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"There is nothing more advanced than worship. After worshiping, you can get an extra thousand points. After worshiping for a thousand points, you can continue to increase your hopes."

"What else is there in this hope system? I can add one hundred points to every game … "
"That’s the case when you win. When you lose the game, you will lose your hope at ten o’clock. In addition, if there are too many new players in your team recently, the expectation of new players will drop sharply-some may be indifferent and some may be hostile …"
"Wait! How can there be hostility? Isn’t it the lowest neutrality? "
"Don’t you ask that a thousand points will be deducted into a negative number? In fact, it’s not a negative number, but a negative expectation. There are positive expectations and negative expectations. If you lose a game with neutrality, you will lose ten points, which means that you are indifferent. Indifference is full of negative three thousand points, hostility is full of negative twelve thousand points, which means hatred … "
"Wait a minute. What’s positive and ultimately requires 24,000 points, while negative has three levels and needs 12,000 points?" Changsheng protested, "It’s not fair!"
"It’s easier to offend someone than to please someone" sounds coldly spit out a personal truth.
Ever-victorious immediately shut up.
If there are too many new players in your team, their neutral expectations will lower the average expectations of the team, which may lower your expectations from one level to another, so you must constantly replenish your expectations to maintain balance.
After the introduction of these basic things, Changsheng just withdrew from the system.
He recalled that just now, the introducer said that the players who were rushed to the B team by him might all be hostile to him … and both plug Passareira and Carlos Campo might be revered
He thought of relegation again. He’s just being friendly now, that is, just being friendly. If he doesn’t succeed in relegation in the end, he will be directly detained to the enemy
But he is not so worried, because he must avoid relegation and succeed.
Chapter 49 Ambitious Virva
Chang Sheng also thought about what finally triggered Wang Tong Qi after he started Wang Tong Qi.
He wants to think about it. Recently, segura and others have sent the team department to the media.
It seems that these idiots helped themselves instead-because they made other players look at themselves directly from the middle to the friendly.
It’s the last contribution they made before they went to Team B …
He doesn’t know what the players are plotting in the dressing room.
He found this hope not only from the team players and people, but also from him.
This is very realistic. If people are people, they will constantly have new ideas and attitudes towards others. After these things are digitized, they will be a "hope."
He wanted to see what the players expected of him.
So the next day after the team training, he started the golden pupil.
Sure enough, he did not expect that there was one more data at the end of the usual data.
Different players expect different numbers.
But he can see that he is the least friendly to everyone in this team at present.
Some people have just been friendly, and some people are close to respect.
He focused on Carlos Campo and Sai Passareira.
He should have respected both of them.
But what he didn’t expect was another result.
I admire Carlos Campo, and the number behind it is fifteen thousand.
This is a very normal expectation.
Also the highest in the team at present.
Changsheng is very satisfied with this result. Carlos Campo’s performance in the team really deserves this expectation.
But when he saw the value of plug Passareira, he was shocked.
Worship a thousand!
Full value!
It’s overflowing!
Ever-victorious people are almost petrified. He never imagined that he was so important in plug Passareira’s heart …
But what did he do?
I changed his position from striker to central defender and then dropped him to the first team to give him a chance to play-what training skills can Sai Passareira see that he can’t see naturally and can’t reflect the expected data.
But Sai Passareira actually worshipped him directly …
He’s a little, uh, I don’t know … a little flattered.
Did he change a player’s career and the other side was so grateful to him?
See plug Passareira this milli reserved worship one thousand, he suddenly felt heavy pressure-plug so believe him, then he will have to work hard and can’t let the little disappointed …
Alfonso del barrio put his newspaper face with a satisfied smile.
At this time, head coach Virva wants to see the negative news of Hertha.
This week, the Spanish media have been hyping Hertha.
He is very concerned about this matter.
Who let his team play Hertha at home this weekend?
Hertha beat Compostela 2-0 in the first round, which made barrio feel a lot of pressure.
It turns out that he, like coach Compostela, believes that the winning team will encounter a trough after losing to las palmas.
I didn’t expect them to beat Compostela at home.
This made him worry again.
Just then, the good news came again
The media broke a lot of contradictions in Hertha!
From the specific reports, he can see that Hertha’s department is in a state of constant fire and water, and a group of former main players are very dissatisfied with the ever-victorious China coach, and both sides have been torn apart.
Only after reading the report did he know that things had become so serious.
Hertha could fall apart at any moment.
As a head coach, he certainly knows what it means to be so serious
It is impossible to say that it will not affect the team’s performance.
And the impact is not small.


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