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So what follows may be a brand-new journey for me and for you.

The new book, I have been thinking about it, and I have a general idea.
For this reason, I bought a lot of books for information and made a lot of reading notes.
In my imagination, there should be no system plug-ins in the new book "Hero in the Forbidden Area" and "Winner is King". Of course, Goldfinger exists, but it is not a system flow.
It’s not that the system stream is not good, but because I’ve written two system streams in succession, I also want to change my taste. If I’m used to eating heavy flavors, I should eat light side dishes.
Therefore, according to my idea, the next book should be a novel with golden fingers, but not blunt, a pure blood and passion.
It should be the story of a teenager from China who came out of a ravine by chance and came to Brazil, the "soccer kingdom", to start his career, and then marched into Europe to become the strongest striker.
There are already many fragments and pictures in my mind that can make my scalp numb and my blood boil.
I can’t wait to present this story to you.
However, for the sake of quality, it is definitely impossible to upload it right away-I haven’t even written the first chapter yet.
I’m sure it will take me some time to conceive, recharge and save up for revision.
Friends who are familiar with the rhythm of Lin Hai listening to the waves believe that you should also know this.
So if nothing happens, I’ll have a rest for at least a month before I open the book.
After the Spring Festival, February 7, 2014, let’s meet again at that time!
We have all gone through ten years together.
How long is ten years? The high school students who watched "Are you there when I play football" may be all fathers now.
The college students who were moved by Zhang Jun and Sophie’s youthful love may have left now.
When I first uploaded "Do you care if I play football" on the Internet, I didn’t expect that I would accompany you on the journey for ten years without interruption.
At first, I just wanted to make some friends through the stories of Zhang Jun and Sophie. What I wanted was a tree, but you gave me a dense forest! This forest took ten years and was watered by all of us.
Then ten years have passed, and now I hope to accompany you to the next decade!
This is my ambition. I hope that in the next ten years, I will always be with you, no matter what stage of your life, I hope to be with you. I use my stories and words to entertain you, give you strength, cheer for you and witness your joys and sorrows.
When you are young and ignorant, look at Zhang Jun and Sophie, Bu Ting and Jin Jing.
When you are young, watch Chen Yingxiong and Chu Zhongtian.
When you let go of your dreams, you will always win.
When you move from youthful impulse to maturity and steadiness, look at Tony Twain …
It is my honor and my ideal for Lin Hai Tingtao to accompany you from youth to youth, from youth to adulthood, and from adulthood to middle age.
I hope that I will have the opportunity to write my acceptance speech for all of you for 20 years.
What will it be like then?
A player who started to enter professional football at the age of 17, after 20 years, he will be 37 years old and can retire. But I hope that when I get there, I can kill a beautiful comeback at the last minute like Chen Yingxiong and Changsheng, and tell everyone that I want to accompany you for another ten years!
Just like Lazio’s promotional film after defending the Triple Crown.
The new decade.
New journey.
All of us.
Start again!
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