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At the same time, one thousand people appeared behind Chen Han, and the forces of both sides were exactly the same.

What is that?
Although the other thousand people are tall and mighty men, their weapons, the strength of their breath and the overall appearance are very different, and so is his side.
What shocked Chen Han most was that hundreds of men were wearing heavy armor, and even their faces and hands were covered with armor. They actually sat on a monster they had never seen before. Although he hasn’t seen it with his own eyes, he knows the name of this monster from the secret code of the witch family.
Shaped like a horse’s head with horns and scales, the whole body is dark as ink, and the speed of making a fire under the hoof and the fire condensing into smoke is simply incredible.
Mo Yan!
This is a mount cultivated by the witch family in ancient times. It is a witch beast in itself, and it can have the highest terrorist power comparable to the witch god. At the same time, it is also a witch beast that has a master-slave relationship with the witch family and can fight with the witch together, just like the dragon knight in the magic movie.
Having a powerful black Yan is the biggest dream of all Wu Wu, which is enough to triple the fighting capacity of Wu Wu!
What is a witch?
Hundreds of ink Yan war ride, there are five hundred infantry in armor, but in addition to the six hundred people, the remaining four hundred witches only wear light soft armor. Their bodies are not as tall and strong as the 600 people in front, and they have no sudden muscles, but their witchcraft is more pure and concise, which is the curse of witchcraft.
The title of Wu Wu corresponds to curse Wu, but fundamentally, there is no absolute difference between the two.
There are two ways to attack the witch family. One is that the witch power assists the powerful force, forming the most direct frontal attack and crushing the sky. This has to be divided from the development direction of the witch family since childhood. For example, some children on the earth follow the literature and some follow the martial arts. Although the essence of the witch family’s mentality is both strength and witchcraft, there is always a bias and expertise, right?
Witches who are good at frontal combat will put more energy into polishing meat with witchcraft, so that they have more powerful physical strength.
Another kind of witchcraft, they only use a very small part of witchcraft to polish their bodies, and spend more time studying witchcraft spells to make witchcraft more pure and concise as much as possible.
A powerful sorcerer is a sorcerer. It has the most powerful power, and witchcraft has become an auxiliary.
It is the sorcerer who studies the sorcerer’s spell and condenses the sorcerer’s power. Their greater advantage lies in launching the powerful sorcerer’s spell of individual or group with powerful sorcerer’s power. Wizards are good at fighting, especially after entering the celestial world from the original universe, in order to strive for survival opportunities in the orthodox celestial world, or to strive for hegemony in the celestial world to make the Wizards rise. In short, this race is more diligent than the immortal line, which makes it more and stronger.
Even, there are divisions of heavy riding, light riding and infantry among Wu witches, and there are also war spells, curses and divine spells that can only be launched by a large number of Wu witches.
At present, thousands of people are not so carefully divided, but they are also divided into four different arms.
If you don’t know the witchcraft and its secret laws very well, don’t say what to do next, even you don’t know those words at the beginning.
Start fighting after a wick of incense!
The last line of pale gray handwriting faded away, and the surrounding environment changed again. The vast tinker, the magnificent palace and the sea of lava disappeared one after another, and more than 2,000 people suddenly appeared in the boundless starry sky.
Both sides have the same number of people and comprehensive combat power, but there are obvious differences in arms, and the individual combat power of the same arms is also very different. In short, in the case of the same comprehensive combat power, it is necessary to take an examination of his understanding of the witch clan and the secret law of the witch clan. If people who don’t know how to command, there is mutual restraint between different arms, which is enough to lead to the complete destruction of his side during this period of time.
In the end, it will not only destroy the thousand people, but also Chen Han himself. He will never foolishly think that he can live in the hands of the strong wizard of the other side.
To put it bluntly, this is a game like chess. People who don’t know how to do it will undoubtedly lose. The difference is that winning or losing chess has nothing to do with life …
(There is another watch at 17 o’clock)
Chapter 652 Life and death game 2
Before all the troops on both sides die, the commander will not be attacked. After all, even if the people who enter here are descendants of the witch family, if the cultivation is too low, they can’t even bear the aftermath of the battle. Only in this way can the fairness of the game be guaranteed.
The preparation time of a wick incense led the leader of the other side of a thousand people to give orders as if they were real people, and the team of one thousand people quickly formed various formations.
"Mo Yan rode back as a striker and attacked the other side’s battle. Five hundred soldiers were flanked by two wings!"
"Once the other side’s battle is broken, the two-wing soldiers will take the opportunity to divide and destroy it!"
"The spell wizard is divided into four teams, and one team disturbs the enemy’s mind by launching a fast day spell."
"A team of flying stars who launched a quick attack broke the sun curse and attacked the other striker!"
"The last two teams launched a sacred sacrifice to call the magic mantra!"
The commander of the other side quickly issued all kinds of instructions, and changed to a general fairy to come here, let alone make a corresponding battle. How can he fight even if he can’t understand what he is saying?
Although the language of the Wu nationality here is somewhat different from that of the fix true world, some special words, Chen Han, can be heard clearly and roughly guess each other’s intentions.
The arms of the two sides are obviously different. The martial arts of the other side is a hundred mo Yan’s heavy ride, among which there are hundreds of wizard gods equivalent to the immortal statue, and the remaining 90 people are all mysterious wizards, which is equivalent to the cultivation of the immortal emperor. In addition, the 500 warriors have 10 sorcerers, 100 mysterious witches, and the rest are spiritual witches equivalent to the realm of the fairy king. The strength and classification of four sorcerers who are good at incantation are obviously different from his side, and they all have strengths and weaknesses.
In order to win this game, we must first understand the language of the witch family, then understand the various arms of the witch family, and most importantly, be extremely proficient in all kinds of secret laws of the witch family.
You don’t even know the name of the sorcerer’s spell, how can you use it to restrain the opponent’s attack?
To be sure, if other people in the celestial world were here, even the super-power core who knew something about the witch family would not be able to command perfectly. As the price of losing the game, after the death of thousands of people assigned by the parties, they will be crushed into dust by the other people’s troops in an instant. Even if one emperor is difficult to fight against the other thousand people, after all, there are dozens of witch gods among the thousand people, and all of them are uniformly late witch gods. The equipment is even more comparable to the magic of HarmonyOS, and even the witch of the Hallows level.
Chen cold glanced at his > > arms, wuwu conventional soldiers three hundred, two hundred less than the other soldiers, the other three hundred people are all sitting on Mokumon Qingqi.
The number of cavalry is three times that of the other side, but under the same order, two light riders can fight against a heavy rider.
By the same token, the extra 100 Qingqi soldiers are enough to make up for the shortage of conventional soldiers, and the comprehensive combat power of both sides is exactly the same.
Among the 400 sorcerers of the other side, all are magical sorcerers who are good at large-scale group sorcery.
The advantage of the spell is that it is powerful, but it has the defect of relatively slow launch speed. Only half of the 400 spell witches on our side are spell witches, and the remaining half are war spell witches and curse witches who are carefully researched for individual combat. How can we crack the overall layout of each other?
The attack power of Mo Yan’s heavy riding is extremely strong. With heavy riding as the striker, the soldiers flank and attack separately, and the sorcery is launched in three ways.
The faster the sorcery spell is launched, the less powerful it is. The function of the heavenly spell is to affect the mind, leading to fantasy and affecting judgment and combat effectiveness. The curse of flying stars and broken sun belongs to the direct attack witch curse, and its power is moderate and its launch speed is a little slow. Finally, it is called the primitive monty class by the half-curse witch, and its power is the most amazing. This kind of battle really brings the battle of the thousand-man team to the limit, and the fast, medium and slow three time ladders are perfectly matched with the strong and weak attack methods.
Mo Yan’s heavy riding and the curse of heaven are the fastest, one for the storm and the other for the disturbance, so we must first find a way to crack the attacks of these two teams.
Personal combat power?
In this game, unless the subordinate death ray commander will not be attacked, the commander himself cannot participate in the attack.
Therefore, Chen Han can’t join the battle, and his little personal strength doesn’t have any effect at all in this level of battle. What he can do is to target the enemy’s platoon and disposal, break the other party’s flawless attack mode and win the game.
To put it bluntly, everything is to prove the identity of the seeker, and it is almost impossible to win without the descendants of the family.
In fact, this is not a fair game. The people who built the ruins are afraid to find the descendants here. Because of some lack of ability, they died. After all, it is not easy to find this place.
Therefore, as the opponent of the game, the formation has long been said, and if it is a descendant of the Wu nationality, it will definitely make corresponding strategies. On the other hand, if you don’t know all aspects of the witch family very well, even if you tell the formation because you don’t know the language, arms and spells of the witch family, it is still the result of ten deaths and no life.
The other party said it doesn’t mean that Chen Han also wants to say it, or that the other party didn’t intend to change the array at all. He deliberately used the voice to command thousands of Wu masters in Wu language.
"Three hundred soldiers confronted Mo Yan head-on, and the four hundred sorcerers were divided into four teams. One team released the Mu Ling spell to bless itself and dispel the effect of the heavenly spell."
"The second team displayed the quartet as a fairyland, trying to trap the other side’s heavy ride and 500 soldiers. The third team launched the ghost ghost technique, summoned the ghost to fight against the heavy ride, and the fourth team used the poison spell to attack the heavy ride."
"In the end, the 300 Qingqi went all out to take the other side’s curse witch, so it must be effectively killed in the shortest time, completely disrupting the sacred sacrifice and calling for the release of the magic mantra."
It has long been the true story of the twelve most powerful clans of the witch family. Tragically, it is impossible to cultivate the secret laws of the witch family, and at most, it will cast a few kinds of witchcraft with little power and can be launched without witchcraft. However, when it comes to the understanding of the Wu clan’s arms, secret methods and sorcery spells, his kung fu on paper is absolutely strong. As a commander, it is not easy for both sides to have the same comprehensive combat power and know each other’s positions.
Boo …
A wick sweet time came to an end, and the optical film separated between the two armies was broken. At that moment of ten thousandths of a second, the fastest attack on the strongest hundred ink Yan, carrying hundreds of people wearing heavy armor and holding Zhan Ji, was surprisingly powerful, and rolled up a black storm.
They not only have amazing attack power, but also the fastest speed. They crossed thousands of miles in front of them in a blink of an eye, and the vanity behind them was completely fragmented in the impact.
The aftermath of the ripples in circles stirred up from where they had passed, and even a few planets far away could not help shivering a few times.
The aftermath of the impact is already like this, which shows its speed and strong combat power!
At this moment, Chen Han was greeted by three soldiers, and there was an amazing gap between the two sides in terms of average individual combat power and comprehensive combat power. It can be said that the hundreds of Mo Yan’s heavy riding on a shock can make 300 conventional soldiers killed or injured by 80%, and there is no comparability between the two sides.
On the other hand, 100 sorcerers of the other side joined hands to launch the heavenly spell. Although it is a large-scale covering sorcerer’s spell, the power of the sorcerer’s spell is different, and even the time required for the group to launch it is different. The speed of the curse of Heaven is extremely fast, even no less than the speed of the small-power single witch curse. Just after the heavy ride, the curse of Heaven arrived, and I saw a blue-black light scattered, which was not able to resist the immediate effect.
Five hundred soldiers came from two wings, and the curse of flying stars and broken sun began to sing. The most powerful sacrifice called magic mantra also entered the initial stage of release.


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