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Then he was sent off with a red card.

But in the next semi-final, Brazil beat Turkey, which was in excellent condition at that time, to reach the final without Ronaldinho, relying on Ronaldo’s great performance.
Then, in the final, the combination of 3R was awesome, and Ronaldo scored two goals to help Brazil beat Germany 2-0 and win the cup for the fifth time.
So how did Scolari do it?
In fact, he did nothing.
He just put three people on the court and let them play freely, fully believing in the tacit understanding and ability between these three geniuses.
The triangle composed of three people keeps turning on the court, sometimes with Ronaldo at the front, and sometimes with rivaldo. Sometimes it’s a double striker, sometimes it’s a single striker, sometimes it’s a single front waist, sometimes it’s a double front waist, and sometimes rivaldo and Ronaldinho simply pull to the wing and become wingers.
Such rich changes can completely confuse any line of defense in the world.
Transposition is perhaps the only requirement of Scolari for these three great geniuses.
Similarly, transposition is also a requirement for getafe’s offensive combination.
Although not the only one, it is indeed the most important.
Of course, getafe’s offensive Trident is far from being comparable to Brazil’s 3R combination.
Brazil is rich in Gao Shuai, and getafe, who always wins, is diaosi. However, Gao Shuai’s rich battlefield is more advanced and more difficult, and the place where Diaosi has to struggle is not so terrible.
Even if it is not as good as the other side, it should be more than enough to cope with the Spanish League.
Luis garcia was originally left or right in the future. Although he was transformed into a right winger under Rijkaard after returning to Barcelona, at least it shows that he has this potential.
And mista himself runs very well without the ball, and his running ability is also very strong. In fact, he doesn’t score many goals, and he can still play the main force in Tenerife, which has a lot to do with his running ability.
Charles Andreas doesn’t need to be transposed, because he is a center. He wants to provide a fulcrum and reference for Mista and Garcia and others in the frontcourt.
Because of this era, frequent transposition is still a very novel thing. Never mind the opponents who always win, even the players who always win will be very uncomfortable.
In order to prevent them from changing around and fainting themselves, they need a reference in the middle. Afraid of fainting? Look at the reference object and you won’t faint.
Charles Andreas wants to build a bridge for two people, so that the trident can be considered as a shape, otherwise it will be just three people running around.
This tactic is a little complicated for people today.
Therefore, Chang Sheng didn’t expect to see the results in a short time.
Until then, win the ugly one …
September 25th, the fourth round of the league.
Getafe challenges Estremadura away.
To everyone’s surprise, luis garcia, who was said to be in a bad state in training before, actually got the first round!
Originally, everyone thought that luis garcia, a player on loan, might be playing as a substitute in the team, so he basically didn’t want to get too many playing opportunities.
I didn’t think it was only the fourth round, so he started!
Is Popovich injured?
No, no.
Popovich sat well on the bench and didn’t see any signs of injury.
And before the game, the media didn’t report anything about Popovich’s injury.
Then why did luis garcia start?
This adjustment of Changsheng is incomprehensible to everyone.
Many people simply think that it is a big failure to let luis garcia, who is in a bad state, replace Popovich, who has performed well.
Subsequent games seem to prove this point.
Getafe, who fought away from home, continued to stick to the restricted area, as if completely ignoring the negative criticism of their tactics by the media headed by Marca.
Defensively, getafe’s standard has been maintained, but offensively, people have to shake their heads.
Getafe’s attack was not smooth.
Originally, their counterattack was very simple and direct, but sharp. It will soon be a shot, and then the big man Charles will threaten the opponent’s goal in front of the door.
But today, there are fewer such scenes in the counterattack.
Is to see luis garcia constantly seeking a breakthrough.
"ah! Luis garcia lost the ball again! This time he passed the ball a little late, and he was forced into a dead end … "Cried the commentator Crespo.
He has appeared several times with shouts like this.
He also don’t understand what Chang Sheng let luis garcia go up for …
Is he really here to help the team attack, not the undercover of the other team?
Many reporters in the media gallery laughed when they saw this scene.
Changsheng has a cramp in his brain and has made such a brain-dead adjustment.
But for them, this is a good thing, because they have another reason to attack the victorious-as the enemies of the victorious, they are happy to see the victorious unlucky. Even those journalists who stayed at the beginning thought so.
After all, their feud with Chang Sheng is not so easy to resolve.
Chapter ninety-eight made the front page of Marca.
As if to satisfy those who are waiting to rely on jokes, getafe finally won Estremadura in the away game, but it was very difficult to win.
Until the 80 th minute, the score was still 0: 0. It seems that the best result is a draw.
It was not until the 83rd minute that getafe used a counter-attack to header the only goal in the game with Charles Andreas.
Of course, this attack has nothing to do with luis garcia.
It was Mista and luis garcia who switched places and went from the right to the left, then attracted the attention of the Estremadura defender, and then divided the football into the wing. balzaretti, the back defender, crossed the football and Charles Andreas, who followed in the middle, headed the ball.
With this goal, getafe finally took away three points from the away game.
They won four unbeaten rounds in the new season, three wins and one draw, and scored ten points, and continued to rank third in the league.
For getafe fans, this achievement is beyond their wildest dreams.
Every getafe fan was in high spirits after the game.
Although the winning tactics are really not beautiful, they can win!
We have played four league matches in the new season, and our ranking is actually in the top three!


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