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MuHuan think also feel that a man is on the wing, although less than three years old, but his mind is absolutely catching up with a seven-year-old child. A lot of things should be taught by Dad, but on second thought, he pouted again. "Who said I was pregnant? How do I think it was a daughter? I can’t be as tossing as when I was a child! "

"My daughter is better and as beautiful as you. I just spoil my heart!" A hundred miles away, I feel my whole heart is soft when I think that there will be a little person like Mu Huan who calls "Daddy" behind me every day.
"Daughter how also became your pet? Didn’t you just say that you should bring your children? " Muhuan couldn’t help but turn supercilious look.
"That you also want to spoil sometimes? !”
"Why don’t I have time? You Rong follows you and I happen to take my daughter! " Mu Huan is puzzled.
"That if you have children again? Do I have to bring it? Why don’t I take it with me? " Thyme smiled cunningly.
"Who said I was born? !” MuHuan face a hot push thyme devoted to hot "you really treat me like a sow? !”
"Is there such a cute and beautiful pig?" Bailimo Xu smiled and put Muhuan back in her arms and bowed her head and bit her earlobe. "I know you are hard, but my husband is too capable. There is nothing I can do!"
"A hundred miles away, you’d better take a concubine!" Mu Huan was ashamed and angry.
"I can’t face other women!" Thyme smiled and kissed her lips.
At this moment, Nini sounded at the door, "The action in Father Mother’s Palace. Five hundred and fifty-nine Poison forced the palace!
"He really can’t wait so soon? !” Mu Huan was stunned and called out "Nini, come in!"
The words sound just fell and Nini and Fire Xuan had already appeared in front of the bed. There was a sharp-tailed swift in the fire Xuan’s paw. It was so tired that it was panting heavily in the fire Xuan’s paw.
Ordinary birds with the fastest flying speed have been relying on this sharp-tailed swift and its wife to deliver messages to the palace for more than ten days, because these two little birds flying around the capital have not aroused anyone’s suspicion.
Fire Xuan claw pointed tail Swift caressed the instantaneous little guy to eliminate the fatigue, and the little guy tweeted about it.
Bailijiang has wiped out the remnants of the rebels since he returned to the palace. About ten days ago, a strange thing happened. Someone took advantage of the lax guards of Xuwangfu to wash away the concubines in Xuwangfu and escaped alone. It is said that this is the revenge of Bailicang rebels against Xuwang, and they took his beauty knife because they could not enter Donghua Palace.
Bailijiang sent people to track it down, but there were no clues. Fortunately, the remaining party eliminated the threat to his emperor again, and this baili Mo Xin moved around to let the ministers strongly recommend himself.
Because now the news from Donghua Palace is that Bai Li Mo Xu has not improved, and from time to time he will suddenly lose consciousness and faint like epilepsy, or hold his head and shout, his limbs twitch, foaming at the mouth and faint.
It is said that the onset of a hundred miles of strange heat was very painful and the six relatives denied that even Princess Xu and Empress Xu were almost injured by him. Can such a hot prince be a great candidate?
Nowadays, among the emperors, there is a real longevity king, but it is too heavy for ministers to give advice. It is not unreasonable, but it is very uncomfortable in the heart of Baili River.
What does it mean that ministers are busy urging my brother to set up a wife just after his rebellion has been quelled? He’s old? Missed? It’s time to step down and make way?
For a long time, from youth to prime, and then from prime to old age, his biggest worry is that when he is getting old, those young people are full of wings and can’t stand it, and they can’t wait to get ready and try.
Bailijiang is disgusted with Bailimo Xin in his heart. Since your brother has been like that, since I have expressed myself to you, why are you in such a hurry? Where would he know that there are people who are secretly fueling the situation and are devoted to the heat?
After winning his promise, Bailijiang was so ambitious that he didn’t even look at his father’s eyes. He was so angry that the imperial palace cursed Baili Mo Xin, and immediately ordered the physician to send a lot of supplements to Donghua Palace, telling them that Baili Mo Xu must be cured.
From that night, she was recruited into Chenggan Hall to serve Bailijiang. She was no longer Xi Guifei, but a young xiunv who had just entered the palace for less than three years.
It is said that this xiunv is somewhat similar to the Oriental Miao Miao, and I don’t know how she happened to wander around the imperial garden that day. She met her temper and walked out for a walk in the Bailijiang River, and was called the Dragon Bed that night.
Where will Baili River know that all this is a hundred miles devoted to Xin’s calculation, and this show girl is also his arrangement to enter the palace, and it is this night that Baili devoted to Xin to make preparations for deployment, and directly forced the palace to let Baili River give way to him.
When the news arrived at Donghua Palace, Bai Li Mo Xu was silent for a long time and decided to tell Dongfang Miao the truth.
Unexpectedly, Oriental Miao Miao learned that Baili Mo Xin was going to let the xiunv give a stroke to Bailijiang’s hand and then forced to abdicate, and then said lightly, "It’s all right. After he fell into bed, there will never be those Yingying Yanyan haunting him again."
"Mother, do you really want your father to do this?" There is still some hesitation in bailimo Xu. It’s not that he is so kind that he must stop bailimo Xin from killing bailijiang. It’s that he can’t bear to see his mother guarding a man with a collapsed bed and a crooked mouth in the future.
After all, he can’t stand by and watch Baili Mo Xin kill his father. What he can do is to try to reduce the poison dose of the show girl and try not to let Baili Jiang completely lose consciousness before performing the trick.
"He has been selfish all his life, calculating his hands and feet, calculating his wife and children, and now he is being calculated by his own son. It is also his robbery that he should learn a lesson from the harem. Whether to take care of him depends on the mood of the palace. If he doesn’t like the palace, why should he guard an old man with a crooked mouth?" Oriental Miao Miao said and got up. "You don’t have to ask about this matter any more!"
As for the xiunv, she will make a stroke in Baili River while she is sleeping in the temple. Both Baili Mo Xu and Muhuan are not sure when she will do it.
"Mo xu? I’m afraid Balimoxin is ready to go to the palace. Are we still coming? " Muhuan looked at unhurried thyme devoted to the heat.
"Of course, he’s full of ambition now. Where would he have thought I’d be back? Have you forgotten that he asked the physician to send you a letter to put me to sleep for a few days? " Thyme devoted to hot MuHuan face pinched with a smile "besides, since he came up with this recruit is can’t think of a bloody way to take my father’s palace before the news, how could he rashly enter the palace? Isn’t that suspicious? "
Muhuan remembered that a few days ago, he was ordered to rush to the palace, and the physician secretly gave her some medicine. The medicine was not poisonous, but it could make a hundred miles devoted to sleep for several days. The hundred miles devoted to Xin had calculated everything so that when he forced the palace, it would be impossible to do anything.
Muhuan naturally responded to the situation. Except for a few people, everyone suddenly fainted and never woke up. Surely Baili devoted Xin is also convinced.
"Huan Huan, you and your mother and You Rong stay here and wait for my news." Thyme devoted to Xu Muhuan kissed her face and held her shoulders with both hands. "Let the fire Xuan become me and lie on the bed and continue to sleep."
"No, I want to be with you!" MuHuan pulled up thyme devoted to hot hand "not to say that things face together? I want to enter the palace with you! "
"Huanhuan doesn’t want sex. I can’t let you accompany me to take risks. What’s worse, you still have two children in your stomach. You can’t have any mistakes!" Thyme mo Xu shook his head.
"Husband, say good trouble with when? Do you think I can share the happiness? " Mu Huan tugged at the sleeves of Bai Li Mo Xu like a coquetry. "If you think so, I promise I won’t be here when you come back."
"Where are you going? !” A hundred miles of strange eyebrows pick a tone and turn cold.
"Go find Daming! Isn’t he in trouble, too You don’t want me to help you, then I’ll help him. I’ll stay … "


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