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In Song Dynasty, the wind blew a face and a beast scolded him in his heart, giving him a problem. You couldn’t have come earlier! Now let him find a replacement.

Since the magazine was launched, there have been five issues, one for each of the three partners of the company, and two for the small boss, which is lauded as a business rookie and a new rookie. Anyway, the readers recognized it and wrote that they had their own personality in running the magazine.
Song Shifeng’s heart was so beautiful that he felt that he really had a great idea, but now this good idea has given him a chicken run. For a while, he can’t find the right person without a cover model.
Fortunately, he still has someone to choose the boss of Lu Da. This person didn’t say which one he was going to, whether it was momentum or face value, and he just owed himself one.
As sure as a gun, who knew that people would simply refuse, refuse and win? It’s not that they don’t like publicity, but that they don’t think their magazines are too small to share.
Song Shifeng, that’s so angry. I swore a poison oath. You wait for it to make you unattainable one day!
But one day, it’s not time to open the skylight now. It’s no joke
When Ray’s photography comes back from the city, the cover model hasn’t been found yet. It’s either inappropriate or inappropriate. Even Chen Tiejun, the mine, has been asked to try it, but it can’t be done.
When Zhang Aiguo didn’t come, people had to guard their property so as not to fool around with them.
He still wants to find Yan Donglai, but this guy is not allowed to drive. He hasn’t touched the figure for half a month, and who knows when he will come back.
When I saw it, I became more and more nervous. The whole office had a headache because of this. Finally, Song Shifeng suddenly remembered a person to turn around at the bottom of my heart and simply bite his teeth.
"Yang didn’t leave the army until he came back to find your cousin, did he? I think his image is quite good. Ask him if he wants to give him 200 yuan. This issue will be taken for the soul of the blood army."
"Two hundred?" What? Who? Song Shifeng is crazy, isn’t it? Two hundred ordinary workers earn more than half a month or hire an ordinary person? How much money did he burn?
"Jianghu emergency"
"Are you kidding?" Flat jump and eyebrow twisting
"What do you think?"
"Song Shifeng you don’t make a decision on the head? This time, the cover coat is a coral-colored needle sweater and a white mink coat. It’s either luxurious or lazy. It doesn’t match the military temperament. Are you going to let readers see a joke? " Ping Yue is very opposed to "besides, our magazine is not a big model, even if it is a young boss, it is also a selling point, but it is too unlike veterans. What is a veteran? Is it not just ordinary people? We are a fashion magazine, not a bosom friend fortnightly! It is not a story. "
"Then you can find someone more suitable?"
"Veterans can’t anyway."
Song Shifeng has a completely different view: "Isn’t the veteran a selling point? How good it is to be patriotic. Besides, soldiers are not iron-blooded and ruthless. Have you heard of it? "
"I think you are in a hurry to go to the doctor and make a fool of yourself!"
"It’s better to have printing in three days than to open the skylight."
"Fine, I’ll see how tender you are."
Well, the tenderness of this iron man is not a little difficult
Cousin Yang takes this temporary job very seriously, but no matter how good his attitude is, unprofessional means unprofessional. It is very difficult for ordinary people to shoot a large piece of tension. It is enough for a photographer to drink a pot.
In order to cooperate with the theme of marketing veterans, Song Shifeng also borrowed the scenery, which was also a smoke and fire. The design was to walk out of the smoke with a gun and have enough momentum and temperament.
Fortunately, it’s just that cousin Yang played himself awkwardly for a long time and finally adjusted it. It just doesn’t feel right to pat it around.
It’s okay to look at your eyes and look at your face. What’s wrong with people’s shoulders and legs?
"Take off the vest inside and put on the leather coat," said the Dahu photographer suddenly.
As soon as this effect came out, the snow-white leather coat was half-open to reveal a lean waist and six abdominal muscles with guns on their shoulders. The dark visual conflict of Melissa Zhou Bai Xian made the picture more impactful.
Good-looking is good-looking, but it’s still a shortcoming. What song Shifeng can’t say, but it just feels almost.
"clothes are too clean"
Yes, it is. How can the smoke of war be so clean? The face is too clean.
Tossing people Song Shifeng’s hands over that dress can make him feel bad about mink coats and good clothes. It’s really a waste of time to let makeup artists paint flowers one after another on the left.
Song Shifeng couldn’t bear to see it and didn’t know if it could be cleaned.
Once again, after finishing cleaning up Cousin Yang’s face, his eyes became darker and his eyes became more prominent. The six-pack abdominal muscles were also oiled, and then he put on makeup and leather clothes, which was the soldier king who came out of the smoke battlefield.
This is what Yang Jiabao suddenly said: "It’s not fashionable enough to shoot a military magazine."
That’s really true.
Song Shifeng suddenly pulled out a red rose from the next prop and "bit"
Boy, this bite of the picture texture flies directly. Cousin Yang seems to have found the feeling that people are more open-handed, aiming at the rose on one knee and shooting it. Anyway, how handsome and cool is it? How did the photographer of Dahu press the shutter frequently and call "That’s right!"
Song Shifeng looked down at Cousin Yang’s fancy clothes, and the more he patted his face, the darker he patted people, and the more gloomy he made Yang Jiabao look puzzled.
As soon as the photo was taken, he took the clothes and left. The first time, he sent the leather coat to the dry cleaner for repair and cleaning. He repeatedly stressed that it must be done and cleaned, so he was distressed.
However, as soon as the photos came out, Song Shifeng knew that this issue of the magazine was stable, and the effect was absolutely leveraged. When a photo was taken, it felt that it was still slightly dominant compared with his favorite photo of jade, and it was a fucking foul.
Song Shifeng didn’t know it was Cousin Yang who saw himself printed in a magazine photo. The whole person was shocked. Is this him? You can still do this yourself? This accidental modeling incident made Cousin Yang see a different world, a glorious and interesting world. In a few days, this guy packed his bags and went to the metropolis. He likes to be a model and take pictures. He feels that he likes to spend his life in the flash. He is going to have a try.
Don’t worry about anything else, don’t publish the magazine yet. It’s another trip, but the results are also very gratifying. Although they still haven’t made any money, at least they have broken even, and readers have responded particularly well to this cover. Some people have written to ask how much the coat is. It’s so cool.
Song Shifeng, when he was poor, wanted to pretend to be a rich man. The magazine developed so well that it was difficult for him to keep a low profile and travel at night. He went to the mine to show off without carrying a new magazine.


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