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Silent Moon Flowing Traces smiled gently. "I said I managed to get Shuiyuezhu, and now I have let Mu Wan."

"She is different from normal people now."
Silent moonlight was silent for a long time before she looked stunned and said, "How did you get it?"
The hidden romance was put in a very hidden place [
And there are also people guarding it.
Silent Moon with a light smile "You need to know this, even if I make up for a mistake. Section 965: I always treat you as a younger brother."
And there are also people guarding it.
Silent moon flow mark chuckled, "You need to know this, even if I make up for myself."
Silent Moon looked at him silently for a while and whispered, "Will I forgive you if you do this?"
"Of course not"
Ji Yue Liu Yan picked up the teacup and gently took a sip of tea and sighed, "I didn’t want you to forgive me, but I thought it would make my heart feel better" [
"I know that your father wants you to marry that flower princess, and you must be unwilling."
Silent on the stream sound will look at him without saying a word turned and walked towards his opposite position.
After sitting behind him, he slowly said, "What do you have?"
The wandering mark of the lonely moon smiled again, somewhat sadly. "That’s the queen’s wish. My father must want her to get it. You know that my father’s favorite woman is the queen."
"You don’t want to marry her or you have to marry her. You can’t even give up your father because of a mu wan."
Father has loved you since childhood, and if you disobey him, wouldn’t it be too chilling for him? "
As he spoke, he secretly looked at the expression of the silent moon.
First he frowned, then he looked extremely upset.
I know that no matter what I do, you will never forgive me.
But I still want to help you with this matter. "
Silent month flow sound eyes flashing all looked at him.
Surprised and surprised.
"Don’t look at me like that …"
The sigh of the lonely moon is very nai. "I said I don’t want to lose your brother because of a woman."
"Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the princess in the flower world, and I won’t let you marry someone you don’t like."
Silent moon streaming sound with a surprised expression >
Look at him as if he had just met him.
"B-brother you …"
"No matter whether you still think I am your brother or not, I always think you are my brother. Section 966: He is trying to please him.
"B-brother you …"
"Liu Yin, no matter whether you still treat me as your brother or not, I always treat you as my brother."
"Anyway, I’m a gamer, and it’s easy to get a woman’s heart."
He got up and spit out a ball of light with golden light from his mouth and held it tightly in his hand.
He walked slowly beside the silent moon and handed the golden ball of light to him. "This is your Dan" [
Silent month flow sound took Dan from his hand a face of surprise, "b-brother …"
"I’ll go first."
Ji Yue Liu Yan gave Dan to him and then turned and left.
Watching him fade away, the sound of the silent moon was lost in thought.
The wandering mark of the lonely moon suddenly treated him so well.
This really surprised him.
In fact, before … Before Ruoyun had an accident … He was also very kind to himself.
But after Yunruo’s accident, they are never the same as before.
Although not like a stranger, but a lot rusty.
Now he suddenly treats himself as before.
This made him confused and surprised.
He once said that if he knew who killed Xueya, he would never let him go.
But now …
He hesitated.
He hesitated after he did that and said that.
He is trying to please him.
Very flattering to him
Silent month sound looked down at the hands of Dan some at a loss with a sigh.
In his heart, he still can’t forgive the lonely moon [
Yes, but I can’t hate it.
Every other day-
Ji Yue Liu Yin called Qing Lian and handed her a box that looked very delicate.
"You send this to Nanjun Wangfu."
Qinglian looked down at the box "Temple, this is …"
"You just need to send it."
Qing Lian touched her nose.
Out of the hospital, she walked directly towards Yunre Smoke House.
"If the smoke elder sister …"
Yun Ruoyan was painting. When she came, she quickly put down her pen-


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