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However, in order to save time, many strongholds were specially opened up and scattered in the desert to facilitate early information to the big bss in the rain banquet.

The results of the unlucky combination survey were quickly sent to Crokdal, and looking at the photos taken from high school overlooking, they clearly recorded the scene of breaking the Baroque trade union army in Dylan like a comic book.
You can also feel the bloody smell at the scene through the photos.
Baroque labor union army can hardly fight back against Dylan’s attack, but Crokdal is not much annoyed except for frowning. It is cannon fodder that can expose Dylan’s ability like this, which is not a wave.
"Animals ….." Crocker Dahl looked at the photo of rhinoceros.
In fact, Dylan’s detailed ability is not a secret in the new world. If he experiences more battles, he will reveal his ability sooner or later. This is an inevitable thing, unless he hides sugar like Duo Franco, and the ability of children’s fun fruit is unknown, he can turn those powerful pirates into toys by surprise.
It’s Crokdal. He has no eyes in the new world.
The Baroque Workers’ Association, which was run in Alabastan, has racked its brains. Unlike Franco, he does not have the original Celestial Dragons identity. He not only relies on the new world to maintain his reputation as a giant of the dark world, but also reaches out to paradise. Even Beihai has left many eyes.
Sokrokdal really doesn’t know Dylan’s detail information.
"Give you five minutes to get ready to go and meet our guests." Krokhdal stared at the photo for half a minute and finally made a decision.
He doesn’t intend to fight in the rain, which doesn’t mean that he will feel bad about the oasis and be afraid of being destroyed by the battle. The main thing is that there is no need to fight here. Although the rain banquet is his lair, he has not installed any traps and machines in this lair, and it is not in any good place.
The most important thing is that he doesn’t like this passive feeling of waiting for someone to knock on the door.
Because he is passively waiting for the dangerous door, he prefers to master the initiative of fighting.
"it’s bss"
R1 promised one.
The other senior agents also got up and went out of the room to get ready. When they were slow for five minutes, there was no good result.
However, not everyone left r1 at the door, motionless as a keeper. Superman, demon, fruit-capable person, he doesn’t need to replenish ammunition or change weapons and equipment. His body is the strongest spear and shield.
There is also a special member who is sitting in single person sofa and has not started.
"Do you really want to be enemies with Nidhogg?" The woman sitting on the sofa opens her mouth. She has beautiful and dashing black long straight hair and blue-black pupils, which gives people wisdom and calm cognition. At first glance, you can imagine that kind of smooth and soft face with a theatrical smile.
She is iss Sunday
Nico robin, the real name of the second-in-command of the Baroque Workers’ Association, offered a reward of 79. Vamberi has different names such as "O ‘Hara Demon" and "Demon". Because of his unique ability to interpret historical documents, he was invited and forced to join the Baroque Workers’ Association.
"It’s not from Nidhogg, and even if Nidhogg comes in person, he won’t let me back down without a fight." Crokdal looked scared.
If your heart is troubled, it goes without saying that your face will never be exposed, even if it is a little weak. In this cruel sea, weak guys can’t live long. Crokdal has been wandering around the sea for decades, and he knows the truth that he who loses will not lose.
If you can’t fight, you won’t know until you fight. Before that, you must never expose your fears.
"I hope you can survive this crisis."
Robin got up from the sofa not far, not far, and kept walking side by side with r1 behind Krokhdal.
"You can pray that I fail and you will be free ….. hum! Freedom … "
"I haven’t decided where to go!"
Robin said frankly.
In fact, she didn’t look very good. It was not what she wanted to join the Baroque Trade Union at the beginning, but she was not as good as others in the face of the powerful sand crocodile. She was forced to become Crocodile’s hand because there was no room for rejection.
From the first day when she joined the Baroque Trade Union, she has been thinking about how to escape from Crokdal. Frankly speaking, Crokdal’s strength is beyond her resistance, and she has not found a way to escape, let alone determine the place to escape.
She doesn’t really want to escape from life because of the demise of the Baroque trade union, which makes her feel like a’ demon’ and brings disaster wherever she goes.
Since she fled from O ‘Hara when she was 18 years old, she has been wandering all over the world. She joined the Pirate Corps, worked as a bounty hunter, and once lived in a certain kingdom for a while, but because of her identity, she was burdened with a huge reward, and she experienced betrayal and betrayal again and again …
Almost all the organizations and forces she stayed in died in the end for different reasons.
"Devil who brings bad luck … Hum, I want to see how powerful this bad luck is."
"But at present, I don’t hate staying here!"
Just as the first and second leaders of Baroque Trade Union were ready to gossip, senior agents followed the team one after another, and a group of people came to the rain banquet outside the side door. The giant land turtle lay prone on the arbor and watched Crokdal appear to be in charge of raising turtles and driving drivers. The turtle immediately slept on his stomach and was driven out of the arbor.
These big guys are rickshaw pullers raised by baroque trade unions.
As we all know, Karoo duck is the fastest creature in the kingdom of Alabastan, but those ducks have a limited number of people and can also drag heavy objects. Compared with these giant, durable and long-running turtles, their running speed is not slow. Crokdal chose the Baroque workers’ transport.
Like at the moment.
Behind the turtle, there is a large and gorgeous three-wheeled carriage, which is a special means of transportation for Crokdal.
Of course, there are more than one turtle here, and senior cadres have a share. For example, Robin Turtle did not pull a cart, but directly installed the building on the turtle’s back. Of course, not everyone likes to take transportation, like R, but prefers to walk on his own feet and dance while walking.
Without too many waves, this small but ostentatious team soon left the rainy land, and many foreign gamblers watched and disappeared into the eastern desert. This sudden situation caused a lot of discussion and spies from different forces secretly reported the situation here.
It’s also a mixed bag. There are all kinds of people.
Two opposing teams met unexpectedly in the desert, or the two sides found each other early before they met. There was an unlucky combination in Crokdal, and Dylan acted as an eye in the sky, but he let go of his knowledge and domineering, and captured Crokdal’s presence at the first time.
Kalou duck and turtles stopped at the same time.
The carriage door was opened, with a big back and a black fur coat. Crokdal had a strong gangster temperament and stood firm in the sand. He was holding a cigar and had a long suture mark, and his face showed a dangerous smile.
"Hey, isn’t this Princess Vivian? I don’t know what are you doing here in the rain? "
Krokhdal opens his mouth to say hello.
His eyes were fixed on Dylan, but he spoke to Princess Vivian.
"Crocker Dahl, your evil day is over today." Princess Vivian said with great awe. She stared at Crocker Dahl with her eyes wide open, and her personality was straightforward. It can be said that she was cute. The girl did not hide her anger at all.
"evil? Ha ha! I’m the hero of this country, Princess Vivian. Do you need proof to slander people? You said that I don’t know … Do you have any evidence to prove it? " Crocker Dahl laughed instead of anger, mercilessly mocking the princess hall that has not yet grown up.
Dylan sat on the cowboy’s back and silently observed a group of senior agents behind Krokdal.
In his perception of color and domineering, except Crokdal, everyone else is rubbish, but he is not careless about it. Maybe there are guys with magical ability to change decay in these people.
Chapter 146 Baroque workers’ ability
In this desolate desert, Princess Vivian, who is still young and inexperienced, lost her temper in the argument of Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile Crocodile, and her face turned red. If it weren’t for Igaram’s loyalty, she would have rushed to do it herself.
Crockdale’s face was not excited after winning the verbal battle.


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