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The general base of the Watchers’ Union is in the new york Waterway, and the superheroes of the anti-registration faction of the Sitong Water System can quickly disperse and flee with the help of the waterway.

With Spider-Man and doctor octopus taking the lead, other anti-registration heroes who were willing to resist the superhero registration bill but suddenly lost their leaders also fled out.
The registered heroes such as Wonder Woman and Hulk are eager to catch up, but the anti-registered heroes are not entangled with them at all. Except for a few unlucky guys who are caught by agile heroes, most of the anti-registered heroes have finally broken through.
Iron man, Mr. Wonder and Ant Man turned wild and gawk at Imil for a while, but they were speechless.
Ant Man looked at Imil coldly and he trembled. "What do you mean, you must fight the country to the end? To tell you the truth, we applied for a presidential pardon before we entered the Super Prison to arrest you. Except for Captain Rogers, all superheroes will be pardoned except for all crimes. "
Other anti-registration heroes who haven’t taken action have shaken their faith and hesitated even more when they heard Ant Man’s words, but now even if they want to break through again, it’s too late. Mr. Magic has hurriedly mobilized the registration heroes to watch them one by one.
Imil yin malicious laugh "ha ha ha ha yeah, you’re right, if you don’t get a presidential pardon, how can these superheroes be controlled by you and Iron Man? It’s not in your interest to put them in jail. Am I right? Plan 51 Heroes? "
The so-called 51-state hero plan is to bring all superheroes in the United States under the management of the government. In the plan conceived by Iron Man and Mr. Wonder, every state in the United States will get a superhero team
And these hero team members will be selected from today’s registered heroes and surrender anti-registered heroes to create new heroes, transform old heroes, reverse all superhero individualism and integrate a super-power army in the 21 ST century
That is to say, they hope to build an army, so that all superheroes will no longer have their own personalities, and the soldiers who follow orders will eventually be in the hands of a few minorities, such as Iron Man, Mr. Wonder, and Ant.
Chapter DiSiErLiu Flash bomb
Captain America’s surrender not only put him in jail, but also put all the heroes who opposed the registration in an unprecedented predicament, which led to the collapse of the disk and made him unfit to be the leader of the registered faction. He did not consider the position of others and the possible consequences
Iron man’s face was livid and said, "What are you talking about? Our plan is to let all the public enjoy legal and professional superhero protection. It is definitely not an idea of competing for profit!"
Imil said indifferently, "I finally saw that justice has been preached in my mouth, and the public has come to grab profits. I don’t care what you think, but there is a saying that you want me to surrender and make me a politician. It is absolutely impossible!"
Iron man trembled and looked at Imil, shaking his head strangely. "Do you even care about Kathleen? This is the last chance. If you register now, you can erase all the crimes in the past. If you still choose to fight, we will have to."
Kathleen interrupted him and looked at Imil with a smile. "No, I never thought Imil and I were sinners. The real crime is that you don’t know if fascism is a crime against humanity."
In the eyes of Iron Man and Mr. Wonder, the superheroes in the anti-registration camp are traitors and sinners; In Kathleen’s eyes, the two of them are still criminals against humanity. The root of the superhero registration bill they advocate is the deprivation of liberty bill.
Iron man was so angry in his heart that he raised his hand and aimed an energy cannon at Imil and split it out.
Imil turned supercilious look gloomy said "nonsense so much is not to rely on force to speak? That’s all right. If you can kill me, you can say anything! "
He didn’t flash or avoid the same yang hand and hit a resentment yin force, but it’s a pity that the yin force is not the positive combat energy. After the two sides attacked and collided, the Iron Man energy cannon directly penetrated the Imil yin force
Imil had to release another yin force before finally offsetting the Iron Man energy cannon. All around him have been surrounded by registered heroes, and he has to spare an energy to protect Kathleen. Now is not a good chance to duel.
Imil suddenly roared and meditated on the spell he remembered from the paladin library. His hands suddenly closed together and a holy light broke out more than ten times stronger than usual.
This is an explosive tactic of the Church Paladin when it encounters an enemy that is difficult to match.
Although all the potential of the body can be condensed in a short time, the anti-itself force suffered after the battle is not underestimated. Iron Man has not responded yet, and suddenly a white light has been overwhelming.
The invisible woman locked by the metal handcuffs with limited super ability also felt a biting chill. Imil was insidiously mixed with a little resentment and yin force in the holy light. This is his best mixed energy attack. After joining the anti-registration camp, the invisible woman has not seen this trick less.
"Susan, I’m coming!"
Just as the invisible woman launched the invisible force field to close her eyes and die, a figure suddenly jumped on her. Mr. Wonder desperately supported him from Iron Man and saved himself from behind the shield and turned a rubber wall in front of the invisible woman.
"Reed!" The invisible woman opened her eyes and stood up. She found that she hated Mr. Magic. It’s hard to imagine how lonely her life would be without Mr. Magic. What’s worse, they already have children.
The white light suddenly exploded, and Mr. Magic held on to the invisible woman without saying a word. I don’t know how long it took him to be pulled up from the ground by Iron Man. In such a terrible attack, he still saved his life, which made Mr. Magic feel a little surprised. "I am alive?"
"Mom, we’ve been cheated again!" Even Iron Man couldn’t help blurting out a dirty word. He should have thought of Imil’s personality. How could anyone be desperate?
Mr. Magic is also a wise man. He is a little scared and touched his body without any scars. "You mean Imil played a trick? He doesn’t have the ability to destroy each other? "
Iron man let out a sigh of relief. "He doesn’t know what energy is mixed in the white light, which makes us intuitively think that this attack is extremely dangerous, but in fact, he is scaring us and at best throwing a flash bomb."
The greatest power of resentment is to arouse people’s fear, and superheroes like Iron Man and Mr. Wonder usually trust their intuition.
Although not every superhero’s intuition can be as accurate as Spider-Man’s spider’s induction, he can still have the ability to judge whether he is facing danger in front of him.
Their intuition sensed danger from the holy light, so the first move everyone took was to protect themselves. Where would anyone dare to risk pursuing Imil and Kathleen in such an attack?
Imil just figured this out. It is not to launch a destructive attack, but to confuse the superhero intuition of Iron Man and make them think that they are facing a fatal attack.
Played in vain once, many superheroes are crying and laughing, and their intuitive sense of fear is definitely not illusory. Everyone almost walked in front of death by himself.
It took a long time to realize that this was a flash bomb thrown by Imil, which made them make a mountain out of a molehill, but it was just the right time for Mr. Wonder. He was not sure whether the invisible woman didn’t leave with the anti-registration hero because of herself.
However, after this false alarm, the relationship between Mr. Wonder and the invisible woman recovered a lot. Although I didn’t say it directly, the invisible woman and Thunderbolt stayed with Iron Man and Mr. Wonder, and Qi Xin worked together to clean up the battlefield.
Although Mr. Magic thinks it is not wise to discuss their future when their renal gland hormones are still destroying their judgment on love, it is a surprise for Mr. Magic to see the invisible woman in the Qing Institute of Technology.
This means that at least to some extent, the invisible woman has accepted her stand. After a big war, the invisible woman still looks so beautiful and energetic. The only thing in Mr. Wonder’s heart that has not been smeared by the war is probably the clear big eyes of the invisible woman. To be continued.
Chapter DiSiErQi Small hotel
Captain America’s surrender and Imil’s escape meant that the anti-registration camp was completely disintegrated. In this case, Panther and Doctor Doom had to stop the Iron Man battle, and the United States reached an armistice agreement as a last resort.
More than Ant Man, Hank Pim won the cover of Time magazine and was elected as the American Person of the Year for his reform activities in the ball range.
Although there are still doubts about the superhero registration bill, Tony Stark, the commander-in-chief of the new national emergency office, has gained a firm position in the future.
After witnessing the super hero’s powerful execution ability, the president also had to compromise Tony again and handed over the task of restructuring SHIELD to him.
After the dissolution and reorganization, SHIELD will re-establish a new "SHIELD" based on the National Emergency Office to distinguish the former SHIELD.
The first thing Tony Stark, the new director of SHIELD, did after that was to approve the construction of the Xintian aircraft carrier. In addition, he became increasingly nervous about refusing to register superhero hunters, including Imil and cheating on his life. Nick Frey, an agent of SHIELD, never gave up chasing them.
"Just like Dr. Reid’s prediction, we are now in the best period of social security since Eisenhower came to power. Can we now take coffee and imagine how ordinary our life will become after receiving unified training and deploying new heroes from the government to work?"
Three days later, Kathleen was sitting on a hard bed in a humble small hotel room, watching an interview with Iron Man and Mr. Wonder on the only one in the room that could still be broadcast normally.
Mr. Reed Richards, dressed in the classic blue of Fantastic Four, laughed and said, "Plain is good. Tony’s plain means that no more buildings will collapse on young children’s heads. Plain means that there will be no more mysterious people wearing hoods hanging around the streets."
In a wrinkled dark brown suit, West Imil walked carefully through a corridor full of potholes and unknown liquids, knocked on the door and entered the room rented by him and Kathleen, which was a full time behind the 21st century.
He bought some lunch boxes from the greedy travel manager and put them on the hard bed with a wry smile. "Can you imagine that dead pig actually charged me twenty dollars for such a meal!"
Imil arranged the food and turned around to see Kathleen Youzi silently watching. "Can Imil hide from Tibet like this after us?"
Kathleen asked cautiously, "didn’t you want to ask Father Terrence for help when you rejected Tony’s registration bill?" I think he should be happy to help us. "
"Yes," Imil frankly admitted that Kathleen didn’t know the status of their Longinus family in the church, but he did.


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