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The gentle sound of snow smile entered the eyes of night evil, and the original cold heart trembled and the eyelids were silent.

That’s exactly what happened. He didn’t want to rely on the woman who had been hurting Heng Xuexiao all the time, but he finally fell into the sight of Heng Xuexiao because of his enemy’s desire and torture.
A pair of soft hands rested on the night evil to repair his arm. When he looked up, he smiled at the snow with determination.
Pink lips say "you suck my blood" with affirmation.
Night evil repair surprised to see Heng Xue smile to see her white neck can not help but swallow saliva left over "Heng son, you are not allowed to get out quickly, I’ll be fine."
Heng Xuexiao stubbornly pulled the night evil to repair his arm and said stubbornly, "I won’t go out. You will die as soon as I go out. Don’t leave me alone. I won’t go out."
"Heng son-"Night evil has become hoarse to almost no sound, trying to break away from Heng Xue and hold his hand with a smile.
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161 magical tears
"It won’t matter if I give you some blood. Don’t refuse me." Heng Xue smiled and held her arms around the night evil to repair her shoulders, put her head on his shoulders and begged for a sob.
"Be good, go out." Night evil repairs cold palms and sticks them on Heng Xue’s warm cheeks and rubs them piteously.
"I don’t want, I don’t want to hear you say this sentence. If you say this sentence again, I will hate you for a generation." Heng Xuexiao kept shaking her head and amber tears kept falling.
"I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see you cry. Your tears make me very distressed, you know? Don’t cry. "Night evil cultivators bowed their heads and held their heads and laughed at amber tears. Cold tears melted with sweet taste in the body of night evil cultivators. The original desire for blood and longing for heat seemed to be instantly extinguished by the tears of snow smile.
How did Heng Er’s tears … Night Evil Xiu was dazed to prove his thoughts. He kissed Heng Xue again and laughed at the tears, which once again brought him the feeling that it was amazing for Heng Xue to laugh at the tears.
The body desire and hope have gone out, and the evil cultivation of the night has turned back into a seductive man. He raised his hand and smiled thoughtfully and said, "Hey, I found that … your tears seem to be more than blood."
"What?" Heng snow smile haven’t finished crying choked and asked.
"It’s strange to kiss your tears for the second time. I just drank two whole people."
I don’t understand the evil practice at night. I’m very puzzled
Heng Xuexiao was curious and stopped crying. His forefinger pointed to Yexie Xiu and pointed to himself and said slowly, "You, do you mean that my tears can make you not want to suck blood?"
"Well" night evil repair face heavy nodded.
"Wow, haha-"Heng Xuexiao suddenly broke into tears and patted Yexie’s shoulder and said happily, "Then if you want to suck blood, I’ll cry for you. Wow, haha, that’s great!"
Night evil repair nai and pityingly put Heng Xuexiao into his arms with a sincere voice "Heng son, you know? I’d rather dry up and die than let you shed another tear and see you cry. "
"But, but …" Heng Xue minced her words. "I don’t want to see you cry so painfully."
"What a silly girl."
The two of them seem to have overlooked a point. Once the night evil is cured because there is no blood, it seems that it will be so painful to laugh and cry that everything will be solved.
Although night evil repair doesn’t want to see Heng Xue laugh and cry, she must also look at his pain. Some things are just like this cycle.
"I’m not stupid. You’re stupid. You just kept asking me to go out. If I really go out, you’re really hopeless. Hey hey, it’s a good thing my tears saved you!" Heng Xue smiled and said that he was very rude to wipe his nose and tears on the night evil to repair his shirt
"You’re so dirty, dead girl." Night Evil Xiu pretended to be holding the smiling face baby fat angrily.
"Anyway, you haven’t taken a shower. Don’t be stingy." Heng Xue smiled and looked at himself carelessly. Jie, the night evil, was proud of his wet chest.
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Act 16 was caught?
"Well, you didn’t wash it anyway, so let’s go together."
Said the night evil repair suddenly got up from the bathtub, pulled the neckline neatly, untied a row of buttons, and took off his shirt after two or three repairs.
The six abdominal muscles in front of you show that your figure is very strong.
Heng Xue smiled and looked up in surprise to see the night evil repairing the naked half-body, and quickly bowed his head and burned his cheeks until his ears were white and his skin was dripping with blood, which was very charming.
Night evil repair corners of the mouth evoked an evil smile, smiled at Heng Xue, hooked his fingers and spat out a few words sexily, "Heng Er, take off your clothes and take a shower together."
"Ceng-"Heng Xue laughed suddenly, but instead of undressing, he quickly ran out.
Heng Xue laughed and slept under the covers, covering her hot cheeks. The bathroom kept coming to the night to fix her smile.
Damn it, I was molested again, a
After a while, the sound in the bathroom came to an abrupt end, and the snow laughed. I wondered if I was going to suck blood again.
So I want to smile and get out of bed quickly. I just turned around and was buckled into my arms by a warm chest. When I looked up, I saw a handsome and suffocating Uber face close at hand.
"You, you, you …" Most of the time, I couldn’t completely spit out a word when I laughed at the snow, so I couldn’t ask her to be a handsome guy.


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