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Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven Meng Jiabao

Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Meng Jiabao
Meng Sixian was very satisfied with Meng Qi’s promise. Moreover, he had to inform the family members. After all, this was just his own move, and he had not yet obtained the consent of the family. However, this opportunity passed, so where did he have time to inform?
However, although he is not sure to get all the elders in the family to agree, he can convince his ancestors that as long as he agrees, it is useless for the rest of the people to have any opinions.
As for why we can convince our ancestors, Meng Sixian smiled. He is the direct grandson of the ancestors.
After Meng Sixian left, another figure appeared next to Meng Qi, which was Cheng Rewei.
Meng Qi stepped forward and hugged Cheng Ruowei gently and asked, "Ruowei, what do you think of this Meng family?"
Cheng ruowei thought for a moment and said, "since we all have the same goal, we can cooperate, but that boy is just building a foundation. How can he decide such a big event?"
Meng Qi gently took Cheng Ruowei’s slender waist like a willow branch and said, "In fact, I have some doubts, but since he told me this, he should be able to talk in his family. Besides, didn’t I give him three days?" If it doesn’t work then, forget it. "
Cheng Rewei pointed her finger at Meng Qi’s chest and said, "You guy, you have a lot of twists and turns in your stomach. You are so smart, but you are so lazy. I have to ask people to help you think about things, annoying! "
Meng Qi caught Cheng Ruowei’s finger with a smile and said, "Hey, isn’t this Ruowei you?"? I don’t need to think about that when you’re here. "
Cheng ruowei was flattered by Meng qi, but cheng ruowei asked curiously, "who is this Zhuge?" Very famous, why did he describe me? "
Meng Qi only found himself slip of the tongue at this time, telling the things of his last life, but he had to explain, so he had to say, "This Zhuge is a character in a miscellaneous book I have read, in which he is the embodiment of wisdom, so he is used to describe Ruowei you."
"What miscellaneous books? Show it to me, Xianggong. " Cheng Rewei is a little curious.
Huh? Romance of the Three Kingdoms, of course, but where is Meng Qi going to show it to Cheng Ruowei now? Had to say: "this kind of miscellaneous book, after reading it, will be thrown away. Now where can I find it?"
However, the more Meng Qi said so, the more Cheng Rewei wanted to read it, because she knew that Meng Qi would never throw away the book. If he didn’t take it out, there must be a ghost.
Seeing that Cheng Ruowei didn’t believe in himself, Meng Qi was quite helpless and had to say, "Well, well, since you want to hear it, I’ll tell you about it, but I don’t remember it very clearly."
Seeing that Meng Qi insisted on not taking it out, Cheng Ruowei didn’t force it, and it was good that Meng Qi was willing to tell it to himself, so Cheng Ruowei said in a sticky tone, "Then tell it quickly ~ ~"
Meng Qi shook his head helplessly, thought for a moment, smoothed the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms first, and then said, "This is a long story. Once upon a time, there was a big country with a vast territory called Han …"
Well, Meng Qiyuan didn’t think girls would like to hear about the Three Kingdoms and so on. She thought that if she was not interested, three or two sentences would be over.
But now the situation is wrong. Meng Qi looked at Cheng Rewei beside him with a face of relish, and his heart was very disappointed. Because Meng Qi couldn’t remember too clearly, some details were missed, and he was pointed out by Cheng Rewei one by one, and through his own inference, he also said the correct development of things …
Meng Qi’s mouth is dry, and he has drunk pot after pot of tea, and his stomach is propped up. Therefore, after Meng Qi finished a small chapter, he said to Cheng Ruowei: "This Ruowei, the night is already deep, let’s rest early." Well ~ "
I didn’t know that Cheng Ruowei, who heard the rise, suddenly puckered her mouth, then hugged Meng Qi and said, "No, Xianggong, you are going to have a rest until you hear that Zhuge comes out."
Hear Cheng Rewei, Meng Qi almost gushed out with a mouthful of old blood, until Zhuge came out? ! Oh, my god, when will that be? At this time, he has just started.
Meng Qi said, "Ruowei, it’s still early for that Zhuge to come out. Can we talk about it later?" Take a rest today. "
Hearing what Meng Qi said, he touched Meng Qi’s stomach again, then "sloped" and laughed, saying, "Well, well, forget it today, and continue to talk tomorrow."
Meng Qi suddenly hugged Cheng Ruowei and couldn’t help but cry, "Long live the lady!" Say that finish with a swish drill into the bed. Thought, finally can sleep.
Of course, people who cultivate immortality are not so exaggerated, but Meng Qi is just faking it.
Cheng Rewei also went to bed, but his mind was full of doubts. Meng Qi told this story, but he had never heard of it, the dying Han Dynasty? It seems to be familiar.
Meng Sixian looked at the distant jade operator, and the peace in his heart finally calmed down. Originally, his team was only collateral in Meng’s home, but hundreds of years ago, his team was actually a monk in the realm of then, which was his grandfather.
As the saying goes, one person gets the message that chickens and dogs can ascend to heaven, and the status of their department is rising at a rapid speed. In less than a hundred years, the position of his department has almost caught up with that of the direct line.
Because the direct line also has a monk then, however, this monk then has existed for hundreds of years, but he is the person who founded the Meng family. Now it’s old.
And the lineal seems to feel the threat of his department. Now, because the ancestors are still there, his department can still be called lineal. If the ancestors are gone, I’m afraid their lineal title will be given to others.
Originally, the people in the direct line were quite appointed. After all, for the ancestor, all people were his descendants, and he didn’t care much about who was in charge.
However, he doesn’t care, but those who are in the direct line care very much. After all, it’s hard to be sidelined.
However, just when all the people in the direct line were extremely desperate, the direct line actually produced a rare genius in one hundred years, but it took only nearly a hundred years to become a monk then.
Although his cultivation is much worse than that of the collateral monk, it excites everyone in the immediate family, and they finally have something to rely on.
And although the ancestor was happy to have another then in his family, he also saw the hidden danger of the family. He was worried that once he died, the two sides would split up.
If this is a separation, this Meng family is bound to be down and out. Plus, it’s not a peaceful time now, so the ancestor simply called the two descendants of then and asked them to make a treaty.
In this battle of positive and negative demons, if one side can lead the family to survive and grow stronger, then after his death, this department will take the direct line. People from another department must fully assist their immediate family members. However, the direct line should not oppress this department.
The two descendants of then thought about it, agreed to this treaty, and made a soul oath.
Recently, people in Meng Sixian’s department just want to swallow Feng’s family to strengthen themselves when it is weakened, which is extremely heavy for that treaty.
However, it is natural for the direct line to oppose it. Of course, it is not for the sake of opposition. After all, the relationship between Fengjia and Haoran Sect is ambiguous, and every time Haoran Sect receives disciples, it will send several children in the family.
However, Meng Sixian actually knows something about Meng Qi’s background. Although not many, but, after some relationships, he knew that Meng Qi was actually a member of the Black Emperor Sect.
Moreover, I have a very good relationship with the big lady just now. Although the relationship seems to have turned several times, for Meng Jia now, it is extremely lucky to be able to get on the line of Meng Qi.
Therefore, Meng Sixian knew that as long as his grandfather received his own jade symbol, he would surely know the value of it. Whether for their department or for the whole Meng family.
After a flight of about ten hours, the jade operator finally came to Meng Sixian’s grandfather, a monk named Meng Qian.
He took the jade symbol and thought it was his beloved grandson’s daily routine. After reading it, he was overjoyed, and then he burst out laughing and sighed, "Good grandson, really my good grandson!"
Then he went out of the secret room and shouted, "Meng Yao, come here quickly!" The voice almost spread throughout their department’s mansion.
After a while, a woman dressed in a flowing green dress came and saw Meng Qian. She leaned slightly and said respectfully, "Grandpa Zu, what can I do for you?"
Because the descendants of the first generation of Meng Qian failed to break through the elixir, they have long since become a handful of loess. The second and third generations are taking the time to break through, so it is this woman named Meng Yao and Meng Sixian’s sister who is now in charge of the size of the house.
When Meng Qian saw this woman, he laughed and said, "Go and send a message to the younger generation, and tell them to meet at the ancestral hall at once."
Meng Yao didn’t know what had happened, but when she saw her grandfather’s serious expression with a smile that could not be concealed, she also dared not delay, and went down directly to send a message to the elders in the clan.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-eight Cooperation
Chapter one hundred and twenty-eight Cooperation


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