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"Thank you, my Lord!" Li was excited to accept the token.

"Ha ha! I also want to thank Li Cunchang for this coat! Then I will leave. " Han Sheng leave away.
Li She looked at the token in her hand.
Special Order: The prefect of Nanjun County was overwhelmed by a mysterious force that attacked the surrounding villages. Finally, he followed Jun Cheng’s suggestion and made 20 such tokens and distributed them to 20 villages. Effect: Villages can use this order to build barracks and recruit soldiers.
"Ha ha ha! Am I handsome? " Li said to Zhou Xiang, who laughed.
Zhou didn’t want to speak, but really didn’t want to tell the truth against Li She. Because Li She lowered her appearance by 50% when she entered the game, now Li She is absolutely irrelevant to handsome, so she can only say that she is still looking at the past.
Originally, the village was not allowed to form an army. At most, it was to engage in some township courage or something. Like Xujiacun, where Xu Chu was a tiger idiot, Xu Chu beat back the Yellow Scarf Army’s aggression against Xujiacun with township courage. If Xu Chu led the army, the Yellow Scarf Army would have been killed long ago.
Li She can form an army now, so it’s no wonder that Li She is so happy.
Zhou Xiang counted the things sent by the satrap and said to Li She, "Village head, there are 120 gold, 1,000 pieces of cloth and silk, and 100 loads of grain."
"You don’t have to worry about it now." Li She said with confidence that Li She was afraid of deducting some of the above, which may be a reward from the system. These talents will instinctively not deduct some!
Among them, Li is most concerned about food, because the biggest problem in Tianmen Village now is eating. Now it is good to have a hundred loads of food. One load is about 60 Jin when converted into the present kilogram, so a hundred loads is about 6,000 Jin. It will be better if the rice is ripe after March.
There is another problem that Li She is worried about, that is, the January protection period of Novice Village seems to be coming, and there should be about ten days. I wonder what dangers will be encountered then.
Chapter 19 Survival test
As the saying goes, the soldiers will block the water and cover up the soil. In order to cope with the danger in the future, after Tianmen Village became an intermediate village, its first task was to establish a barracks.
Barracks: places where soldiers who protect their homes train and rest; Effect: it can change jobs for the people and become a third-rate soldier; Maximum number of soldiers: 100.
Third-rate soldiers: force 8, intelligence 6, no skills.
The first time after the barracks were built, Li She brought Li Zhuang with her, but Li She remembered Li Zhuang’s job change. But there was a problem when I knew I was changing jobs, and it was unclear. The system explained it like this.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Li Zhuang under your command has a very special status, so he can’t be transferred to a soldier. Please continue to explore. "
It is such a sentence that sent Li She away.
Li Zhuang’s identity? Li She remembers that Li Zhuang, whose real name is Feng Li, is a descendant of Jong Li, one of the 28 generals of Yuntai.
Isn’t it that princes and princes would rather have seeds?
Why can’t you be a soldier? But on second thought, this is also a good thing. If you can’t be a soldier, you must be a general.
However, Li Zhuang only has a force value of 18. How can he become a general?
Li She has a problem, that is, she will never waste time thinking about things that she can’t figure out, so she will soon observe the construction progress of the village.
Only after the bandits in Fuhu Village were eliminated, Li She dared to send people to the forest to cut wood. By the way, where a logging yard was built, there was more wood, and the construction of the village was quickly up.
Li She also selected 20 unskilled but relatively strong people from the villagers and went to the barracks to become soldiers. Li She personally led the team to protect the safety of Tianmen Village, which was developing rapidly in this full-scale construction atmosphere.
Why didn’t Li She transfer more soldiers? These Li She have considered it. After all, a village is destined to live, and it is impossible to get so many soldiers out. Twenty soldiers are just right.
On this day, Li She was patrolling around the village with soldiers when the system sound suddenly sounded.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! The January protection period of your novice village has arrived. In order to prove whether your novice village has the ability to survive in this troubled times, we have prepared a test for you, which will arrive in an hour. Please take precautions. "
"I go, there is actually a test!" Li is helpless.
"Village head, there seem to be some wolves in the north of the village!" At this moment, a citizen on the sentry tower shouted.
"Wolf? You go and kill! " Li said, pointing to the five people behind him.
"Yes, village chief!" Five people were ordered to leave.
In a short time, the five men came back with the dead wolf, still saying to each other, "How to eat this wolf meat today?"
"Village head, there seems to be another wolf in the west of the village. This time there are about a dozen." Everyone on the sentry tower shouted.
"Hum, it’s really a ghost. Let’s go again." One of the five people said angrily.
"Well, good." Then he pointed to the other five soldiers and added, "You also go. Safety is the most important thing."
Ten people solved a dozen wolves cleanly, and before they came back, they heard the man on the sentry tower shout, "A large group of wolves appeared at the south end of the village, and the fuzzy number is no less than fifty!"
Then ten people rushed to the south together, and Li She said to the last ten people, "Hurry up, they can’t cope with ten people."
"Yes, village chief." The remaining ten people hurried to the south.
Twenty people finally wiped out the hungry wolves after bloody struggle. Thirteen of them were slightly injured and one was seriously injured. If the seriously injured man hadn’t appeared in time to protect him, he wouldn’t have survived, which shows that the scene is dangerous.
"Good, village head! The village is surrounded by wild wolves, no less than 500! " The people on the sentry tower shouted in panic.
Needless to say, Li She already knows, because the system has already prompted.
"ding! Congratulations to the players! Because your Tianmen village often kills wild wolves, the king of wild wolves in the forest is very angry and deliberately leads hundreds of wild wolves to find the venue. The test begins! "
"What panic! Hurry up and let the people outside the village return to the village, let the villagers have the weapon with weapons, and the farm tools without weapons will block this group of hungry wolves from the village with the fence as a cover. Never let this group of hungry wolves rush into the village. If you don’t let it, it will be over. " Immediately rushed to the village entrance, and said to himself on the way: "Shit! It seems that no matter which world you go to, it is better to kill less creatures. "
"Village head! Please wait a moment! " Li she suddenly heard someone calling herself behind her. Looking back, it was Kobayashi.
Kobayashi rushed over, took a big breath and said to Li She, "Village head, don’t you think I’m different?"
"What do you have not …, I’ll go! Xiao Lin, how did you become a senior blacksmith? " Li said in surprise.
Name: Zhou Lin.
Occupation: blacksmith (intermediate blacksmith)
Force: 7
Intelligence: 5
Skills: tempered.
Thoroughly tempered: Li She, the village chief, gave Zhou Lin a’ Drawing of Forging Method for Tiger Head Broadsword’, and placed great hopes on Zhou Xiang. Zhou Lin did not bear the trust of Li She, and finally forged a tiger head broadsword with the spirit of thorough tempering. Only then did he realize this skill, and he was promoted directly from a junior blacksmith to a senior blacksmith. Effect: Force +5 on all common weapons, but no effect on magic soldiers.


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