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Li Jingyao’s strength, the feeling of narrow escape when facing Taoist Tianfeng, and even the shocking sword he saw after soaring and the half leg of the beast that fell on himself made him understand that there are too many powerful beings in this world that he imagined. Never be too ostentatious before you really become stronger.

When he was in the Five Elements Sect, Li Feiyang felt that he had the practice of cultivating immortals, and always subconsciously put himself in a strong position. Even in the face of the threat of a strong enemy, sometimes he felt as if he was playing a game. Maybe he was killed one second and stood up the next, but now he doesn’t think so.
He finally integrated into the whole world completely and clearly, and gradually realized that he was only a tiny part of the whole mysterious world. He had too many questions to explore, but only if he survived in the process of exploring and knew everything alive.
Being a witch wish is not his goal, but at present, it is indeed an excellent way out.
The White Man and the Black Man are at war. It seems that the White Man is still on the weak side. At this time, the White Man needs strength. The latest and most complete
If it weren’t for Li Feiyang’s earth-shattering arrow, which showed strong enough strength, he might not get such an opportunity.
It is just a general strength, which is not of much use to a country. Li Feiyang fully believes that in the barbarian country, there should be something as strong as Li Jingyao, Master Sanhua, Zhiyuan and Xuanji. But …
It is absolutely rare in the world that an arrow collapses a mountain thousands of miles away like this.
When the two armies are fighting, what effect will it have on the war situation if the enemy commander is shot dead with such an arrow?
Old Wu Zhu saw the huge potential contained in Li Feiyang, and Li Feiyang knew it himself, so the conflict that might have been born, even the result of tragedy, turned from a fork in the road to unity in this alternative appreciate each other.
Li Feiyang is not a barbarian, but he is willing to stand up and be responsible for these villagers. No matter whether this behavior is stupid or impulsive, Li Feiyang feels that he should seize it.
For Li Feiyang, as long as the other party doesn’t have to conflict with him, he doesn’t want to be a public enemy of Bai Manguo.
If you become a witch wish and go to the battlefield, Li Feiyang’s own strength will give you a chance to improve.
He can’t always rely on leapfrog to kill those superior people who are better than himself to upgrade, which will certainly get great rewards, but it’s a little too exciting for Li Feiyang. That kind of feeling of wandering on the edge of life and death, looking back, it’s nothing, but once it comes to experience, it’s still very unpleasant.
Going to the battlefield, among thousands of troops, let countless enemies become their own experience and money, which is the safest means of promotion. All Novel Updates: Soso
Who else in this world, like Li Feiyang, can improve himself by killing people?
Li Feiyang agreed to the "transaction" of the old Wu Zhu, and Du also breathed a sigh of relief, but the atmosphere suddenly became a little weird, and none of the three people would say another word, so they silently moved forward.
Half an hour later, a group of people arrived at Wanliu City.
Li Feiyang thought that since it was a barbarian country, it was bound to be desolate and depressed. But he didn’t realize that he was wrong until he got to Wanliu City.
This is not his original world and historical time and space. Aliens live with aquatic plants and can live by setting up a tent. Wanliu City is very large in scale. The main entrance of the city is tens of feet tall, and the whole meter is made of large bluestone. There are three strange and simple characters written on the door. Li Feiyang doesn’t know it, but I want to come, that is, the word "Wanliu City" in the barbarian characters.
The city guard house is in the center of the city, towering and tall, and you can see the striking red glazed tiles from a distance. A line of people silently walked into the city, and Li Feiyang curiously looked at the customs of Wanliu City. Residents dressed in Yi costumes come and go in the street, and the smells of all kinds of strange snacks are mixed with the cries of selling, and the stomachs of hooked people are rumbling.
All kinds of hides shops, specialty shops, coat shops and other shops are readily available. After Li Feiyang came to this world, it was the first time that he came to such a densely populated city, and at that time it was like a lifetime ago.
The savage people’s style is simple, tough and direct. Although Du Tongguan looks rough, he does symbolize the shape of a warrior in terms of barbarian aesthetics. Along the way, there were many savage girls who made no secret of their appreciation towards Du, and Du looked at it with equanimity, which was obviously used to it.
Li Feiyang teased and said, "Brother Du, it seems that you are very likable. But I wonder, at your age, how can these little girls be so direct? Maybe you haven’t married yet? "
Commander Du ha ha a smile: "Brother Li, you are right. I have never been married. The latest and most complete
What? "Li Feiyang was a little curious.
Old Wu Zhu, who kept silent, interjected: "Commander Du is a warrior in Wanliu City. Ten years ago, the shamanism invaded heavily, and Commander Du was called to fight. He resisted the 30,000 troops of the shamanism in Shiroishi Castle with 2,000 down soldiers for seven days and seven nights, and was finally carried down. Barbarians worship warriors the most, and it is normal for many people to like him. "
"Then you should find a good girl to get married?"
Du Tongling’s face actually showed a trace of sadness: "Hehe, I used to have a favorite sister, who was also a witch wish, but it was just the first world war …" Du Tongling seemed to be unable to go on talking here. At this time, he just came to the front of the city guard house, and he changed the subject and said, "Here we are, I’ll go in and inform the adults, brother, you will wait."
A moment later, Commander Du came out with a smile: "Please welcome the city guard."
Old WuZhu with a strange look on her face, behind Li Feiyang went in together.
The guard of Wanliu City is a middle-aged man, dressed in white robes, and looks very handsome. He looks like a scholar, with a bookish air.
But Li Feiyang knows that all that glitters is not gold. Although he doesn’t understand the way in officialdom, it is not easy to do this position.
"My name is Zhu, a single name is a fan word. The commander-in-chief of Brother Li’s Wu Yong Du has told me that the warrior is the one I admire most. Brother Li, if you like, you and I can be brothers. Just call me and wish my brother. " The attitude of the city guard is very enthusiastic, and the enthusiasm makes Li Feiyang feel the difference.
Naturally, he won’t be stupid enough to really be commensurate with the other brother. After all, it’s the first time to meet each other. What’s more, the other person is not a passerby, but the Lord of a city. The latest and most complete
Li Feiyang saluted: "Hello, my Lord."
"You’re welcome, brother li, please sit down. Come and serve tea. " I wish the city is still eager to smile on its face.
Just Li Feiyang noticed a detail, and the old Wu Zhu didn’t say a word to Zhu Fan, but Zhu Fan didn’t pay any attention to this old Wu Zhu, and they actually ignored each other at the same time.
Does this represent … some strange attitude?
Li Feiyang sat down with doubts, and Du and Lao Wuzhu also sat down separately. A little while later, the servant brought the tea lamp. The taste is very fragrant, but it has a faint milky smell. Obviously, pretty tea is still different from the Central Plains.
"I heard that the Li brothers are not barbarians. I guess they are from the Central Plains?" Wish fan asked with a smile.
Li Feiyang nodded and said, "Yes."
I wish the fan ha ha a smile: "We barbarian countries often have businessmen from the Central Plains coming to do business, and their voices and looks are similar to those of Brother Li. Why did Brother Li come to my barbarian country?" It’s a long way to go, so I’m really curious. "
Li Feiyang said calmly, "I was chased by people to avoid disaster, and I was desperate all the way, so I came here inexplicably."
Zhu Fan’s face is stunned: "Chasing? Brother Li is so tough that he will be hunted by his enemies? Then this man’s bravery is really shocking. "
Li Feiyang smiled and didn’t answer the words.
Although he made it up, it was similar to the truth. Ask him to explain how he came from seriously, even he can’t tell clearly. Besides, Zhu Fan asked about his origin, and he didn’t know what the other party’s purpose was, so he should be cautious.
"Ha ha, but brother Li can rest assured that since he came to my barbarian country, no matter how strong he is, he can make waves here. All novels are updated: It’s just that what you did this time, Brother Li, is really a bit difficult. "
Zhu Fan took the tea and blew it, then took a casual sip and slowly put it on the table.
Li Feiyang was about to speak, but the old Wu Zhu said first, "It’s not difficult. The landslide after the disaster is a celestial phenomenon, and it has nothing to do with Brother Li."
"Ha-ha" for this old wizard, Zhu Fan didn’t treat Li Feiyang politely at all. He sneered and said, "Basang wizard is joking. If you say so, all the villagers in Houhou Village will still die! Brother Li, do you think so? "
Li Feiyang jumped in his heart, looked at Wu Zhu and whispered, "It has nothing to do with the villagers."
"Ha ha, brother li is really a good man, just came to my country, and our people so blind date, really amazing. Brother Li, don’t worry, I’m the most respectful and brave in my life. Since you say they have nothing to do, they naturally have nothing to do … "
Speaking of this, Zhu Fan mused: "Commander Du, you tell me to go on. No one can reveal anything about the soldiers who took part in the trip to Houcun today, or they will be killed!"
"Yes!" Du and loudly agreed, immediately got up and left.
"Brother Li, since I came to my barbarian country to avoid disaster, I wonder if you are interested in joining my barbarian country? With the skill of the Li brothers, it should be a cinch to make a name for yourself. "
Li Feiyang looked at the gloomy old wizard wish, then at the smiling fan, and said faintly, "As long as the villagers have nothing to do, I will do whatever I want."
"Ha ha, brother Li is really refreshing!" Zhu Fan smiled happily and said, "In that case, I still lack a commanding position in this city. If Brother Li doesn’t dislike it, why don’t you condescend to take this position first? Although the position is small, in my city, except for the next, what Brother Li said is the city purpose. The latest and most comprehensive, the adult of Tianwu County Chief will be promoted in a few days. If there is no accident, I will take over. At that time, I will definitely give Brother Li a job as a city guard! "
Hearing these words, Li Feiyang was slightly surprised. He could think that the city guard had the meaning of wooing himself, but he didn’t expect that he would give himself such a big position when he came, such as
The man in front of him is either a madman or a strange man.
He looked at the fan more, but in this kind face, he could only see sincerity and nothing else.
It would be too good to cover it up.
The old wizard stood up suddenly and seemed a little excited: "My Lord, Li Feiyang has promised to take over the post of wizard Zhu in the underground, so I’m afraid I can’t promise your appointment."
Zhu Fan said faintly, "Basang Wu Zhu, I know that the temple values the war with the black barbarians, but don’t forget it. Black barbarians have been fighting with us for so long, and they don’t care to keep fighting. However, the heavenly magic religion and the holy witch religion are growing, and the pressure on the border is increasing, and the court pays no attention to it. Aren’t these countries that practice different techniques to evil spirits a threat? If I am the county magistrate of Tianwu County, I will always be responsible for the alert war with the holy witch cult. Brother Li is such a talented person that he has a great talent! "
Old Wu Zhu never gave in: "The will of the temple is the foundation of barbarians."


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