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Impressively, I don’t know now that I have a black dress, and it seems that the repair is not low.

Chapter 51
Yang Xiao looked angrily at the black man who blocked himself from crying, but it was a shock in his heart.
This one turned out to be a bronze medal. Not only that, this black often and the Zhang Xiaotian brothers still have a lot.
Yang Xiao’s sad stick in his hand comes from the bronze medal in front of him. Yang Xiao is shocked in his heart and his face is confused at the same time.
"I don’t know if Chang’s adult prevents us from fighting?" Yang Xiao to a face of humility asked mainly guilty.
"Hum you steal my magic weapon little thief! Let’s look for it for more than a month. I didn’t expect you to be here and so arrogant! " Black often hate hate said
Surrounded by the audience, the ghost made a noise. It turned out that this black kid magic weapon was stolen! Some people are thinking about how this magic weapon was stolen by Yang Xiaodi. If you can steal one yourself, then …
Su Tai’s entourage also hurriedly carried Su Tai to the sidelines at this time, which was very embarrassing.
"My Lord, what does this mean?" Is there any mark on Yang Xiao’s magic weapon in his heart?
"Hum stole our magic weapon to be dumb now? Say! Where is the evocation coffin? " Black often doesn’t explain much, so he reaches out and grabs it.
Yang Xiao naturally won’t take the magic weapon away from him so easily.
Seven stars wandering! Yang Xiao to blink seven figure hid.
"Huh?" Iron manager was surprised. I didn’t expect this black kid to know martial arts, and the martial arts are not weak.
"You little brat still have something to do, hum, no matter if you die today!" Black often said with a smile that he didn’t take the breath away at first, saying that the two brothers had lost their faces for more than a month, and now they are still an iron brand crying stick in their hands.
Black often waves two mental attacks with a wave of his hands and sends out a wailing stick, followed by screaming and flying to Yang Xiao like a ghost crying.
Ghost peak master exactly uncommon Yang Xiaodi immediately went into a hurry when he made a move. Although this black man is often a blue ghost, one of the mental attacks has to be made by Yang Xiao.
Yang Xiao made a mental attack to Hei Chang, one of which intercepted the past, and then blocked the remaining mental attack wave with a crying stick in his hand, while Hei Chang made a mental attack wave and a crying stick, but he no longer had scruples.
Black often sneer at Yang Xiaodi in his view is a fool.
Zhang Xiaotian see things goof younger brother and the black often have played naturally, and will no longer hide in the ghost group outside. Seeing Yang Xiaodi is in danger, he will no longer hesitate. When he shakes his right hand, Blackstone flies out and shoots at the black often’s sad stick, and then makes a mental attack wave to intercept the black often left that mental attack wave.
Zhang Xiaotian’s mental energy has the medium-term intensity of ghost, and his mind is more powerful than the sum of the two, which is comparable to that of ordinary old ghosts in the early stage. The mental attack power is much stronger than that of Heichang and the mental attack wave.
Black often sees a ghost repair intervening in his heart. First, he is surprised, and then he sees that the hand is just a ghost in the middle. The black kid gets up and relaxes, but he can’t help laughing at it. This kid is more or less delivering food, and he doesn’t care about Zhang Xiaotian’s mental attack wave and Blackstone.
The audience watched the ghost shake their heads. When they saw Yang Xiaodi and Black often hit, they recognized that Yang Xiaodi was dead this time. I didn’t expect this to suddenly appear again. I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the ghost in the middle stage. The ghost in the middle stage is rare, but I have never seen it. I didn’t expect to die here this time.
But what came to them surprised them.
The sad stick was just touched by Blackstone and immediately returned to its original shape and fell to the ground, unable to move, while Blackstone continued to go to Black Chang Fei like a rebound when it touched the sad stick surface.
Black often see this situation was frightened mind induction magic weapon is no longer induced to see Blackstone continue to fly to their good dodge, and at this moment, Zhang Tianhe and Black often the two intersecting mental attack waves finally won the game, impressively, Zhang Xiaotian’s seemingly weak mental attack wave won more than half of the mental attack wave and then shot into the black body, where Blackstone was about to dodge, and immediately hit the black body.
Blackstone, who is always in the dark, is crazy about absorbing his body and soul force. Although the soul force of the master at the peak of ghost is very concise, Blackstone’s absorption is not as abnormal as that of ghost-absorbing ghost repair, but it should not be underestimated. Although Blackstone absorbs the mind force after absorbing the soul force, at the same time, the mind force will be absorbed more or less. For ghost repair, it is much bigger.
When he was attacked by the spirit, Blackstone just touched him when he was about to faint. Suddenly, the violent suction made his original confused mind wake up, but when the spirit was attacked by the spirit, the mental energy shock made him become motionless and unable to feel the terrible absorption more clearly.
The body and soul are losing strength, and I can feel that my mind is also decreasing bit by bit. All this makes it feel more terrible that I can’t move.
All the ghosts looked at this strange side of the field in silence. It took about ten seconds for Yang Xiaodi to raise his hand and cry when he hit Black Chang. The iron brand Bai Changcai finally reacted and waved his hand to summon the soul, but it was turned back by Zhang Xiaotian’s mental attack. This Black Chang must be removed now, otherwise, I don’t know how much trouble it will cause later. After killing him, I have sinned against the hell. Hum here, but the secular world is not hell. Zhang Xiaotian, they are not afraid!
It’s impossible for the underworld. This small bronze medal often sends a large number of ghosts to the secular world to kill his two brothers. If a small number of ghosts are sent to repair Zhang Xiaotian, they are even more afraid. Just find a place to hide for ten years and come out again. This time, if you let this black girl go, he will expose his secret, so the trouble is really big. A bronze medal is often likely to reveal his secret.
Yang Xiao’s crying stick in his hand was finally blocked by a magic weapon.
Yang Xiao felt angry in his heart. Today, when he was about to kill his opponent twice, he was blocked by other ghosts. The second time was this bronze medal. Black often cries, but this time it was a evocation.
"Kid, stop!"
At this time, Hou walked into a group of constant numbers from outside the ghost repair group. There was a leader who was a bronze medal. White often saw the black body and soul force in the field tumbling sharply and decreasing rapidly. Although I don’t know what the reason is, I know that it must be that the field is fighting with the iron brand white and the two little ghosts who just partnered with him. Black killer quickly shouted.
Zhang Xiaotian saw a group of people coming outside, often with a bronze medal in addition to seven iron brands. The white leader was stolen from the magic weapon. The heart couldn’t help being anxious but didn’t stop moving, which accelerated the black stone suction, so that the black body and soul in the field lost faster.
This kind of scene makes the ghosts of the OTC iron manager look strange. Because Blackstone is small in size and black is often a black dress, they don’t notice that black stone loses its soul power sharply after seeing that black is often attacked by Zhang Xiaotian’s spirit.
Seeing that the black body in the field lost its soul faster, the bronze medal Bai Chang was even more furious and said, "Give them to me!" "
Behind the bronze medal, Bai Chang, a group of iron brand black and white often heard the command and immediately jumped into the field. Each often took out a magic weapon from the bosom and urged it to become an attack state. In a jilt, Bai Chang had four evocation complications and four mourning sticks, whistling and greeting Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiao.
Zhang Xiao, as a burst of resentment, was almost there! What a pity! Now the situation makes him have to take back the bronze medal, the black body and the black stone, and attack it with a magic weapon. It is more important to take this black life than to kill himself and his brother.
Fourteen figures of Zhang Xiaotian’s two brothers’ seven-star wandering posture exhibition often swayed back and forth in the field for a while, but it turned out that they could not find a definite target to attack, while Zhang Xiaotian waved Blackstone around with his hands and shot hidden weapons with some special techniques. By the end of Zhang Xiaotian’s two brothers’ footwork, a black-and-white magic weapon was restored to its original shape and fell to the ground, while Yang Xiaodi took the opportunity to pick it up one by one and put it in his arms, adding the black often crying stick Yang Xiaodi’s arms had already had nine magic weapons.
A ghost fix a face of horror, this battle has gone out of their imagination. It was a simple low-level ghost fix against now …
Who often horrified to get together to look at Zhang Xiaotian two kids at that time who also dare not to shoot first.
The iron manager’s face is uncertain, rain or shine. Just now, a battle was really beyond his expectation. At the same time, he was very curious about Zhang Xiaotian’s coming out of Blackstone. I don’t know what it is that actually has such great power.
At this moment, the bronze medalist Bai Chang picked up the bronze medalist Black Chang while fighting, and he was able to perform some simple movements.
I took a deep breath and said in a low voice, "I didn’t expect this black kid to have a middle-class magic weapon in his hand!" " He is now in a very depressed mood. In less than half a minute, he has fallen from the peak of ghost to the early stage of ghost, which is worse than the average iron card. Moreover, his mind has also fallen to the same level as that of the green ghost. Generally speaking, his life is over, and he is very regretful and depressed at the same time.
Chapter 52 Threatening
"What?" Hell often and iron main a big shout.
Middle-level magic weapon! The hell is always in the whole hell, but it’s just a low level, otherwise they wouldn’t have come to do this kind of ghost hunting job, but the gold medal magic weapon in the hands of the gold medal is just a high-level magic weapon, and the middle-level magic weapon is in the eyes of their low-level and secular forces in hell, that is to say, it is right.
Think of Zhang Xiaotian, such a black kid, with this magic weapon, it is so powerful that it is difficult for that kid to achieve the ghost period. If this magic weapon is put in his own or his family’s hands … Thought of here, all the ghosts’ eyes can’t help turning red.
Other onlookers ghost repair is a blank face. They are different from those who often come from the underworld and the iron manager from the big family. They don’t know what the concept of the intermediate magic weapon is, but they can see from the expression of the underworld and the iron manager that Zhang Xiaotian, a black kid, has a great baby in his hand, a baby that can make the big family and often cause greed. Suddenly, all ghost repair eyes are full of enthusiasm if … if they can get it …
No one called, no one said a word. Except for a few ghosts, all ghosts made a simple and unified move, that is, they rushed.
The iron manager and everyone often show a trace of regret, but they are really surprised. No wonder they are so.
The practice of ghosts startled Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiaodi. Anyone who sees so many ghost practices pouncing on himself will be nervous, and so will Zhang Xiaotian and Yang Xiaodi.
The mind turned sharply. Zhang Xiaotian bit his teeth and stopped hesitating. His feet were smart and his hands danced around. Blackstone flew around and picked out the ghost repair attack.
The ghost body is composed of soul force, but the ghost body is different from the ghost body. Their bodies have been condensed or the soul force is simply condensed together. Blackstone’s ghost swing is the biggest in the ghost period.
If you touch it, you will die
Sure enough! Every time Blackstone meets a ghost, the ghost will die with a scream, but Blackstone will not stop and continue to fly forward. Sometimes every time he flies out, he can suck up three or four ghosts. Zhang Xiaotian uses his footwork to rush around in the ghost group, and there are so many ghosts that he can’t catch him at the moment.
I heard screams in the ghost repair group one after another. Although most of them were killed by Zhang Xiao’s dark stone, some of them were killed by other ghosts who robbed the treasure.
"Stop it!"
Footwork will be done. Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, is secretly anxious. Suddenly, a big drink rings outside the war circle.
Zhang Xiaotian looking back now turned out to be Yang Xiaodi.
It turns out that just now, all the ghosts have been put on the treasure-laden Zhang Xiaotian, who unexpectedly let Yang Xiao slip out of the circle at the moment.
"Stop it!"


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