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Chapter 10 Calling the Ancestors Together
Leitian was sealed, and Chui Fu was gone forever. Ying Zheng’s dream of immortality was of course shattered, and it wasn’t long before Ying Zheng, the first emperor, died. On the day of Ying Zheng’s death, a Xuan Huang Zhi gas also came out of his body. Tao Xuan Huang Zhi gas is the man Huang Zhi gas, Xuan Huang Zhi gas has been rushed out of the earth star, flew into the celestial world and disappeared in Dongsheng Shenzhou. Of course, all this can only be seen by high-level players.
Ren Huang’s Qi has been passed down on Earth Star for thousands of years, and today it has finally returned to Earth Fairyland. I have an indescribable feeling in my heart about this.
"The spirit of Ren Huang has returned, and all saints have come to see me at Zixiao Palace!" When I was about to become speechless, I suddenly remembered the voice of Tao Zuhongjun in my mind.
"Daozu is calling, let’s go there quickly!" Be sure to mention the amitabha road on the side.
After clearing up my mood, I nodded and said, "Good!"
So they got up and went to the Zixiao Palace.
Zhunti and Amitabha came to the Zixiao Palace, but they found that only the Nu Wa Empress arrived first, so they naturally wanted to see each other.
"What great things have the two Taoist friends done?" Nu Wa smiled at Ti and Amitabha.
Zhunti and Amitabha naturally knew that Nu Wa Niangniang was referring to the fact that they set up another Buddhism. At present Zhunti said with a smile, "Your Majesty is welcome. Teacher Daozu Hongjun said something that day. We should set up another side door. It’s God’s will. We didn’t inform your Majesty that day. I hope you don’t blame her!"
"You must mention what Taoist friends are talking about. The two have set up another side door, and Nu Wa has not been able to congratulate them. Besides, Taoist friends and my spirit bead boy are kind, how can I be surprised!" Nu Wa Niangniang heard the words and laughed.
When Zhunti and Amitabha heard this, they breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that they would have misunderstood the meaning of Nuwa, and they burst out laughing at the moment.
"It’s really inhuman. Can it be so presumptuous in Zixiao Palace?" Accompanied by this sound, Lao Tzu and the original Buddha also arrived, and this sound was really made by the original Buddha’s laughter.
"It turned out to be the original brother and Lao Tzu brother. They are polite. I wonder why the original brother is so angry?" I must mention to the primitive Buddha and Lao Tzu the way of honoring.
When I saw this, I made a kotow as a reply, but the original Buddha snorted and ignored it.
Just then, the leader of Tongtian also arrived. He looked at the Buddha and Amitabha, snorted at the primitive Buddha and Lao Zi, and then said to Nu Wa, "Nu Wa Taoist friends are polite!"
Nu Wa Niangniang replied: "Tongtian Taoist friends are polite!"
"If you have no respect, you should not be a son of man!" Primitive Buddha’s Way.
"It’s better to have no respect than to lead a thief into the door, hehe!" Tongtian hierarch retorted.
When the primitive Buddha heard this, he was furious and said, "Tongtian, don’t be too presumptuous!" "
"What’s wrong with licentiousness? Do you still want to unite outsiders to bully me?" Tongtian hierarch not to be outdone.
"When you two are here, be quiet for me." At this time, Lao Tzu was furious.
"Hum!" Tongtian leader with a snort of cold, no longer ignore the people, going to sit down.
After a while, Hongjun’s figure appeared on the futon above, and everyone quickly came forward to see the ceremony and said, "See the teacher, may the teacher live forever!"
Hung-jun glanced at all the saints and said, "Don’t be polite. Get up and sit down!"
All the saints said, "Thank you, teacher." Then they got up and sat down again.
"Now that the qi of Ren Huang has returned to the celestial world, do you know what I called you here for?" Hongjun road.
"Dare to ask the teacher, but for the sake of the earth star?" The original Buddha said.
"It seems that you only know one thing, but the matter of the earth star is in this time, but it is not the point!" Hongjun replied.
"The teacher is merciful, still hope the teacher’s famous words!" All saints are in harmony.
"Don’t worry at this time, but now I have to tell you first that from now on, everyone in the celestial world is strictly forbidden to intervene in the affairs of the earth star, including you saints!" Hongjun road.
"Teacher, why is this?" Nuwa empress asked.
"Heaven predestined that the terran above the earth star should embark on a different road from the celestial world, but the fairy gods and the like prevented them from embarking on this road, so I decided!" Hongjun replied.
"A few days ago, the teacher said that a ban would be set on the earth star. I wonder if this ban can be imposed in Ceng Bu now?" Quasi-mention asked.
"I was banned when the emperor’s qi returned." Hongjun road.
"Dare to ask the teacher what is the restrictive effect of this ban?" Tongtian hierarch said.
"This prohibition restricts people from the celestial world from going to the celestial world, even saints such as you can’t break through, and from now on, those who have cultivated beyond the celestial world will be doomed. If they survive the celestial disaster, they can be automatically transported to the celestial world." Hongjun replied.
"The teacher is merciful!" The crowd gathered together.
"Do you know the road to heaven?" Hongjun asked.
"The road to heaven, teacher, what does this have to do with me?" Tongtian hierarch smell speech, surprised way.
"Although the road to heaven is called Tongtian, it has nothing to do with you. This is a road that can lead from the mortal world to the celestial world." Hongjun road. After that, all the saints have detailed knowledge about the road to heaven in their minds.
"You fought in the last battle to seal the gods, but now it has brought a big trouble. Do you know?" Hongjun road.
"Teacher, is there anything more serious than the broken world?" Lao Tzu asked.
"the underworld!" Hongjun road.
"The underworld?" All the saints were frightened when they heard this.
"Teacher, this demon world can be in the world opened by Pangu. Why have I never heard of it before?" Amitabha said.
"The underworld is not in the world opened up by Pangu Great God. Before Pangu Great God opened up heaven and earth, there were thirty-six demons in chaos. They were cruel and murderous and prevented the Great God from opening the sky. Pangu Great God sealed thirty-six demons in the depths of chaos with the help of an ancient axe, so this is the underworld." Hung-chun speaks amazing words.
"Did the teacher call us here this time for the sake of the underworld? Could it be that these 36 demons have broken the seal of Pangu God and are about to be born?" Amitabha asked.
"It won’t be born yet, but because of your last country, the seal of Pangu God has been loosened. If it can’t be reinforced within the year before last, they will break it." Hongjun replied.
"Teacher, can’t the power of our six saints destroy them?" Tongtian hierarch asked.
"There is a fine line between the powers of the chaotic 36 magic ways and the saints, and what’s more, they are at the same level as the saints. Luo Wei, the head of the 36 magic ways, is not weaker than me, and your strength is far from enough." Hongjun shook his head.
"Luo Wei, wasn’t he wiped out by the teacher in Xumi Mountain?" Zhunti and Amitabha exclaimed.
"It was just a doppelganger that Luo Luo left in this world on Mount Sumi, and it was precisely because I destroyed his doppelganger that Luo Luo’s strength was greatly damaged, otherwise he would have led the chaotic demons to break the seal." Hongjun road.
"Teacher, is there any way to deal with it now?" Nu Wa Niangniang Road.
"Fortunately, there is a glimmer of life under heaven. If you can gather infinite merits in a thousand years, you can strengthen the seal and eliminate this." Hung-chun replied.
"Teacher, is this related to the road to heaven?" Lao Tzu asked.
"Of course!" Hongjun road.
"Please also ask the teacher to make it clear!" Lao Tzu said.
"Heaven shows that Buddhism should flourish, and after 800 years, Buddhism will advance eastward, and the elected person will walk away from the road of heaven again to gather merits." Hongjun road.
Hearing this from Hung-jun, Zhunti and Amitabha were both delighted, while Sanqing was worried, and Buddhism was advancing eastward. Isn’t this a way to seize their orthodoxy? Sanqing naturally felt bad in his heart, but when this was said from Hung-jun’s mouth, it was bound to happen.
"The teacher is merciful, so how to choose the person who takes the road to heaven again?" The original Buddha asked.
"This person should be an ordinary person, and he doesn’t have any magic, but he is born with a tough heart and is bent on doing good, as long as he meets this condition." Hongjun road.
After a pause, Hongjun continued: "However, in order to prevent you from fighting privately again, let the Buddhist choose this person!"
"Teacher, why are you a Buddhist, and the disciples don’t understand?" The original Buddha unwilling way.


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