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But Yang Muyu slightly leng leng this woman-he can’t see her specific age at a glance. On the surface, it seems to be around seventeen or eighteen, but those eyes in the dark hide vicissitudes and coldness for thousands of years.

She was laughing, but Yang Muyu couldn’t see the slightest smile in her eyes.
"This young lady is absolutely right!" Yang Tie said faintly, "But you can ask the fairy road on the nine products."
"How ethereal the fairy path is …" The woman in white sighed.
"Don’t you miss it?" Yang Tie suddenly unfathomable laughed.
"What about you?" White woman light asked "but. Even if you prove the fairy path, you may not be able to hold your son and prove the fairy path. How can you ensure that he will not die? " Speaking of which, she actually whispered like a soliloquy. "Do fighters in the mountains and seas seem worthless …"
Yang Muyu stayed. What does this mean? maybe. In front of this white woman actually saw Yang Tie’s martial arts training? When even the ghost servant couldn’t see it, she could see it at a glance? Thinking that he not only looked at Yang Tie, Yang Tie laughed, "I was wondering the same question …"
Yang Tie paused and sneered: "Or is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon really the best in Tianyi Gate?"
"I’m not from Tianyimen." The woman in white smiled faintly. "I want to come to you."
"Of course!" Yang Muyu nodded his head and felt even more puzzled when he heard Yang Tie’s tone in front of him. Is this white woman actually a martial artist on the Do and a practitioner on the Do worthless?
What’s more, the woman in white in front of her looks at most, but at the age of seventeen or eighteen, how can she have the nine-product cultivation? Is it also the same as that eleven Niang who uses the change of meridians and drug promotion to cultivate spiritual strength?
"I’m here to study to relieve boredom!" The woman in white laughed. "My name is Xue Rao. What about you?"
"Next Yang Muyu!" Yang Muyu is busy laughing. It’s really a big joke for martial artists on the Do to study in Tianyi College to relieve boredom.
"It turned out to be Yang Gongzi!" Xue Rao smiled indifferently and suddenly grabbed Yang Muyu’s hand and pulled him forward. Yang Muyu’s face was flushed and suddenly pulled by a beautiful young girl of the opposite sex. It was really unaccustomed to him.
"Come on … let’s bet!" Xue Rao pulled Yang Muyu into the crowd again and laughed. "Let’s guess how this man died?"
Yang Muyu suddenly smiled and asked, "What are you betting on?"
Yang Tie just smiled and didn’t stop anything, even a little happy about it. After all, Yang Muyu is now fifteen years old and has reached the age of sending flowers to Miss Beauty. According to his status, there should be a girl who sleeps at home.
But the last time Mo Qing and he talked about it, only a wry smile of Yang Muyu seemed to have no interest in women. Yang Tie is vaguely aware that in fact, his father’s vision is too high. How can he get into the eyes of the 6-year-old ordinary woman who has a crush on Tianyimen?
I wonder which slave girl he carefully selected for him in Crescent Bay was not beautiful? But he hardly even looked at it …
6 Jinghong is really stunning in the world, not to say that it is unique, but it is not lucky to find out that the appearance can compete with it. Today, he met a girl in red in a book shop, which is also a rare beauty, but it happened that the relatives of Mohism could not make do with it.
But in front of this is good, but Yang Tieyou is faint and careful. This woman’s cultivation is not shallow, and it is also a martial artist on the Do, but she is studying in Tianyi College, maybe she has other plans. Or is she from Tianyimen?
"Well … what to bet on?" Xue Rao propped her head on a snow-white finger and thought for a moment. "How about this? If you win, I’ll treat you to dinner tomorrow, and vice versa?"
There is such a cheap thing in the world that no matter whether you win or lose, you have the opportunity to have dinner with beautiful women. Yang Muyu naturally won’t give up and say with smile: "Done!"
"I made the bet first, so you said it first." Xue Rao laughed. "How do you think this man died?"
Yang Muyu stared at the body for a long time. This man never ran to bite the tongue among gardenia flowers by himself, so it hardly goes to say that this man was definitely a homicide.
"Should be killed by someone?" Yang Muyu touched his nose and wry smile way can’t touch the body nature can only guess casually.
"I said, don’t you cheat like this?" Xue Rao stared at a pair of cheng eyes, wrinkled her beautiful crescent eyebrows and whispered with a smile, "Everyone knows that he killed this man naturally. Could it be that he committed suicide by running among the flowers?"
"Then how do you guess to count?" The more Yang Muyu feels that the snow-covered girls in front of him are interesting.
"Well, at least you can guess the cause of death-he was stabbed to death with a knife, or you can guess that he was poisoned with poison or dragged here to hide after being assassinated …"
"He died of poisoning." Yang Muyu smiled faintly. "The poison in it is called Diexiang."
"Diexiang?" Xue Rao puzzled asked, "How come I’ve never heard of it? And how do you know that he died of poisoning? "
"Miss Xue Rao, please take a look at this body. It is reasonable to say that we are standing nearby and have been smoked to death by the stench of the body, right?" Yang Muyu smiled indifferently, but his heart felt more strange and fragrant … It was not a poison, but a mixture of dozens of highly toxic substances, colorless and tasteless. If a person eats a wick by mistake, his heart will stop and his death is almost incurable.
However, the biggest function of this fragrant incense is not to kill people and be invisible. After all, the configuration of fragrant incense is not easy, and the medicinal materials needed are even harder to find.
The biggest effect of Diexiang is that after people died of Diexiang, the body began to rot, and Diexiang began to further play a role in completely neutralizing ptomaine and eliminating the rotten smell of the body.
Yang Muyu just wondered why this body was hidden in gardenia bushes for so many days, and the only certainty he wanted to think about it was Diexiang.
In fact, he also wondered why Xue Rao, a complete stranger, showed interest in him and even took the initiative to hold his hand to show his closeness. He didn’t think that his long jade tree could attract girls’ attention.
But when he said the word "Diexiang", Xue Rao didn’t show anything at all, only slightly surprised and didn’t understand how Yang Muyu knew this.
"Right?" Xue Rao suddenly clapped his hands and cried, "I said how I felt something was wrong just now. This body is rotten to this virtue. How can it have no smell after hearing what you said? I understand. Yang Gongzi, it seems that you are also a master of poison? "
"Know a little!" Two people talk very low next to nature is inaudible, in fact, the snow Rao also got a little sonic isolation.
"Yang Gongzi!" Xue Rao fell in his ear and whispered, "You didn’t kill this man, did you?"
Yang Muyu smiled indifferently. "If I kill people with poison, he won’t even have a bone left. Will he leave the body to rot and destroy the environment?" He’s telling the truth. He’s going to kill people with poison. He’s definitely destroying the body and leaving it behind.
"Ha ha ha ha ….." Xue Rao suddenly laughed and pointed to Yang Muyu with a clear voice. "You are so interesting."

Chapter 17 I want to chase you
Yang Muyu said with a wry smile, "What’s interesting about me?"
Xue Rao just looked at Yang Muyu sipping her mouth and smiling, but she didn’t talk. When Yang Muyu saw that her pretty face was bright and smiling, a deep dimple appeared on her left face, which was really cute. She smiled and said, "Are you holding me for fun?"
Xue Rao smiled and said, "I didn’t amuse you there, but you are really funny." Said she also you’re welcome in Yang Muyu pinched a face.
"shameless!" Suddenly there was a sneer at Yang Muyu’s back, and both Yang Muyu and Xue Rao were foolish at the same time, and then they looked back, only to see that the girl in red who met this evening didn’t know when she came. Now her little face with a pretty face seems to be very angry, but that shameless sentence was said by the old woman who waited on her.
"The old woman, who are you calling shameless?" Talking is a girl about the size of the snow Rao, dressed in a blue short skirt with two long legs exposed, and her appearance is very charming. It’s just that the corner of her eye is a bit cold, and it’s hard to get close to her. Standing next to her, a young man in a pale yellow robe smells words and stares at the old woman mercilessly. It seems that a word of discord is about to go to war.
Yang Muyu secretly said, "It wasn’t about me." So I turned around with Xuerao and laughed with Xuerao for fun. Unexpectedly, Xuerao whispered, "Is that girl in red your lover?"
"I don’t know her at all." Yang Muyu wry smile heart andao. "How do you say this?"
"well. In that case, can I chase you? " Snow Rao fu chuckled in his ear.
Yang Muyu was ticklish and was busy avoiding it. Laughed: "Miss Xue Rao is joking?" A beautiful girl like her is naturally a suitor in Tianyi College. His feeling is that there have been many teenagers projecting their eyes to envy and envy with no intention.
"Well, I’m serious!" Xue Rao gently smiled and whispered, "If you have no antipathy to me, then it’s a date. When will you be free tomorrow? I invite you to dinner? "
"I’ll treat you tonight!" Yang Muyu chuckled. Although he has never been a womanizer, it would be a great pleasure to have such a beautiful girl to accompany him during his school days.
"Well, it’s a date. I’ll come to visit you tomorrow … hee hee, I’m not here to study. I am here to play. " Snow Rao satisfiedly smiled.
"Same!" Yang Muyu chuckled, "Me too. What is there to read in this book?"
"Exactly …" Xue Rao continued to lie in his ear with a smile. "We turned out to be lovers now … well. Someone from Tianyi College has come. It’s really slow enough. " As she spoke, she half narrowed her eyes and stared at the winners who flew in the night sky.
People are actually 6 Jinghong and Hu Zhengming. There are several other people that Yang Muyu has never met, all of whom are responsible for college affairs at Tianyimen.
Because everyone is flying from the royal wind, the beautiful and unique appearance naturally caused a great stir among many young frivolous people.
Yang Muyu originally wanted to push aside the snow around her, but on second thought, she suddenly changed her mind and put her arm around her slender waist gently.
Snow Rao let him hug yourself, it seems, are still very enjoy.
"Let’s make room." Hu Zhengming shouted loudly.
All the students were busy retreating when they heard the news. Because both Xue Rao and Yang Muyu were in front of them, Xue Rao’s body shook with Yang Muyu’s lightness, and the skill of wind protection was at its peak. Yang Tie, who followed Yang Muyu, once again stayed here in the snow … Who is this person? She’s a paper tiger, just like the eleven Niang she met in Jinsha Bay. She’s a real do Shangdi repair fighter, not only a spiritual force, but also a realm.
Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible for her to be so easy with Yang Muyu, who has just stepped into the four products.
Three people in Tianyimen took out deerskin gloves and put the body in a special bag. After all this, they nodded at 6 Jinghong and Hu Zhengming and said, "Mr. Hu is ready."
Hu Zhengming pinched the goatee and nodded, "Very good." Said and gas to many students, "students please go home, winner college students only wait for the murder case is really a great misfortune, and then Hu Zhengming is winner college fencing, which we winner college will definitely find out and never let the murderer get away with it." In addition, please think carefully about what friends and servants have disappeared recently? "
All smell speech is shook his head Yang Muyu naturally understand that he is so ask method, of course, is to want to find out the identity of the dead first.
Now that the dead are rotting and fuzzy, where can you tell?


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