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Small and broken

Looking at those high-rise buildings and bustling streets, strolling around this ticket store, the friendship store is still hesitant to find the park, the university persimmon, and it is firm to come.
People still have to go higher.
She really still can’t settle down, trying to break into an idea, but she can’t stop.
Walking in the busy street here for several days, looking at this grand theater and small bungalow, then looking here.
"Hey, you’re in the way."
Persimmon picked his eyebrows and looked at the counter next to it. It was no problem to see a few people walking in the aisle. Then look at the sound. The owner closed his eyes slightly and didn’t talk.
"Hey," said the master, continuing to speak, "Get out of the way quickly."
"You" persimmon picked his eyebrows "big enough to need me to give in? I don’t think height needs weight. Maybe you do? "
"You" girl is short of breath
She is wearing a light green dress, her hair is fluffy and her skin is curly. She really looks like a pretty girl in vain.
Persimmon looked a little distracted. Is this hair natural or acquired?
It looks good. If her baby is rolled up, too.
Yeah, it must look better.
"See what see have never seen such a beautiful person? Hillbilly "charming and pretty girl angry stare persimmon sneer at a" look at my dress, you can see it like this, you can’t afford it "
"How much is it?" Persimmon eyebrows
The girl immediately raised the bar and wanted to look back at the persimmon.
"Put your head away, it’s so ugly that you don’t have a nose," persimmon said.
"… you" girl vent their anger "you you"
"How much is this dress?" Persimmon continues
"Fifty-seven, this is foreign goods. You can’t afford a poor man."
"You’re right, I really can’t afford it." It’s a pity that persimmon is too expensive. She wants to buy it for Momo when she comes.
I don’t know why it’s so hard for a girl to feel wronged after she admits that she has no money so readily.
She stared at persimmon mercilessly, and then saw someone who immediately changed his face and ran away with a smile.
"Wings, look at my clothes."
"Good-looking" bearer said with a smile.
Persimmon hands holding chest in situ continue to look at provoke eyebrows think this young man said is really a little sincerity.
"Persimmon" was not seen for a while, and it was radiant and smiling. Lin Qinghe came from the side and followed him.
"Auntie, have you bought it?" Persimmon nod
She’s leaving tomorrow, and today it happened that Xuanrao and her mother said they would come and buy something and ask her to come and help.
"Do you think this dress looks good?" Xuanrao smilingly took out a suit from the paper bag.
Persimmon can’t help but be silent.
Isn’t that what the man said just now?
She looked at Xuan Rao and then at Lin Qinghe. Anyway, it won’t be bought for themselves.
"Auntie, what are you?"
"This is a peach for Momo. She must like it when she sees it. I’ll think about buying two bodies, but it still makes me buy one." Xuanrao still has some minor complaints.
"Too expensive" persimmon frowned.
"Where is this expensive? Is expected to novelty and ordinary clothes almost "XuanRao smilingly put the clothes back and then handed persimmon.
"…" Whose ordinary clothes can be so expensive?
"Come on, don’t be polite to your aunt. I want to buy it for you, but it doesn’t fit after reading it." She sighed
"…" Then don’t persimmon. Think about how you look in this dress and you can’t help but get a little creepy.
When it comes to the end, persimmon is still undressed
This can’t be returned or worn.
"I’m so angry." Then
The pretty girl naturally saw this scene. Looking at her clothes, she suddenly lost some love. She pulled the young hand and spoiled.
"Wings that person bully me, will you help me teach her a lesson?"
The young man’s face was rather timid, but he nodded and said, "You!"
"Wings, you really are the best." The girl cheered up.
Then two people came to persimmon beside them.
"Hey," the girl said arrogantly, "You apologize quickly."


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