a second after confirming the magic of Shenshen Town. What’s worse, it is a military commander like Wei Liangcai.
Wei Liangcai’s face changed instantly. "King Guang ‘an is still waiting for me to take someone back. Once he finds out that I didn’t go back on time, he will definitely send someone to find it."
"He will definitely think that Wen Ping sent someone to rob people." So Chol calmly said, "It’s a pity that Guang ‘an Wang has no evidence that Wen Ping did it and Wen Ping has no evidence that he didn’t do it."
Weiliangcai this just white what the other party will tie back the messenger.
He suddenly tightened the reins and gripped shuriken.
He was about to start work when his horse suddenly got some more arrows.
"I advise you not to make a move. We don’t want to hurt you, but the arrow in my hand is not long." Li Erzhu raised his hand at Wei Liangcai.
Wei Liangcai bowed his head and half of the arrow body went into the soil, revealing that the arrow body was still silvery. If the arrow entered his body, he would die.
"It’s no wonder that you dare to be afraid of such weapons." Wei Liangcai reluctantly confronted him from Malay with a cold face. At this time, he would lose the doubt and pretend to surrender his ability first. Sooner or later, he would find a chance to get out
These people were captured after the robbery, and the soldiers were first placed in Xilin County to take care of them.
Tian Tang glanced at his eyes in a hurry and then went to busy building Xilin County.
There is only a small part left before the development of Xilin county is completed
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Stream forest
"Are these people trying to trap me?"
Late at night, Wei Liangcai quietly came out of the house and quickly recorded it during the day, and walked with his companion’s house.
The supervision in Xilin County was looser than he expected, and he saved people with little effort.
"You take people there, you go there, cover me, but it’s just a Xilin county. I can’t believe we can’t go out and ask Wang Yiding of Guang ‘an to take the county government of Xilin county as one."
As he walked, Wei Liangcai denounced his resentment about what happened during the day.


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