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As the "Tian Bo Long Yin" said, he suddenly flew back and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Hongchang and Hongyun suddenly changed their faces.
Xing Xuan smiled and said to that Hongchang, "Hongchang, why do you always follow me? Long Xingxuan really doesn’t understand. Is it entrusted by Mr. Gui Cheng?"
That Hongchang’s white face turned red at this time, and he almost looked like his brother. He shouted, "It’s really a spy in the demon world, don’t leave!"
Say, fire and water double gun metamorphoses, offering into the air, a blue and a red two light flashing, toward the star xuan is smashed up.
Star Xuan a sneer, thoughts move, crescent shovel metamorphoses, jumped out from the void, toward the hongchang overhead.
And this time, the macro transport, without saying a word, metamorphoses, is a teleport, unexpectedly is regardless of his brother, and ran away.
However, this macro-transport just showed its shape dozens of kilometers away, and it was about to turn into light to escape. Suddenly, I felt a sense of oppression coming on me. I looked up and it was Xing Xuan.
"ah!" The macro yun let out a loud cry, and his body really flowed, and a colorful light ripple flew out of him, like a rainbow, heading for Xing Xuan’s head.
"Ha ha, such a fancy magic weapon, I still like power!" Star Xuan ha ha a smile, hand Kuafu staff forward a pass, "bang" a big ring, is hit on the color training, color training immediately divided, scattered into broken mans.
That Hongyun was surprised. What he sacrificed just now was a magic weapon that he had practiced for hundreds of years. It’s called a colorful hedgehog chain, but it’s a treasure refined by Yinhe Guanghua mixed with infinite Yin blood sacrifice, and there are countless sperm suction needles in the middle. As long as it is a little on the body, the sperm suction needle will drill along the gap between the vestment and the armor. As long as it is drilled, it will be like a maggot attached to the bone, and it will not be thrown away anyway. Besides. Drill the door to absorb Yuan Ying’s vitality, and never stop until Yuan Ying is drained.
Generally, practitioners encounter this kind of weapon, as long as they don’t dodge, whether they use mana to defend themselves. Or collide with magic weapons, and the colorful hedgehog chain will turn into a mass of smoke. Floating towards each other, floating on the body. Those sperm aspiration needles will have an effect, which makes people hard to prevent, and the end is a very vicious magic weapon.
However, Xing Xuan just used this gentle stick, which not only failed to turn the colorful star chain into smoke, but also smashed all the sperm aspiration needles in the middle with one stick, and this colorful hedgehog chain didn’t play a role at all.
"It’s raining all over the sky, go!" Hongyun hurriedly offered a magic weapon again, which was a peach blossom branch, as if it had just been broken off from the tree, and it was bright as if it was still stained with dew in the morning, so Hongchang quickly waved it in his hand.
Petals are all over the sky, and pink petals suddenly appear in the air like scattered flowers, spinning round and round. As the petals rotate, countless pink smog gathers from all directions, and in the blink of an eye, it covers the surrounding Fiona Fang for several kilometers, but there is no figure on the opposite side.
A deafening sound of surprises resounded through the heavens and the earth, and countless petals suddenly shot up at Xing Xuan.
Then every petal is a sharp weapon of true yuan condensation. If it touches the body, even if it has a magic weapon defense, it will never feel good.
"Ha ha, I said, I don’t like fancy magic weapons!" Xing Xuan ha ha smiled, and the red blood cane in his hand disappeared, turning into a green bone spear. The bone spear whirled around Xing Xuan, and the game time, petals and fog all disappeared silently, and the peach blossom branch also fell into Xing Xuan’s hands.
That Hongyun seems to have known this result for a long time. Just now, this weapon was offered to escape. As soon as he saw the formation of the peach blossom, he immediately teleported and fled, not even his own fire beast.
However, this guy has just emerged from the teleport point, and a star Xuan appeared in front of him, with crescent shovel in his hand and two stunning women standing next to him, while his brother, Hongchang, was suspended in mid-air, and his two fire and water double guns didn’t know where they were.
"I’ll run again!" Hongyun didn’t save his brother’s mind at all. Zhenyuan ran wildly and teleported out again, but he just came out at the teleport point. At present, a star Xuan appeared again, with a green bone spear in his left hand and a peach blossom branch in his right hand.
"Damn it!" Macro transport body really yuan operation, teleport out again, but this time has not come out from the teleport point, just a "scratching" voice rang on him, this boy felt a turmoil, and then, consciousness suddenly sank into the boundless darkness, never wake up.
It was Xing Xuan who released the shadowless worm and hit him at the moment when Hong Yun came out from the teleport point, instantly separating his consciousness in the body, and the good knowledge became an increase in Xing Xuan’s self-cultivation for the earth, while the evil knowledge instantly increased his own capability, which was destroyed by a fan of Xing Xuan, and captured the silly baby and soul, and put them into the five-yin-blood-sucking pocket to cultivate them.
"Ha ha, six thousand years of good knowledge, ha ha, it’s really a big supplement, which will enable me to increase my cultivation for one thousand years!" Xing Xuan ha ha burst out laughing.
The Qiongzhi pointed to Hongchang, who had just been knocked unconscious by Xing Xuan-crescent shovel, and said, "Well, we split up. I want to improve my cultivation. Sister Heiyue wants his Yuan Ying soul, refining and improving my skills!"
Is a little witch.
"Ha ha, I still have something to ask him!" Star Xuan ha ha a smile, yuan baby fit, green bone spear in his hand towards Hongchang head a finger, that Hongchang immediately wake up.
"Forgive me!" Hongchang finally realized that he was definitely no match for Xing Xuan. He was so scared that he broke into a cold sweat and bowed down to Xing Xuan.
"You haven’t answered the question I asked you just now. You’ve been sending people to follow us these days. Are you instructed by the boss of that Huanglong store?" Xing Xuan said coldly to Hongchang.
"No … no, it’s … I took a fancy to the beauty of the two young ladies. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Please give me a break. Everything on me can be given to you.
Including my water beast! "The HongChang pathetically said to the star xuan.
"Ha ha, but I just killed your brother. Don’t you hate me and won’t take revenge on me in the future?" Xing Xuan learned that this matter has nothing to do with the Monsieur beaucaire Cheng, and he felt relieved. "It seems that Monsieur beaucaire Cheng is also a person who can be handed over." He smiled and said to the Hongchang.
That Hongchang looked up. Sure enough, I saw the fire beast of Hongyun in the distance being settled by Xing Xuan, standing side by side with their own water beasts, and there was no figure of Hongyun on the two spirit beasts.
The Hongchang face suddenly showed a sense of grief and indignation. At this time, the Hongchang suddenly felt cold. Consciousness instantly sank into the eternal darkness.
Xing Xuan’s mind moved, and the shadowless worm spat out the great wisdom. Crossing into Qiongzhi’s body, and the soul of Hongchang’s Yuan baby. It was collected by Black Moon.
"Eight thousand years of good knowledge of immortals is nothing more than that, which has increased the cultivation for two hundred years!" Qiongzhi is somewhat dissatisfied.
"Do not enter the magic word, Qiongzhi! Killing these two people is also something we can’t think of. In the future, we can’t kill people and separate gods! However, if someone dares to provoke us, let’s just do it if we don’t do it. If we do it, we will kill them, and we can’t be soft! " At Qiongzhi, Xing Xuan said, this Qiongzhi, unlike Black Moon, has not been trained by the mind of the seven emotions valley, so it was that its mind is not strong and it is easy to swing from side to side. No wonder it just absorbed Hongchang’s good knowledge in the body, and it has only increased for two hundred years.
However, when I think of the quail star’s seven emotions magic array being destroyed by the mountain soldiers, Xing Xuan is full of anger, which is one of the reasons why he just promised to cooperate with Xingtian without hesitation.
That Qiongzhi was said by Xing Xuan, and her face turned red. Suddenly, I remembered that I had really lost myself following Xing Xuan these days. I should be alert in the future. Even if it is a fairy body, the karma will increase with time. This karma is not found in the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma pool, but it is scattered in every corner of the world. If it reaches a certain limit, it will still lead to doom, reduce my self-cultivation, and I don’t want to be smashed back by it again.
Xing Xuan saw that his words had played their due role, so he didn’t say much, and waved to the two spirits and beasts in the distance.
The two spirit beasts immediately untied the fetters, roared, one spit out a huge fireball, and the other spit out a cold water arrow, which generally smashed up toward Xing Xuan.
"What a beast! I really don’t know how little!" Black Moon let out a cry, and a colorful long banner suddenly appeared in his hand, which was a wave of his hand.
The two spirits let out a moan at once, and they were caught by the income demon without any resistance.
"By the way, Black Moon, I forgot to tell you a word. Nu Wa said, don’t use the power of attracting demons easily!" When Xing Xuan saw the black moon offering a demon banner, he immediately remembered the words of Nu Wa Empress. These days, because of the many things he encountered, Xing Xuan almost forgot about it.
"Why?" Black moon asked the star XuanDao inexplicably.
"I don’t know, but since Nu Wa Niangniang said so, she must have her reasons. Just listen to her for the time being before we have the foresight. I think Nu Wa Niangniang should not harm us!" Xing Xuan couldn’t figure out the real meaning of Nu Wa Empress’s words to herself, so she had to say this to Black Moon.
Black Moon nodded her head, but she listened to Xing Xuanyan’s words, shook the demon banners, and immediately released the two spirit beasts.
The released fire and water suddenly became ill-natured, bleating around the black moon like a lamb. The black moon smiled and pointed to Xing Xuan’s seamless clothes and said, "Two little darlings, go to Xing Xuan’s father!"
"Father Xing Xuan?" Xing Xuan couldn’t help smiling.
The fire and water understood the words of the black moon, each let out a cry and turned into a light, flying to the star Xuan seamless.
During the match time, a red fire and a pattern of blue water appeared on the seamless clothes.
Xing Xuan is overjoyed. Up to now, the cassock on her body is really a gourmet cassock, and the legendary purple ribbon fairy garment may not have its own body at this time.
Fire and water fly to Xing Xuan, and each feels a warmth. The power of chaotic Yin and Yang in Xing Xuan’s body is the origin of all forces, regardless of attributes. Under the nourishment of this power, the aura of fire and water increases rapidly, which is manifested in Xing Xuan’s clothes, that is, the patterns of fire and water are more and more bright.
"Well, let Xingtian be his inside man in Yunshui City. Let’s go to Yundang Mountain and complete the entrustment of Nuwa Empress!" Xing Xuan was happy in his heart and said to two women at this time.
Each of them promised, followed Xing Xuan and flew to the east, flying to the position of Yundang Mountain.
Xing Xuan smuggled the soaring passage to the west of the sky, while Yun Dang Mountain was in the easternmost part of the sky. The map that Xing Xuan got from the boy in Huanglong Store showed that it was hundreds of millions of kilometers from Yun Shuicheng to Yun Dang Mountain, and it had to go through the good city of Indra Tianzhu to get there. Therefore, Xing Xuan felt that the soaring passage was really not a place. If it was built at the foot of Yun Dang Mountain, it wouldn’t be necessary.
However, it is true that it is not lonely along the way with beautiful women. Besides, the relationship between the three people has been made clear now, and there is no psychological burden like before. Along the way, the three people are happy and carefree, which offsets the monotony and loneliness of this road.
The war in heaven didn’t show up on the road taken by Xing Xuan. Those ordinary practitioners in heaven didn’t seem to realize that the war was coming. They were still wandering leisurely in mid-air, visiting relatives and friends, comfortable and peaceful. However, occasional violent incidents would also occur. That was when some practitioners in heaven saw some strange immortals passing by in a desolate place, they suddenly got off the killer and did things to seize magic weapons and property.
Within three days, Xing Xuan and his three men encountered several such robberies. However, for these three-legged cat immortals, who have not been cultivated for more than a thousand years, Black Moon and Qiongzhi solved them without Xing Xuan’s hands. They separated gods, destroyed and refined Yuan Ying’s soul, which is exactly the purpose of Xing Xuan: others don’t mess with me, and I don’t take the initiative to mess with others. If someone wants to make their own ideas, you must regret it.
However, in the following time, instead of decreasing, there were more and more immortals with ulterior motives and short eyes. They looked at Xing Xuan’s thin figure and ordinary vestments, which were the most common and cheapest seamless clothes in heaven. What’s more, this "guy without strength" was accompanied by two stunning beauty fairies, which made those immortals very angry, so they took risks in succession, not only to rob Xing Xuan’s property, but also to rob them.

Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Huanglong fairy stack
However, they gradually show that it is not the thin man dressed in ordinary clothes, but the two beautiful fairies, a monty sword and a green ghost sword that kill all the looters who are not long-eyed, and after the gods are separated, they will be destroyed and doomed.


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