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Lin Qing kept a close eye on Lin Yuan and said these words. Lin Qing had to say.

Now Lin Yuan’s own strength is strong, and if it is impossible to fight, it will also hinder the progress of budo and will be possessed.
"Uncle Qing’s teaching is" Lin Yuan’s quiet and quiet way.
Lin Qing’s heart sighs and knows that Lin Yuan’s insincerity is probably the result of beating him and saying’ Uncle Qing taught you’ instead of saying’ My nephew remembers’.
Said the forest edge to the outside.
Wu Zongyang is famous
Chapter 46-Objectives
Lin Yuan didn’t return to his residence after returning from Lin Qing. This time, Lin Yuan heard Lin Qing say this, maybe he didn’t find the answer in his heart and was a little lost.
The forest edge goes directly to the outside of Linjiazhuang, and at this time it is near evening, and my brother in Linjiazhuang hardly pays attention to it.
Standing at the top of the mountain, there was a light in the east and a sun suddenly jumped out of the horizon.
Lin Yuan kept a close eye on the East, and a burst of tightening eyes seemed to render a few gorgeous rosy clouds, giving off an inexplicable brilliance and slowly setting a ray of dazzling fine mans!
It’s bright
Lin Yuan suddenly felt that the road ahead was so lonely and bleak!
The oblique light of the sun just in the early days pulled the forest edge out and spread a long shadow in the mountain forest.
For a long time, the forest edge is deep and tunnel "I will find your children in the extreme west, and I will definitely ask you why you did this"
Lin Yuan’s body shook and Huo Ran looked up and clenched his fist tightly.
His eyes were fixed on his hand, his left index finger, and a ring as dark as ink was firmly in the hands of Lin Yuan.
The Adam’s apple at the edge of the forest moved two times, and suddenly I felt a dry throat. My right hand slowly touched this ring, and my hand was always stable, and I was a little trembling.
This is the only thing left by my parents.
"This ring is engraved with the word" Lin ",saying that parents didn’t abandon themselves, but why did they leave?" Lin Yuangen couldn’t understand his parents’ thoughts, and in their complaints, Lin Yuangen suspected that his parents might be higher and reach the innate realm, and it was impossible for Lin Yuangen to try the hardness of this ring. You should know that your own strength is equivalent to half a step of innate realm.
And Lin Yuan also knows that the biggest secret of this Gankun ring is the Ministry.
Gankun Gankun has Gankun.
Lin Yuan’s right hand stroked the ring, and his eyes were erratic and he had been quietly on the top of the mountain.
But his heart still can’t let go.
Gankun ring is priceless and rare in the world!
What is your life experience? What happened to your parents?
All this is not white at all.
My life is full of fog … If you want to uncover this fog, I’m afraid it will take considerable strength! And you must find your parents.
Lin Yuan’s teeth gently bit his lips, his eyes were constant, and his eyes flashed with inexplicable brilliance. Maybe he was not abandoned! There may be other reasons for this.
Lin Yuan can comfort himself in this way in his heart. After all, when he lives in Linjia Village, it is a moment when his parents love him.
As soon as this idea rises, it is like the sun shining away the haze in his heart; Let his cold heart slowly warm up …
Palm slowly closed will that didn’t dry Kun ring consciousness tight tight.
Lin Yuan also knows that it may take a thousand times more efforts than others to do it now.
But no matter what, Lin Yuan has a goal in his life!
Although the distant forest edge is also full of confidence, my mysterious jasper beads and my constant efforts may not be able to reach that level.
Congenital forest edge believes that one day it will be achieved.
Lin Yuan heaved a long breath at the sky, Xu Yang. This breath is so long that it seems to have been suppressed in my heart for a long time.
He looked at the sun with a strange look, which seemed to be remembrance, pain or perseverance … The total look was complicated and seemed to be immersed in a dream.
The avenue hole is mysterious and ambiguous.
Refining the quality into the fairy, it becomes the diamond body.
Crossing Three Realms and Five Bitterness Solutions to Hell
I learned that I was too troubled to rob Iraq!
The edge of the forest is very low, like whispering, like talking, like moaning and crying.
This is the first sentence that Lin Yuan got the Taiyuan Sutra, and it is also a wedge language. Lin Yuan has never thought about it.
Perhaps this is just a martial art for Lin Yuan.
After all, the inner avenue may be about cultivating the true Yuan King Kong body. The forest edge seems to have been read in the book, and it seems that the method of exercising in a place is like practicing in a body.
Lin Yuan shook his head and no longer thought that he would reach that state sooner or later and sweep away all obstacles around him. This is Lin Yuan’s confidence and goal.
Lin Yuanchang took a drag on the gas eye and set his backhand to pick the sword but firm but gentle to rush to the clouds!
This time, I practiced the sword from the beginning to the end, but I practiced it over and over again. I have already practiced the sword, so now I practice it is coherence and the effect of randomly disrupting the order with one stroke and one style, and then I can understand it carefully …
Sword meaning is the realm that every sword practitioner longs for and the dream that every sword practitioner pursues all his life.
Sword breaker
This is the knowledge that Lin Yuan got from Jasper Beads.
Qianlinyuangen doesn’t know what his understanding is. It’s natural as a way to improve his strength.
The forest edge will carry the sword every time it competes with the monster beast, and Mo Yuan, the mayor of Qianxing Town, noticed the fluctuation and Zhang Tian’s defeat in a battle, and it was also that he found the goal, that is, the sword.
But at the beginning, they were very vague and didn’t know what it was. After all, Qianxing Town was still too small.
A set of drifting swordsmanship makes the forest edge gradually retreat from that state. This drifting swordsmanship is often practiced when it’s okay. After all, it’s from my father.
Forest edge clearance must have strength whether it is to reach the extreme west or find parents!
If you don’t have enough strength, you will be able to let others regard yourself as the object of fulfillment.
No one would have thought that this ring would be so big if you didn’t say anything about the forest edge of the injured Gankun ring.
Lin Yuan intends to solve the problem of Lin Guzhuang, and it is time to leave, and his own strength can also be regarded as a master in Qianxing Town.
And after the forest edge, it won’t be too much to make the monster beast Dan experience something once. After all, the forest edge also knows that foreign objects are more harmful than beneficial. It’s not a good thing to rely too much on external forces …
Only sweat to build up a little bit of heart to accumulate is the most stable realm and the deepest feeling! If you blindly rely on external forces, even if the skill goes, the realm will never be reached! Then it will become a lifelong regret that can’t be made up!


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