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When Qi Xiaer saw Yi Yu’s embarrassment, he quickly said, "Yes! Yes! This man has the thickest skin … Why do you look at me like that? Tell you I’m not afraid of you! " Xiaer just said to see Yi Yu glare in the middle, but now she is outnumbered.

Not afraid of Yi Yu molesting her.
Yi Yu wry smile a track: "no dirt! You may know the origin of this ancient god dove? These spiritual birds of Shenjun should not be wild. I wonder which one is in captivity? I don’t know the cause and effect, but it’s hard to decide how to deal with it. "
Shen Wuwei said, "Speaking of it, if this god dove was put in ancient times, although the population was rare, it was definitely not precious. However, this kind of poultry is extremely fierce, and the ancient ancestors used it as a war. The poultry suffered heavy casualties in previous wars and almost became extinct. As far as I know, the ancient god doves in stock in the world today are probably just three or two heads. However, compared with this end, it is much inferior in both coat color and body shape. If my guess is correct, this ancient god dove is probably the queen of the father and son of Wuhua Cave in Baiyangshan! "
Yi Yu’s father and son are Wang Dawu, a native of Dongyi in ancient times. He has naturally heard of it, but this is the first time he has heard of it. Yi Yu said, "How did the spirit birds of ancient ancestors come to us? Besides, the Fahrenheit-free father and son have probably been dead for thousands of years. “
"The mystery of this is that not many people in the whole field know about it. At that time, the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou fought for the heroes in the world and joined them. This non-Fahrenheit father and son are the monarchs of the villagers in Dongyi, and it is normal that Rong Dun, the son of non-Fahrenheit, is as fierce and violent as a god. His friendship with the Chiyou brothers naturally belongs to the Chiyou camp. "
Yi Yu nodded and said, "I think the father and son, Chiyou, won’t get any good results after their defeat."
"Then Chiyou was defeated," Shen said with a smile. There were no sons and daughters without Fahrenheit, and neither the Yellow Emperor nor the two of them were executed. It’s just that this Fahrenheit-free father and son have a fierce nature and a strong temper, and they have died suddenly in a few years. After the new monarch ascended the throne, he built a mausoleum in Baiyangshan. Because the earth pulse is excellent for a long time, the father and son actually gather the earth gas. Became a zombie entrenched around Baiyang Mountain. Although it didn’t come out to be mostly evil, the father and son were perverse, but outsiders were not allowed to enter their territory. Therefore, few people in the repair world knew that there was no corpse cave in Baiyang Mountain. "
Yi Yu suspected: "Since this ghost bird is the love bird of this zombie father and son, I don’t know why it came here and it seems to be seriously injured."
"Yes," Shen said. The ancient tomb of Baiyangshan is not close to the East China Sea. I wonder why this big bird escaped here? And if the ancient dove had not been seriously injured, even if we joined forces. It will never be caught so easily. "
Yi Yu couldn’t understand why the ancient god dove appeared here even when he heard Shen Wusu. Simply don’t delve into it: "You don’t know what’s the use of catching this big bird?"
Shen Wuji smiled slightly: "What use can it have? Naturally, it takes your feet to get one! It is rumored that this ancient god dove is extremely cultivated to the extreme and can even cut through space, and can soar above the nine celestial realms just by virtue of her degree. "
Yi Yu was slightly surprised: "There is such a rumor! But it is. If this big bird doesn’t have some skills, I’m afraid it can’t break through the field and run into the’ pure land of bliss’. "
Shen Wuwei smiled with a smile: "This is natural. Can there be any difference in what I like?"
Before Shen Wuwei’s voice fell, she heard Yin Sutang say with a smile: "Sister is naturally discerning and never misses, except this smelly brother-in-law!"
Shen Wuwei blushed and said, "Damn girl, please fight!"
As soon as Yin Su-tang saw Shen Wu’s annoyance, he was prepared to flicker and disappeared without a trace. Yi Yu had to catch her when she saw that there was no dirt. She pulled her and said with a smile, "If you can run away, the monk can’t run away. Where else can that girl go? It’s not urgent to catch her. Let’s see what to do with this ancient god dove first. Lest big sleep. "
Innocent nodded and said, "Although this ancient god dove is an ancient spiritual bird, I’m afraid it has been thousands of years, if not ten thousand years!" It is reasonable to say that you should have been transformed into a member of the body to achieve a career. It’s just that this bird of prey is fierce and fierce, and its aura is too strong and there is no guidance. Although it has long been familiar with human nature, it is pitiful that it still wears this feather. "
JiXia son nodded and said, "Yes! If ordinary people have lived for thousands of years, I am afraid that they have already achieved the cause of the fairy. So it seems that this ancient god dove is really pitiful. I only hope that this time it can set foot on the road in every cloud has a silver lining. "
Yi Yu looked at Shen Wusu and Qi Xiaer, who were all sympathetic, and said with a smile, "Why didn’t I know when you two big witches turned into merciful and kind Guanyin bodhisattvas?"
Qi Xia ‘er immediately punched Yi Yu angrily, saying, "You heartless thing! Sister Innocent and I are still thinking of you! If we can soothe this spiritual bird and put it in the pure land of bliss, it will definitely be a great battle force. Don’t look at how easily we subdue it today. If there is no injury on the ancient god dove, it will be spotless, and she will definitely be able to deal with it for half a day. "
Shen Wuguang nodded and said, "Sister Xia’s words are true. Although the ancient god dove failed to study in the immortal family, she did not succeed."
It’s not small. Moreover, in the past, it has always been said that this ancient god dove clan mastered the ability of the world. If you practice to the extreme, you can move at will and reach thousands of miles in an instant without any effort, which is faster than your Qingcheng School’s thunderbolt shock and light escape method! "
Yi Yu was slightly surprised and said, "It’s faster than a thunderbolt! What a change of attitude!" Yi Yuli immediately became interested when he thought of this: "In this case, we need to hurry. I’m afraid this ancient god dove won’t give up easily because of its advantages, and there will be a quarrel when it comes to the door. "
Shen Wugui nodded and said, "For today’s sake, it’s better to help this spiritual bird refine its transverse bones until it can spit out people’s words and find out the ins and outs."
Yi Yudao: "It’s so good!" After that, offer a sacrifice to the old woman. Roll up the ancient god dove lying on the ground and bring it back to the room to study it slowly.
In fact, at this time, the ancient god dove had already woken up. Although the blow of Yin Su-tang was quite powerful just now, the ancient god dove was not confused by paper for a while, and now it has eased. It’s just that this big bird is not stupid, and it knows the situation now. It’s better to keep silent for the sake of fish. Moreover, at this time, the ancient god dove was newly wounded. Coupled with the strange poison in your body, you can’t escape, but you can escape, but you just jump out of one dead end and then jump into another. And just now, when the ancient god dove heard that Innocent wanted to subdue it, she also had some idea in her heart that there was no danger to her life for the time being. I have made up my mind. Take this opportunity to heal quickly. It’s not hard to run until you get back to your physique.
How did this ancient god dove get to the East China Sea? Drill into the’ pure land of bliss’ but explain it clearly. Shen Wuwei guessed right that the old god dove belonged to the father and son of Baiyangshan. It’s just that the father and son without Fahrenheit have been dead for many years, but they suffered a big loss of being violent and ostentatious before their death. At this time, it is already much more careful.
And although this father and son are zombies, they are first-class figures in ancient times and have nothing to do with decent people in the contemporary world, and they are not out of Baiyangshan. Therefore, it has been peaceful for thousands of years. Just as the saying goes! Not afraid of no good things, but afraid of no good people. If there is no Fahrenheit, the father and son will not meet good people.
It is said that there is an ancient demon named Qiong Qi hundreds of miles next door to the father and son without Fahrenheit. The two families are not far apart. They are enemies, but there is nothing anyone can do. One after another, they have become friends. It’s just that this Qiong Qi doesn’t go out from time to time to make friends with all kinds of evil spirits and heresies like father and son without Fahrenheit. Moreover, this fellow is cynical and persecutes the world by relying on magic, which has long been known to the monks in the world. It’s just that Qiong Qi’s mana is high and cunning, and he has not been able to overcome it so far.
I don’t know where this Qiong Qi learned that there are two treasures hidden under the mausoleum of Emperor Xuanyuan, the land of the Central Plains, called’ Heaven Mirror’; One is called’ Jiu Ning Ding’. At that time, the Yellow Emperor of Xuanyuan relied on these two treasures to overwhelm Chiyou, expel Dongyi and win the hegemony of the Central Plains.
Just the mausoleum of Emperor Xuanyuan Shengdi, does it mean that you can enter the ground when you enter? Inside, the mystery is everywhere, and Qiong Qi went in several times without success. Can’t under Qiong Qi had to invite no Fahrenheit father and son. The father and son without Fahrenheit originally didn’t want to leave Baiyang Mountain to cause trouble for no reason, but the sound of it was not only valuable, but also harmful to Xuanyuan Huangdi. Finally, the father and son couldn’t resist the urge to go to Xuanyuan Shengling to get the treasure together.
It’s also time for these two treasures to be born, although they are extremely thrilling, but the three of them finally put this science mirror and Jiu Ning Ding in their pockets. It’s just that Qiong Qi’s greed of mind didn’t want to share these two treasures with others, but the situation forced him to share them with his father and son without Fahrenheit. Now, when Qiong Qi saw the magic weapon coming out, he was greedy and just wanted to take it for himself, so he took advantage of the fact that the father and son without Fahrenheit were destroying the relatives of the Huangdi Mausoleum to sneak up on them.
Although the father and son without Fahrenheit are good at magic, they are still three points worse than Qiong Qi’s. In the past, when they met the enemy, the father and son worked together and were not afraid of him. But now, Qiong Qi’s sudden hit of a killer will wipe out Rongdun. No Fahrenheit saw his son’s death, and his mind was in a state of confusion and anger, which made him dizzy. Although freaky and fierce, he could not help Qiong Qi’s. Over time, Qiong Qi seized the loophole and destroyed Yuan Ling and died.
Alas, there is no Fahrenheit, the father and son, who have been humanized for thousands of years, finally can’t get away from the end of life and death. At this time, the ancient god Dove, who was far away in Baiyangshan, suddenly felt a twinge of heartache. It had already been connected with the master and servant who had known each other for thousands of years without Fahrenheit. The ancient god dove immediately knew that the late Lord was dead and heartbroken.
The ancient God Dove went to seek revenge from Qiong Qi’s family without her old wound healing. Just when it was in its heyday, it may not be Qiong Qi’s opponent, not to mention the fact that it is now injured and can’t wield six layers of strength. Before the war, it was already lost. If you want to know the funeral, please see the next time "The Ancient Gods Dove".

Back to the two hundred and twenty-ninth ancient god dove
In 2008, the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou fought for the hegemony of the Central Plains, and the ancient god dove was seriously injured by the emperor. Although trauma is easy to heal, it is difficult to eliminate the poison of bone decay caused by the essence of ethyl wood. It is because the ancient god dove is not weak in mana, and the body has strong anti-poison ability. After thousands of years, it has not been able to excrete toxins from the body, and it can only fall into a half-dead situation.
This time, the ancient god dove attacked and killed Qiong Qi’s family in a rage, trying to avenge the old Lord, but Qiong Qi’s family was well-connected, and was it that a half-disabled ancient god dove could surpass it! Although the ancient god dove fought to the death, she finally lost to new injuries. Fortunately, the ancient god dove fled to the East China Sea after being seriously injured.
It’s just that Qiong Qi’s family is even more vicious, and it’s determined to exterminate the grass and chase after him, fearing that he will win the second treasure of Xuanyuan. Word got out that the monks of good and evil all over the world had a peek. Although the ancient god dove was born extremely fast, she was finally seriously injured and would be exhausted, but there was a space fault not far ahead.
The ancient god, the dove, was born as a heterogeneous spirit bird in ancient times, and had the special ability to shuttle through space. At this time, the ancient god dove bumped into it as soon as she saw a space crack, and then she stumbled into the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ by mistake. Although it looks strange, it’s not surprising if you think about it carefully.
The ancient god dove has the ability to pass through a tiny space crack, and it is a kind of spiritual bird with a keen eye and ears. Imagine that Fiona Fang is within the perception of the ancient god dove for thousands of miles, and it is not surprising that it can now rush into the’ pure land of bliss’.
It is said that Yi Yu took the ancient god dove to a partial temple and released it, but the big bird with golden feathers lay motionless on the ground and pretended to be dead. Yi Yu looked at it a few times and smiled: "It won’t be that Su Tang’s hammer just now was too strong to kill this big bird, will it?" I don’t know how it would taste if we had an ancient turtle hot pot at night. "
Before Yi Yu finished, the ancient god dove, who was still stiff and dead, immediately opened her eyes and stared at Yi Yu angrily. It was not too hard to move her body. Tell everyone it’s not dead. Actually, Yi Yu knew it wasn’t dead, just trying to tease this beautiful big bird.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "What? Are you still alive? It seems that this hot pot tonight is ruined or you … "
Where did the ancient god dove receive such a joke? When she turned her head, she would peck at Yi Yu. It’s just that this turn just happened to see Shen Wusu and JiXia son. Think again about the horror of being chased around just now and immediately put out the arrogance. Also dismissed the idea of being brave.
Shen Wuji looked at the well-behaved ancient god dove and said with a smile, "Now I’m going to refine your bones. It hurts a little. Don’t be afraid of anything. We’ll talk about it later." Say "no dirt" hand a turn pop up a little silver-gray flame. Blink of an eye has jumped into the body of the ancient god dove.
The ancient god dove only felt that a burst of energy suddenly poured into her body, even more dangerous than the poison that had been lurking for thousands of years and was still difficult to tame. The ancient god dove thought to herself, "This little girl is so powerful! Probably better than that Qiong Qi’s. So she just went easy on me. If she can help me. I will be able to avenge the master and the young master! "
How terrible the thunder and fire are, but in a moment, the ancient god dove felt a pain in her throat and couldn’t help sounding strangely. Shen Wuji smiled and said, "It’s done!" Although the transverse bone has been lost. But at that time, the ancient god dove could only call’ ahhh’ but could not speak.
Yi Yu was the first time to see a heterogeneous elf refining her bones. "Why can’t it talk without dirt?" ? It’s not that aliens only need to refine their bones. You can spit people out? Why can this big bird only croak? Is it a mute in the goblin? "
Shen Wusu was speechless and was about to explain to Yi Yu when he heard a clear voice: "Bah! You are the mute! Try removing a part from your throat to see if you are comfortable! "
Yi Yu smiled slightly and said, "I didn’t expect this big bird to look silly and thick, but its voice is really nice!" "
This time, the ancient god dove quit, stood up and bumped into Yi Yu, shouting, "Where am I stupid?" How dare you? I slander me. Today, my mother hates you for fighting! " It’s just that its voice is crisp and sweet, but it doesn’t recognize the half-baked and mature taste of’ Lao Niang’.
Although my heart was extremely angry, the ancient god dove was so badly injured that she coughed up one mouthful blood as soon as she got up and moved. With a clear sound, the big bird can’t move any more. It can only turn its eyelids and stare at Yi Yu savagely, hoping to swallow him in one gulp.
Yi Yu is naturally not afraid that it will slowly approach the ancient god dove and gently caress the fine fluff on its head. Although I really want to drive away the annoying Yi Yu, the ancient god dove has no strength at this time. Yi Yu smiled and said, "Who are you? Why did you come to my house? "
The ancient god dove simply ignored Yi Yu and only responded with a snort of cold.
Yi Yu is not angry and smiles: "If you answer my question, maybe I can help you!" "
"Hum! You don’t look like a good man at first sight. I won’t tell you … "Although I can’t move any more, the ancient god dove is a dead duck with a hard mouth. And the surrounding daughters couldn’t help laughing when they heard the evaluation of Yi Yu by the ancient god dove.
Yi Yu turned black and sneered: "What are you talking nonsense, you flat-haired beast? ! Be careful that I really turn you into a hot pot! "
"Hum!" The ancient god dove snorted again, and looked at Yi Yu with contempt with the generous attitude of a revolutionary martyr.
Yi Yu couldn’t help laughing at the lovely appearance of this beautiful big bird: "Oh? Since you say that I am a bad person and don’t talk to me, who do you want to talk to? "
"Anyone but you!"
Shen Wuji smiled and said, "What a suck! Who let my husband keep saying that he wants to eat others? Let me ask. " With that, Shen Wuji went to the side of the ancient god dove and gently stroked the tiny fluff on its forehead. The ancient god dove immediately turned pale and looked at Shen Innocent’s eyes filled with fear.
"Shen Wuwei smiled and said," Are you scared? I can’t believe that the story told by my mother when I was a child is true. This pile of fluff on the forehead of your ancient god dove is really important to you. Now I ask you to answer, don’t let me down! " Said the "no scale" and tightened the golden fluff that she caught in her hand.
Don’t mention the regret in the heart of the ancient god dove. Only then does it show that this sweet-looking woman with high strength is much more terrible than that fool who loves hot pot. But it’s too late to say anything now, and the pigtail dove can only submit.
Shen Wuji said, "Are you the ancient god dove without Fahrenheit?"
The ancient god dove gave a slight sigh. Then he nodded and said, "How do you know? “
Shen Wuji thought to himself, "How can I guess the land?" It’s just that she smiled unfathomably on the surface: "How do I know? You don’t have to worry about it. No Fahrenheit is dead? "


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