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Wang Kai’s home has always been sugared with water. After listening to it, Shi Chong asked his family to use candles as firewood.

When Wang Kai knew it, he was not angry, so he asked his servant to sell a lot of purple silk woven screens and put them 40 miles away on both sides of his road. All passers-by sighed.
When Shi Chong heard about this, he made a screen made of brocade, which was more valuable than purple silk, and placed it 50 miles away on both sides of his road. Luoyang people looked at it straight.
Now Real Madrid seems to be showing off their power and name to everyone, and to the enemy, it is a demonstration to tell Valencia where they are fighting with whom.
This is in line with the usual style of Real Madrid.
Tian sheng Lao da fan er
However, this is also good. Real Madrid has saved its efforts by putting on a grand stage and attracting public attention.
I need to beat Real Madrid on this splendid stage then.
When the Valencia bus stops at the players’ lane, it always wins the first jump from the bus.
Then the reporters around us pushed forward and extended the microphone to the constant victory.
"You said yesterday that you came to make a scene. Is it a bit arrogant to do so?"
"Have you ever thought that you would put a lot of pressure on the team?"
"Lead the team to the final of the King’s Cup for two consecutive seasons. Can you talk about how you did it?"
"Are you so confident that you can win the King’s Cup?"
In fact, Chang Shenggen couldn’t hear clearly what they were saying.
He stopped, waved and made an awkward gesture, and the reporters at the scene came to Ma Anjing.
"Don’t talk nonsense. We’ll see after 90 minutes!"
Say that finish winning turn round and then walk no longer ignore those reporters shout and ask.
The player who followed that car also follow their head coach into the players’ tunnel.
Some people also deliberately looked at the reporters with their heads held high and their heads held high.
Yesterday’s TV show touched Valencia players a lot. Now they treat media reporters as enemies and wait until they finally win the game before slapping them in the face.
No one was interviewed by reporters until the last person walked into the passage.
So reporters have said, "It seems that Valencia players are a little nervous …"
"Yes, it must be that the words often used in the pre-match press conference put great pressure on the team! I told you, I’m still too young … Although I’m not happy that Real Madrid did this, some words can rot in my heart and I can’t say them. "
"I think Valencia is running out of luck in this game …"
"Chang’s words are definitely a failure!"
Real Madrid coach arrived later when they appeared in people’s field of vision, which caused cheers from Real Madrid fans at the scene.
The cheers can be heard in the stadium.
Even in the dressing room, Valencia players heard the cheers.
Amazing potential
Many people’s faces changed, but they soon returned to normal.
"It seems that the birthday girl has arrived today," Chang Sheng suddenly said.
Everyone turned to look at him and saw their head coach smiling.
"Don’t worry, the birthday girl is always the most popular one today, and the uninvited guest will naturally come on stage late because the last one is the finale! Don’t pay attention to them now. Let’s talk about how to play this game. I think you are all very clear, but it is necessary to repeat it … "
Changsheng pointed to the blackboard behind him that he had just written all over.
"We simply try to advance their ball and then control the ball to defend … I believe you have tried this in the game against Barcelona. Many people think that the control of the ball is an attack. Let’s tell them what is the top defense today!"
Today, the tactical players did know for a long time that they didn’t come to play against Real Madrid today.
There is no conflict with Valencia players who won the championship by defense. You know, they always insisted on defensive counterattack before.
Despite winning the offensive football for more than half a season, the defensive complex has not subsided in the hearts of Valencia players.
It doesn’t matter what tactics Valencia plays to win the championship!
Chapter one hundred and ten Leading role supporting role
When the players finished warming up, they went back to the locker room.
Changsheng is waiting for them in the locker room.
"Twenty minutes to the game, guys."
The players are bowing their heads to tidy up their socks and shoelaces, and they are always winning. They are pacing back and forth in the locker room while making the final mobilization before the war.
"I believe you have a full understanding of the outside world. We are number one in the league, but this status can’t give us any advantage in this game. They still don’t like us. It’s really funny-we beat Real Madrid twice in the league and when we met for the third time, what didn’t we like? Because this is the King’s Cup that Real Madrid is bound to win! That’s ridiculous! Is it possible for us to win the King’s Cup? Real Madrid needs a King’s Cup champion to decorate their centenary celebration. Don’t we need this champion to enrich our honor room? "
"We Valencia are not inferior to the team in the desire for the championship and the pursuit of victory! There is no fucking champion in this world! Real Madrid tried their best to arrange such a stage. They never thought that they might lose. They never paid attention to Valencia from the beginning! They think this stage depends on their preparation, and they are the protagonists! And what about us? We are that wretched opponent who was stabbed to death by the mighty protagonist of the British army at his feet, and then they stepped on our bodies and ascended the throne to greet the beautiful women with a kiss, which worsened the audience’s flower palms … This is a play written by Real Madrid, but why should we perform according to their play? Who stipulates that they must be the leading role and we must be the supporting role? Who? No one rules but some people feel good about themselves … "
Speaking of which, Changsheng walked to the door and then hit the locker room door. The noise poured in outside, which was bigger than before.
Although it’s big but not well-organized, it sounds far worse than English fans in Changsheng.


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