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It used to be Super Sports, and now it’s soapy Latis’s turn.

So he patted his chest and said that he would definitely give Soapy Latis a statement.
There was no board meeting this time, but Liselle went straight to Oti.
A fierce argument broke out between the two men in the chairman’s office-although no one was present and no one dared to hide outside the door to eavesdrop, when they saw Sohler coming out of the office angrily, they knew what had happened to them.
I also know the result
Sohler didn’t fight for Oti in the end. It’s simple that Oti is the president of the club and he has all the power.
Sohler is an empty vice chairman. How can he twist his arm over his thigh?
What’s the point of Otis being the president of the club if he doesn’t even have a manpower?
The end of Sotheby’s Latis is a foregone conclusion.
Soapy Latis’s departure is tantamount to cutting off Sohler’s hand. Sohler is furious but can endure it
Naturally, he knew that this was that one that alway won the contract renewal. He blacklisted Oti and Changsheng in his heart. He secretly vow that sooner or later, he would double the humiliation he suffered!
Soapy Latis was finally forcibly dismissed from his post by the club, paid him a liquidated damages and then let him go.
His departure is also a major personnel adjustment for Valencia Club.
Soon, a reporter came to the door to interview the divination.
The contradiction between Changsheng and Soapy Latis has never been a secret in Valencia Club Department, because Changsheng never tried to hide it.
All the reporters will know after a little inquiry.
Soon, Super Sports appeared a special report on the contradiction between Changsheng and Soapy Latis. They reported the contradiction between Changsheng and Soapy Latis in four aspects.
Of course, this is a negative report on the club
However, "Super Sports" is not the official media now anyway. No one can hold their thighs in the club department. They just broke their cans and fell.
This matter is very gratifying to readers, and it is definitely not welcome to the club.
But Super Sports doesn’t care so much, as long as readers like it.
They reported that the club’s power struggle was desperately ugly and that they had enemies. They wrote that the victory was as small as the tip of a needle, vengeful, almost paranoid about power, strong desire to control, and bad popularity of offending people everywhere.
….. such a person
If someone didn’t know Chang Sheng before, if they read this newspaper report, they will definitely think Chang Sheng is really a mean person with a sinister mind.
The competitive director who was driven away … not the former competitive director Harvey Subi Latis was portrayed as a poor victim.
After all, it is normal for every Spanish fan to do those things in Spanish football.
However, it is reasonable to be dissatisfied with the constant victory by taking away from soapy Latis Li and soapy Latis.
In addition to digging up the contradiction between Changsheng and Soapy Latis, Super Sports also digs up the struggle between the two major factions in the club department. Actually, it is not news that Oti and Sohler are not in harmony.
Through this media, the "brilliant pen of flowers" has always turned into a downright bad guy, while soapy Latis, who is a good worker, has become a sympathetic club faction fighting for profits and sacrifices.
"ha! I suddenly found that the media will not tell lies, at least they will evaluate you accurately! " Rudy Gonzalez said to Changsheng with a copy of Super Sports.
He pointed out that Super Sports is the orientation of the constant victory.
Small-minded as the tip of a needle, vengeful, almost paranoid about power, strong desire to control, and offensive people everywhere.
Changsheng turned supercilious look.
In the last two days, he has received many words from reporters, hoping to interview him. His views on Soapy Latis’s departure have been disturbed.
It is estimated that some people will notice this problem at the press conference before Zaragoza.
The strong team and the weak team are really different. Hertha and Moscow also have contradictions, but they have not caused such multimedia attention, which is different in Valencia.
Such a thing is even more attractive than the competition.
Changsheng can really roll his eyes.
But he is not afraid of media interviews or potential troubles.
Getting rid of Soapy Latis is something he must do, and no matter what others say, he will never stop until he gets what he wants.
He doesn’t care about media comments. Anyway, in recent years, the media has not been less blackened. He estimates that his image in the media has long been unbearable
Before the game against Zaragoza, he often won the new press conference, and sure enough, the reporters were more concerned about the personnel adjustment of Valencia Club Department.
"I have a problem with soapy Latis? Of course, we certainly have contradictions! "
Chang Sheng’s frankness and frankness surprised the media. They always tried to hide everything they said. In fact, they were not as bad as the media reports. Isn’t that what most people do? Although the private struggle is life-and-death, on the surface, we still have to maintain harmony in front of the media.
How can you always win like this?
"I have never tried to hide my dislike for him. If you are surprised now, it is because your former sense of smell is too insensitive." Changsheng shrugged and said, "What do I dislike him? It’s very simple. When I just took over the team, I needed his support, but he didn’t give me anything. Not only that, he knew that the team lacked a physical coach, but he didn’t inform me in advance to get ready. Or I met with my coaching class to know that there was no physical coach in our team, and one day before the preseason training, I didn’t believe that soapy Latis was a work error because he never explained it to me. I didn’t hear him explain from the channel that we almost could not prepare for the new season normally because of his brain-dead performance. Can you have no idea in your heart? I don’t care if such a person drives him out! "
The reporters were dumbfounded. They thought they were already fierce. I didn’t expect the winning streak to be even fiercer than them.
The former media have been reporting two personal grievances, but no one knows exactly why it is so big.
Reporters didn’t expect Changsheng to be so honest. I didn’t expect Changsheng to come out in one breath.


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