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At this time, the Black Emperor Zongnei …

"Smelly Meng Qige, dead Meng Qige, and left others, you wait for me, and you will look good if you don’t come back." Hu Xianer, who was severely practiced by Fang Ling Ling, secretly cursed Meng Qi.
"XianEr! What are you thinking? Concentrate on your work! " See Hu Xianer desertion again, Fang Ling twill stern drink a way.
"Oh, I know, Sister Ling Ling." During this period of time, Hu Xianer, who had seen Fang Ling’s silk, heard a driver’s shout from Fang Ling’s silk, and hurriedly came to my mind, afraid to desert again.
See Hu Xianer, Fang Ling twill heart suddenly feel a little funny. It seems that this girl is afraid of herself recently.
Since Meng Qi quietly left, Hu Xianer was indeed in a bad mood for a long time, but under the persuasion of Fang Ling Ling, she finally understood Meng Qi’s painstaking efforts and made up her mind to practice hard.
Fang Ling twill is no longer pity her, and has made a strict cultivation plan, which is supervised by her personally. Hu Xianer’s progress is almost visible day and night. It is not only cultivation, but all-round improvement in all aspects.
It seems that Meng Qi was right when he said that. Xianer is too dependent on him. Only when she left him can she practice hard.
Hu Xianer is stepping up his practice here, while Meng Qi is coming to a bloody crypt there.
Meng Qi felt this thick corpse gas, and he had a bottom in his heart. This blood-sucking bodhi old zu is probably a blood-sucking zombie. No wonder you have to suck so much human blood, Meng Qi thought.
And neon, after all, is a girl. In such a gloomy place, I can’t help feeling a little scared. Combined with the distance Meng Qi are close to a lot.
In fact, Meng Qi used to be afraid of these ghosts and zombies, but when he arrived in this world, he found that the shape is not important, but the strength is important. As long as you have power, you can ignore these things.
Cultivating immortals changed Meng Qi’s person, while strength brought him confidence.
Chapter sixty-seven Guild Wars (Chapter III)
Walking all the way into the crypt, Meng Qi saw some mummies and skeletons on the roadside from time to time. Some clothes haven’t rotted yet. From this point of view, they should all be women.
And the distance between neon and Meng Qi is getting closer and closer with the increase of these things. Finally, it is directly hiding behind Meng Qi.
Meng Qi shook his head and sighed lightly: "You are a monk, actually afraid of these things?" In fact, to be honest, Meng Qi is more or less empty at this time. However, in front of beautiful women, he doesn’t want to show it. It’s just calm on the surface.
After hearing Meng Qi’s words, Neon blushed and said angrily, "Guan, it’s none of your business. I’m a girl. I’m afraid these things are normal." Say that finish, again toward Meng Qi by the by, what seems to be looking for a sense of security.
Meng Qi smiled in my heart, and after being said by neon, he felt that his fear in his heart was relieved a lot. Chest slightly raised, walked forward.
Walking, Meng Qi felt something was wrong, stopped and carefully looked at the surrounding environment.
Neon saw Meng Qi stop, thinking that he had found something, and asked in a low voice, "What’s the matter? What’s the situation? " The voice trembled slightly, which showed that she was really afraid.
Meng Qi shook his head. He just felt a slight spiritual fluctuation, but it disappeared in an instant. Meng Qi didn’t believe it was accidental. In this case, he would rather do more useless work than be cautious.
Just then, a voice remembered, "Oh? I can’t believe you found out, so I don’t have to hide the bodhi old zu. Haha, today is really a good day for the bodhi old zu. Just after the breakthrough in the late period of enlightenment, two monks came to send Jingxue for me to eat, hahaha. "
Meng Qi listened to the words of the guy who claimed to be the bodhi old zu, and his heart was surprised. It was already the late stage of beginning to understand. I can only hope that it is just a breakthrough. While his realm is not stable, there may still be the power of World War I..
Just thought of here, the blood-sucking bodhi old zu showed his figure.
This guy is not too scary, just a little pale, with some black gas floating on his face. There is a bloody gas that can’t be turned away, as if to faint people.
The blood-sucking bodhi old zu looked at the neon hidden behind Meng Qi, and suddenly he smiled: "I didn’t expect that there would be such an excellent virgin, waiting for me to suck your Yuan Yin and suck your blood. Haha, it’s worth a year’s penance for bodhi old zu!"
Neon listened to the old zombie’s words, and his face turned red, revealing the color of anger. This so-called sucking up Yuan Yin is the way to have sex and adopt Yin to replenish Yang.
Neon quietly shipped its own instruments, ready to attack. Meng Qi also decided to strike first, raising his hand was several water arrows, and finally he beat out his own mixed beads.
See Meng Qi begin, neon is also quietly to play out their own multiplier. Trying to sneak up on this bloodsucking bodhi old zu.
However, with a wave of his hand, the blood-sucking bodhi old zu scattered the water arrows hit by Meng Qi. Then two fingers and a clip, the neon needle magic weapon to clip. It turns out that the neon’s every move has not escaped the perception of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu.
However, the oncoming mixed-yuan beads were plain in appearance and just so-so. A broken bead with little soil. No matter how you look at it, it is not a sharp instrument.
So there was a flash of lotus flower on the blood-sucking bodhi old zu, and a bloody blade met the mixed bead. But how can a mixed pearl be so easy to send away?
It was only an instant, and the bloody blade was scattered. Hit him accurately in the eyes of the bloodsucking bodhi old zu.
I only heard a scream of blood-sucking bodhi old zu, and the flying needle in my hand was once again controlled by neon. In this case, the neon beat Reservoir Dogs very decisively, and the flying needle went towards the eyes of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu.
Originally, the blood-sucking bodhi old zu had a layer of vigorous gas, but the flying needle of neon was designed to break all kinds of vigorous gas. Therefore, it was very smoothly inserted into the eyes of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu.
I only heard a scream from this bloodsucking bodhi old zu, and another more tragic cry started again. The sound is very penetrating, as if the mountain would be overturned by it.
Just as Meng Qi was about to make two more attacks, the blood-sucking bodhi old zu had already reacted. Release a bloody shield to protect yourself and turn over.
Two flying needles were inserted in his eyes, and thick yellow pus flowed out of his eyes. It looks disgusting. Dropped to the ground, actually corroded the ground into small pits.
The blood-sucking bodhi old zu pulled the flying needle out of his eyes and threw it on the ground. Neon wants to control these flying needles again, and finds that her contact with these flying needles is actually intermittent, and my heart is not surprised.
At this time, the blood-sucking bodhi old zu said to the two men in a cruel way: "It seems that you two are still underestimated. Since you sincerely want to die, I will help you, bodhi old zu!"
Say that finish, the whole body released a lot of blood fog, hiding him all. And the scope of blood fog gradually expanded, covering Meng Qi.
Frown in front, he asked Neon, "Will you use fire?"
Neon nodded blankly, then suddenly realized, recited the formula, and then hit several fireballs. However, these fireballs entered the blood fog without much effect, and the burned blood fog was immediately supplemented.
Seeing this situation, Meng Qi quickly said, "Don’t use it like this. Let out a flaky flame to stop these blood fogs!"
Neon nodded and began to emit a lot of flames, finally blocking the blood fog all over the sky. However, in this way, the spiritual loss of neon is not small.
When the blood-sucking bodhi old zu saw that his tricks were blocked, he mercilessly cursed the two sentences, and then gathered the blood fog all over the sky and turned it into a glittering and translucent bloody blade. Then, towards Meng Qi and neon.
At this time, Meng Qi’s long-simmering Zijin cone has moved. Seeing the bloody blade from flying, Meng Qi directed his own purple and gold cone to fight against it.
1 of "bang", the two are separated, which is even.
Meng Qi also knows that it can’t be done so easily, and besides, his purple and gold cone can’t be controlled freely, so if he goes on fighting, he will suffer sooner or later.
Therefore, Meng Qi quickly inspired the purple and gold cone of Kwai Shui Shen Lei. I saw a blue and white light from the purple and gold cone, flying out. Directly to the vampire bodhi old zu himself.
At this point, the bloody blade is actually going in the direction of neon. At a time when the neon doesn’t talk about the 7788 spiritual power consumption, even in its heyday, it may not be able to stop this blood blade.
At this point, Meng Qi, regardless of other things, once again inspired a sunflower water god to thunder at the blood-sucking bodhi old zu. I shipped the golden scales and jumped on the neon!


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