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Lazio away to Catania in the 33rd round of the league.

Catania players lined up in two lines to welcome Lazio before the game.
This is a welcome ceremony for that champion.
This time, it is not that they are not angry with Inter Milan.
The welcome ceremony is also normal, and there is nothing to say.
Lazio did not relax after winning the championship, but continued to rotate, but the players were still in high spirits
Their hearts are burning at the thought of following the boss to create a new history that has never been seen before.
It’s immortal, so that they can’t give up when they meet nature!
Playing Catania is such a situation.
Lazio, although away from home, rotated a lot, but they quickly grasped the initiative from the first game.
There is no chance to play Catania at home.
Lazio scored one goal after another.
Three goals ahead at half time and four more at half time.
In the end, 7 beat Catania mercilessly on the road!
Lazio have won the last few games by big scores.
For example, 6 wins over cesena, 5 wins over Parma, and 4 wins over Schalke 4 in the Champions League quarter-final, 7 wins over Catania, and there are still two games, the scores are much smaller, 3 wins over Napoli and 2 wins over Schalke 4 away from home. These two games are somewhat difficult to handle in front of these games.
Lazio is really in good shape these days, which makes people feel incredible.
No matter who the opponent is, whether at home or away, no matter what the game is, they can easily win.
After this game, Lazio won 33 rounds, and their points in the league reached 99 points. Coincidentally, the number of goals they scored in the league was exactly 99!
The season is the same. At the end of the 33rd league, Lazio scored 95 goals.
They have been taller by four this season.
And the horse is about to break a hundred.
Breaking the hundred is already very certain, and there is no suspense.
The question now is how many goals they will eventually score in the season.
Now there are five rounds left in the league. Lazio’s current state continues. It should be no problem to score more than 100 goals.
Lazio broke AC Milan’s original record of 170 goals in the last round of the league last season.
At that time, it was not easy for everyone to score so many goals in one season, even Lazio would have a hard time breaking this record of 100 goals.
I didn’t think it was only one season … Lazio was about to set a new record!
This is simply amazing!
Is Lazio still a fucking human team? !
No team in the five major leagues in Europe can compare with Lazio in the same period of last season.
For example, in the Premier League, Manchester United has scored the most goals in 33 rounds, but it has only scored 70 goals, 29 goals less than Lazio.
In La Liga, 32 goals have been scored so far, and Barcelona, which ranks first at most, has scored 16 goals.
There are even fewer Bundesliga and Ligue 1.
The Bundesliga scored 66 goals in 30 rounds at most in Bayern Munich.
Lille scored 53 goals in the 31st round of Ligue 1 …
Except Bayern Munich, the other three teams are the leaders in their respective leagues.
Their performance is also incomparable with Lazio.
In their respective leagues, the dominance, that is, Barcelona, is barely able to see everything else.
Supporters of other leagues, especially Premier League and La Liga, may come to their respective leagues to argue that their teams are not particularly strong because the overall competitiveness of the leagues is increasing.
After the decline of Serie A, it naturally became a one-man show stage for Lazio.
But the Champions League is the real test of a team’s quality.
Lazio’s performance in the Champions League in China is naturally the strongest, winning 26 goals and not conceding a goal in all competitions, with an average of 2.6 goals per game.
This is the almost perfect answer given by Lazio.
After the thirty-third round of the league, the first leg of the Italian Cup semi-final two rounds was also official.
Lazio’s opponent in the semi-final is Rome’s mortal enemy!
This is simply a suspense.
Some media say that letting Roma meet Lazio means that Lazio will advance to the final …
This is indeed the case.
No matter how tenacious the Roma team is, Lazio will win in the end.
Roma will continue to stubbornly resist Lazio, but it is said that it is their confidence to pull Lazio, rather than their habitual dying.


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