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At noon, when the instructor was dissolved, he cheered loudly and rushed back to the dormitory to rest. Many boys directly found a cool place to rest on the floor.

Haikui found Ma Mengmeng who wanted to go to dinner with them, but suddenly appeared in front of him. One person was Xie Yan.
Xie Yan watched him twist his own bee waist, straightened his fairly plump chest and said, "Hello Haikui, Guo Shuai and I would like to invite you to dinner."
She is different from other military training people. Haikui knew at a glance that she didn’t participate in military training, but Haikui didn’t know that she was also a freshman.
For her, Guo Shuai Haikui’s brain recalled the boy in the restaurant that day. He curled his lips, "I don’t know you well enough to invite me to dinner."
Xie Yan laughed. "There were some misunderstandings that day. Didn’t we see you in military training today? We remembered what we wanted to invite you to dinner. After all, it’s a classmate’s friend who should make friends with him. I wonder if you can enjoy it."
Words are said to this share, if you don’t promise, it seems a little stingy. Although they really want them to go to dinner together, it is someone else’s treat to bring so many people, which will definitely make Guo Shuai break through and he is not so resentful.
Yang Yulu was well-advised and said, "Then go. After all, I thought you were a little crazy that day."
Haikui smiled and said, "I can’t help but be narrow-minded. Then I’ll invite you to dinner another day." He wanted to say in his heart who made his eyes more obscene than I did at that time.
Xie Yan looked at several beautiful women with Haikui, and she was curious about Haikui. What made him so attractive to beautiful women? What a powerful man it would be to be a one-man in bed. Thought of this, he suddenly wanted to hook Haikui into the bed and try his kung fu.
Haikui and Xie Yan left the school gate. Haikui asked, "Where is Xie Yan Guo Shuai and where shall we eat?"
Xie Yandao "Guo Shuai said he went to pick up the car and pick us up later. I’ll give him a call later" and called the mobile phone.
Xie Yan, the mobile phone, said, "Let’s wait for her over there as soon as he comes."
Soon after, a new Audi stopped in front of Xie Yan Haikui, sticking out of the window and Guo Shuai’s head shouted "Xie Yan"
Haikui was stunned when he saw Guo Shuai’s car. I didn’t expect it to be a rich second generation. He didn’t know that this car was lent to Guo Shuai by the bald old Dong.
In fact, Guo Shuai is also depressed. He just wants to teach a Haikui freely, but now he is stuck with Lao Dong like a dog skin plaster and can’t shake it off. Even a Haikui can’t be cleaned up. He still perseveres and fails repeatedly, and he has to fight the whole Haikui. Now he doesn’t understand whether he wants to teach Haikui or whether the two of them want to teach themselves and want to withdraw. Lao Dong threatens him and says that he can’t give up. In his hand, he can’t do anything. Even if he pulls out his foot, he is also a foot of dung.
Xie Yan waved to Guo Shuai and said, "Husband, you are here" and ran to the car.
Guo Shuai got out of the car and took Xie Yan’s hands for a quick laugh "Yan Er".
Then I turned to look at Haikui and smiled at him. "I was wrong to want to invite you to dinner today, so I can make friends after I resolve it."
Haikui looked at Guo Shuai’s expression, and he was a little unnatural. I don’t know why he suddenly remembered Yang Chen and some of them. This guy won’t be a banquet, will he?
Haikui looked at Guo Shuai. The other party was dressed in general, but the clothing logo was a famous brand. He was still about one meter tall and looked tall and thin.
Chapter 12 Ordering
Haikui guessed and held out a hand and said, "I’m glad to meet you. My name is Haikui."
Guo Shuai mouth dry pull a smile "car, I invite you to dinner".
The car was driving quietly, and there were not many words. Guo Shuai exchanged pleasantries with Haikui. He was afraid of talking with Haikui, but Xie Yan was sitting beside Haikui, hooking up with him and chatting with him constantly.
Xie Yan looked at Haikui with shining eyes. She didn’t think Haikui was too tall and handsome, but I don’t know that there was an attraction that attracted her, and Haikui’s physical temperament gave her a feeling of being very sunny and wanting to be close to people.
Especially a easy virtue woman like her wants to try Haikui in bed consciously, but she wants to tease him and seduce him unconsciously.
"Handsome boy, I don’t know if you have a girlfriend." Xie Yan asked directly.
Haikui gave her a wink, but she wasn’t her type, and the girl with a romantic look on her eyebrows was not a good person. She smiled and said, "I already have a girlfriend."
"Oh what a pity" Xie Yan blurted out.
"What a pity! You mean you don’t want me to have a girlfriend?" Haikui asked.
Xie Yan hurriedly shook her head. "No, no, it’s good that I saw you. I want to introduce a good sister to me."
"Thank you very much, but I already have a girlfriend."
Although Haikui doesn’t dislike Xie Yan, she doesn’t like her, so the female face is too frivolous. Even a charming woman like Shizuka doesn’t give Haikui a frivolous feeling. The reason is that Shizuka has a cold momentum and she often gives people a feeling of let the right one in when she is cold to strangers, so naturally there will be no frivolous feeling.
And Xie Yan’s frivolous feeling is that wherever you go, she wants to stick to you and stick to you. It’s like she is born with a lack of men. She feels that Hai Kui has watched too many movies and has no feelings for this kind of woman.
If she seduces a girl who hasn’t been involved with her, the boy who thinks she has no chance with the beautiful woman will be sure of one.
Although Haikui is still a virgin now, in the near future, Haikui will know that his life will definitely be lively and fragrant.
In particular, I am used to seeing Jing Xiang, Yun Xi Yue, Ma Mengmeng and Yang Yulou, these beautiful women naturally have no feeling for ordinary goods.
The car drove straight for half an hour before it stopped. This half an hour was a torment for Haikui. Xie Yan couldn’t stop rubbing her feet against her legs and winking at herself.
I still don’t dislike her. Haikui is disgusted with her. If he hadn’t forcibly suppressed her, he would have vomited her face.
The car stopped in front of a luxury restaurant and walked around behind it.
Hai Kui looks up at this restaurant, which has more than 30 layers of brightly lit, flamingo trees and silver flowers all over the sky, and the exterior walls on the first floor to the third floor are illuminated hundreds of meters away. A five-star hotel with a sign as high as 30 meters is written on the left side of the Imperial Restaurant.
Seeing Haikui here is one leng. I’m afraid this hotel is very expensive. Although I don’t see hundreds of thousands of people now, it’s my first time to eat in such a high-end hotel. It’s a little unnatural at the moment.
Guo Shuai chose a table in the hall and a student came over. First, he passed the menu with his hands.
Guo Shuai smiled and said, "Haikui, make yourself at home."
Sheng handed the menu to Haikui.
Haikui shook his hand and said, "You are testing me. To be honest, this is my first time to come to this high-end place. I really have a feeling that I will walk in and lie down. Please order."
Guo Shuai Xie Yan laughed and Yan Yan Yan said, "Hai Kui, what you said is terrible. I don’t think you are so distinguished. How can you be afraid that this small hotel will become proud if you are too modest?"
Haikui is angry. Are you here to humiliate me? Just because you’ve never been here doesn’t mean you don’t have money.
However, Haikui still wants to know what they want. He keeps pretending, otherwise how can we know if it’s the Hongmen banquet?
Haikui shook his head and said, "Are you afraid that your strength is directly proportional? For example, now that you are stronger than me, I am afraid, but one day when I am stronger than you, the situation will be reversed."
Xie Yan’s eyes flashed and kowtowed, "You are absolutely right, but the assumptions in this world are all fictitious. People’s eyes are also short-sighted. Who knows what will happen now or later? There is a saying that there is wine today to make you drunk today."
Haikui nai nodded. "I didn’t expect your analysis to be very insightful, but there is another saying in China called thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi. I wonder if Miss Xie has heard of it."


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