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Meng Qi ignored this sentence directly, of course, and smiled lewdly: "Hey, do you want to sign it or not? Anyway, I have already completed the contract with you. And you’ll be absolutely safe in there. I promise that if you don’t sign it, you will stay in it safely for the rest of your life, hahahahaha. "

Then, Meng Qi didn’t say much to him, turned around and left. He knew this guy wouldn’t agree right away. But if you calm down, this guy will still sign a master-servant contract with him.
They had a symbiotic contract, and it was impossible for Meng Qi to harm him. There is already a mutual aid contract, and there is no other disadvantage in multiple master-servant contracts except that they are restricted by some Meng Qi. Besides, it’s only a hundred years. Mainly by Meng Qi to Yin, floating this guy think impassability.
Meng Qi placed this beast egg in the old man’s abode of fairies and immortals, while he himself went to the place where Jiao Teng lived.
After seeing Jiao Teng, Meng Qi didn’t talk nonsense. He said directly, "Brother Jiao, I won’t say much nonsense. That egg did have some effect on me. Therefore, I came here this time to pay the reward to Brother Jiao. "
After that, he put down a storage bag on his body and continued: "Brother Jiao, see if you are satisfied?"
Jiao Teng picked up the storage bag, looked at it, and said with some excitement, "Brother Meng is really a lover. I would like to thank Brother Meng for giving me such a generous reward. "
Meng Qi shook his head. This thing has no effect on Jiao Teng. But it has helped me a lot, so these Dan medicines that Meng Qi will not use soon are also generous. After all, he will inherit the mantle of the old man Cheng. These things are really a little out of Meng Qi’s eyes.
After chatting with Jiao Teng again, Meng Qi left with him. Back in the medicine garden, Meng Qi experienced several joys and sorrows in this short day. After I calmed down, I was quite touched.
Meng Qi looked at the stars all over the sky and remembered the excited look on Jiao Teng’s face just now. Thinking that if I hadn’t met Fang Ling Ling at the beginning, I was later taken a fancy to by my master. I’m afraid it’s not as good as that one.
Moreover, cultivating immortals is no different from being an ordinary person. It’s just that money is replaced by lingshi, power is replaced by cultivation, and pills and treasures are equivalent to human treasures.
Although most people who cultivate immortals are arrogant in front of ordinary people. Even regard it as an ant, but taking off this coat of cultivating immortality is no different from ordinary people.
(This article is the first issue and will be updated as soon as possible.)
When you meet someone who is not to be taunted, you are trying to find a panacea in order to satisfy your cultivation. For the sake of power and position, the same intrigue.
At that time, Meng Qi some interest. I suddenly don’t have much desire for cultivation, and I can’t afford to be interested in anything. Even, thinking about this dispersed a fix for. Into the unknown cycle.
Meng Qi didn’t know that his momentary paranoia actually triggered the demons that practitioners feared most. Once something goes wrong, Meng Qi may really be dead.
Just when it was extremely dangerous, Meng Qi suddenly remembered when he came out of this world. Although I was afraid at that time, I didn’t despair. Even Meng Qi once again felt the unprecedented desire to survive at that time.
Then I remembered Fang Ling ling, Hu Xianer, and Old Man Cheng. Suddenly, Meng Qiqing woke up. Yes, my wish to become a human being has not been fulfilled, Hu Xianer’s great hatred has not been repaid, and the master’s daughter has not been found. How could you leave?
Suddenly, Meng Qi felt that his road ahead was clearer than ever. He has a lot of things to finish. Of course, Meng Qi is not the kind of person who lives for others.
However, Meng Qi has no goal for life. If you really have any goal, it is that Meng Qi hopes that the people he likes and those who care about himself can be happy. So, help them achieve their wishes. It also fulfilled Meng Qi’s own wish.
I don’t know when, the demons have quietly receded. Meng Qi also experienced a life-and-death experience unconsciously. And the opportunity for breakthrough came quietly after this moment.
Meng Qishang doesn’t know yet, because he has been baptized by demons. He has made the biggest difficulty in breaking through the foundation by mistake.
Chapter 48 Breakthrough
Half a year later
"What? Meng Qige has also begun to retreat and break through the foundation? " After half a year’s retreat, Hu Xianer finally succeeded in going through the customs. And through the biggest difficulty of breaking through the foundation, only enough spiritual strength can be accumulated to reach the enlightenment level in one fell swoop.
However, after Hu Xianer went through the customs, he found that Meng Qi had just begun to break through the preconditions and began to close the door, and he made a real breakthrough. I am afraid that he would really get started when he went through the customs. To surpass Hu Xianer in an all-round way.
After knowing the news, Hu Xianer was both happy and sad for Meng Qi. I haven’t seen Meng Qi for half a year, and Hu Xianer misses it very much. After going through the customs, I came to Meng Qi directly. As a result, Meng Qi’s retreat, I am afraid I don’t know how long it will take to meet.
Hu Xianer came to Fang Lingling’s room in a daze, and Fang Lingling certainly found Hu Xianer’s appearance. However, she was too lazy to care about the affair between Hu Xianer and Meng Qi. She just held Hu Xianer in her arms and stroked Hu Xianer’s smooth and beautiful fur and said, "Xianer, I think you are really hopeless."
Hu Xianer shrank in Fang Lingling’s arms and said lazily, "Sister Lingling, Meng Qige is really good to me. I really like him. I want to be with him forever. " Hu Xianer’s voice is waxy and very nice.
Fang Ling ghatpot listened to Hu Xianer and shook her head. She decided not to discuss this difficult topic.
"By the way, how is your recent practice? Are there any difficulties?" Fang Ling ghatpot asked Hu Xianer with some care. She had few friends since she was a child, and her mother died young. My father is busy with the affairs of the clan, and he cherishes this kind of family feeling brought to her by Hu Xianer. So I love such a little sister Hu Xianer very much.
"No problem, however, this breakthrough the spirit of the foundation needs is really huge. I may have to practice for another year before I can make a real breakthrough. Speaking of which, Meng Qige is really amazing. He was not as good as me. Now it will surpass me at once. " Without saying a few words, Hu Xianer went to Meng Qi again.
But when it comes to Meng Qi, Fang Ling twill also have to sigh. Meng Qi’s potential is growing now. You’re welcome to say, if Meng Qi is lucky again in the future. Fang Ling twill and he who can go further on the way of uniting.
Because of this, Fang Ling twill is more and more important to Meng Qi. If a monk wants to reach a higher level, both fate and training are essential. But qualification is the foundation. Without this foundation, the higher level is absolutely hopeless.
Meng Qi, on the other hand, has everything, which deserves the attention and training of a sect.
And in a Sect, it is actually divided into many forces. Various forces are also fighting with each other for resources and power. Although it is usually invisible, it is real.
And Fang Ling ling’s father is also a very powerful force in the clan. No, it should be said that it is the largest force in the clan. However, it is not dominant. Only the relationship between Meng Qi and Fang Ling Ling, Meng Qi was deeply branded with this department.
Therefore, as long as Meng Qi lived in the Black Emperor Sect, he was born a square snake and died a square snake. On the other hand, Meng Qi’s strength will also promote the strength of the party system. So as long as conditions permit, Fang Lingling will spare no effort to cultivate Meng Qi.
At this time, Meng Qi, who was in retreat, kept scolding his spirit beast, that is, the floating life that eventually compromised.
"Meng Qi you bitch! You fucking fucked me again? !”
"Hey, I’ll fuck you. Who told you to be stupid?"
"You are stupid, your whole family is an idiot!"
"You idiot, you don’t admit that you are stupid. You said that you obviously succeeded in winning the body of the gopher, but the most critical avatar didn’t inherit it. I’m a fucking grass. What’s the use of you?"
"You know a bird! This body actually contains a trace of arrogant mink blood. If it takes a thousand years, I will be successful in cultivation. It’ s a fart to cover the garbage of gophers! "
"After one thousand, you practice successfully, which is none of my business? The contract time is only a hundred years, and what I want is the magic power of the gopher to sense natural materials and treasures. You idiot, I’m furious when I talk about this. If it weren’t for that broken contract, I would have abolished you now! "
"Come on, maybe you will come. I’ll throw caution to the wind today. Come if you can. Whoever doesn’t come is a grandson! "
"You think I dare not?"
"Ha, I’m sure you dare not!"
"good! You forced me. "
Three days later.
"Meng Dage, give me a break, I dare not. Oh … "
"Hey, the demo won’t kill you."
The bickering lasted for three days. In fact, the time for the real two people to scold each other was not long, and most of them were floating monologues. However, it ended in failure. The reason is that Meng Qi threw the floating life that has no resistance ability for the time being on it to solve the physiological problem and hung it for three whole days …… oh …
Meng Qi’s retreat was still very smooth, and the spiritual force was due to the reason of the dragon’s inner Dan. I have already reached the perfect state of promotion, after all, although the floating life has gained most of the spiritual power. But with the huge spiritual power of the seventh-order dragon Neidan. The residual spiritual force alone is enough to support the death of Meng Qi of Tsukiji.
With the help of old man Cheng, there is no shortage of spiritual power and Meng Qi.
But after more than a month of seclusion, Meng Qi felt that everything was ready. But there is always a layer of paper that blocks his way to promotion and enlightenment.
Meng Qi also understood about it, just like when he broke through the foundation, it needed an opportunity. However, the time when this opportunity comes is uncertain, maybe three or five days, maybe three or five years, or even forever.
I don’t know how many monks stay at this stage forever. It is not surprising that they are stuck here for 350 years with Meng Qi’s previous qualifications.
But now Meng Qi is not the Meng Qi who just came to the Black Emperor Sect. Meng Qi has a feeling that he will be able to break through the preconditions in a year at most. During this year, he will become familiar with some basic spells that can be used for enlightenment. Although he can’t use them yet, he can save a lot of time once he reaches enlightenment. In particular, Meng Qi has long been fascinated by the art of personification.
However, it is a bit boring to understand spells every day, so Meng Qi often teases this little guy. Speaking, the appearance of this body is very good, and the fur is smooth and smooth. It looks quite like a domestic pet mouse in a previous life, and it is indescribably charming and lovely.


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