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Li Lingyu quickly said, "I can’t get away from worldly affairs, which has failed the good pleasure of the sovereign."

It has always been favored by people since ancient times. Taiyuan Wang loves her paintings and her poems.
Think how can you give birth to a person as exquisite as her?
When I entered her room, I was amazed that he liked everything here.
Li Lingyu wrote half of it, and when he saw that he was in high spirits, he accompanied King Taiyuan to enjoy paintings, drink tea and talk about romantic affairs …
A whole afternoon
He didn’t invite her to the banquet until she sent Taiyuan King away.
Xiao Jiong felt very sorry at the moment that his banquet was not so interesting. He felt in his heart that no one could compare with Li Lingyu.
Li Lingyu saw that he was obsessed and gave him a painting as he wished.
Li Lingyu doesn’t care about his begging. Everyone has a temper. She longitudinal Xiao Jiong’s temper.
After waiting for people to leave, Li Shu came in and asked, "Is brother’s marriage a success?"
Li Lingyu asked, "Who did you listen to?"
"Mi Niang"
Li Lingyu paused and said, "Nothing."
Li Shu said, "Mi Niang has been crying for two days without telling me about my brother. I heard that the sage promised Princess Yongkang to my brother, but I couldn’t help crying when I saw my brother’s words."
Li Lingyu looked confused.
Where did you start with this?
Li Shu was a little sad when she saw that she didn’t talk. I didn’t expect that queci was really addressed to Mi Niang.
Li Lingyu didn’t know that a queci made such a big goal.
I don’t know how many little girls are so full of heart, but now they are sad and can’t help themselves
She is writing a good fold and hurried back to the official office to discuss with Cao Yin.
Li Ling Yugen ignored those colleagues who came in the courtyard. Congratulations on going straight into Cao Yin’s office.
Cao Yin, she should be happy or a little happy to get such a marriage suddenly, but when she saw her beaming, she was a little dignified and asked, "What is it?"
Even Cao Yin congratulated her on this matter.
Li Lingyu said, "Marriage is just a joke of saints, so don’t make fun of me. I have something to discuss with my adults. Listen to me."
Cao Yin sat and took her to post.
I haven’t spoken for a long time.
Li Lingyu didn’t rush to wait quietly.
Cao Yin finally asked, "How long have you considered this matter?"
"It’s been a while."
Cao Yin looked at the post and said, "This matter is too big to be discussed, and I will discuss it with you first."
She didn’t send a message to Hualin Garden. When she heard that Cao Yin didn’t refute it, she knew it. Even if there was a door, she said, "My idea is not perfect enough. I still hope that adults can identify one or two."
Cao Yin secretly felt in his heart that when he was really intelligent and talented, he missed the age of sixteen and his future was limitless.
Li Lingyu doesn’t know what Cao Yin thinks. Knowing that he didn’t refuse is negotiable.
After all, it is good for Xiao Yong.
Even if Pei Yu runs around here and there, once the name is pasted, Xiao Yong personally decides the ranking, a deer-singing banquet will be held to entertain the most talented people in the world, which is a lifelong dream.
Xiao Yong needs to open his mind to meet the enthusiasm of learning heaven. He doesn’t need to do anything but learn what he has devoted his life to.
The character of life is the most clanking but also the most sincere.
Families are standing in the way of these students to face the sky, so let’s look at the big waves and sand washing.
In this way, Pei Yu’s trip to the south of the Yangtze River is not a favor to learn from the south of the Yangtze River.
Is it difficult for Tianmen to be more justified than the public servants?
Her other posts are complete, just like writing a work plan
But it’s not detailed to give Cao Yin a grass post, but it’s enough to surprise Cao Yin. In the afternoon, I went into the palace and saw Xiao Yong alone, as if I smelled an unusual smell at one another. The temptation of things inside was too great.
In the evening, Li Lingyu was called into the Taiji Hall, and Li Lingyu first talked to Xiao Yong about the benefits of pasting the imperial examination system, and the importance of examiners.
Xiao yonggen didn’t expect her to have such great wisdom.
Cao Yin also knows that if this matter is a precedent, it will be a blow to the family.
To be fair, if the Cao family has no protege, it has a great influence on the prestige of the Cao family.
But Li Lingyu stabbed him, which is not necessarily an opportunity for Cao Cao.
If we can get rid of the false name of the Cao family after a hundred years, just like my brother said that the prosperity of the Cao family is a pile of human lives, every time Cao’s brother died, it may not be an opportunity.
So he secretly discussed with Xiao Yong and was willing to give Li Lingyu a message.
This three-person secret talk didn’t happen until the time of the meeting.


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