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Ma Kun took the hint and immediately brought a unique tray, which was covered with red silk cloth. Ma Kun came to Zhou Yinlong with the tray and said sincerely, "Elder, this is a little token of my family’s appreciation."

Stripping off the red silk cloth, dozens of glittering gold ingots appeared in front of Zhou Yinlong, who only narrowed his eyes.
Immediately, Zhou Yinlong’s face sank and he said seriously, "I am in good intentions to help Qin’s master." After taking a look at the ingot, he added, "I am not greedy for money, not to mention that I am predestined friends with this little brother. How can I measure it with money?"
In a word, Qin Lingxue was embarrassed and quickly explained it.
Finally, Zhou Yinlong patted Ma Kun and held his fist at Qin Lingxue. "Let’s say goodbye to Zhou. If we can save our lives someday, we will meet by destiny."
As if remembering something, he added, "Next Mid-Autumn Festival, Lin Liefeng, a stormy town, will hold a big banquet for her daughter’s marriage. At that time, the heroes of the world will definitely go to the banquet, and maybe I can find my married wife and adopted son there; ; ; ; ; ;”
While speaking, Zhou Yinlong has made a dash for the door and drifted to the depths of Kunlun Mountain.
Ma Kun shouted: "Senior Zhou; ; ; It is predestined that we will meet in the stormy town next year; ; ; ; ; ;”
Ma Kun looked at the distant Zhou Yinlong’s face with a trace of guilt.
One hundred and sixty-five Anger snow sculpture spider residual orphan moth
Angry snow sculpture moth trapped in the net
Qin Lingxue noticed Ma Kun’s guilty eyes and looked at the snowy Kunlun Mountain until Zhou Yinlong disappeared for a long time and refused to leave.
Patting Ma Kun on the shoulder, he said, "Kun, it’s not because the teacher is unreasonable. Why do you think my Xueju tripod has been hidden in the Jianghu for decades? Master Yu Xu, the ancestor, didn’t get away with it before he died. If I announce the Xueju tripod to the world now, we will probably be wiped out in the near future. Alas; ; ; ; ; ; I don’t want to repay my kindness. But now is not the time! "
Ma Kun didn’t good the spirit glanced at Qin Lingxue, then turned to stare at the distance.
Qin Lingxue went on to say, "Don’t worry, Kuner. Now I have also got a tip-off that Heiunintentional is not a great evil person, and he will be able to find Heiunintentional and get rid of the spider poison for thousands of years."
Ma Kun said silently, "I hope so, Master, it’s cold here. You’d better go back and rest."
Qin Lingxue nodded: "Well; ; ; ; ; ;”
After Zhou Yinlong left, Ma Kun seemed to have done something against his conscience, and he was distracted. Even practicing sword lost his previous strength.
A Mountain hare ran past, and Ma Kun pulled out the internal force of the operation of the green dry sword at the moment, and the green dry sword came out to sell, accurately stabbing Mountain hare’s key, and Mountain hare died after pedaling twice in the snow.
In the past, the object of helping others, today, in order to repay the snow sculpture entrusted by Zhou Yinlong, actually hurt his life, which is also amazing. Ma Kun’s extreme personality may be related to the teacher’s teaching in recent days.
In fact, Ma Kun had forgotten about the snow-carved Ji. If it weren’t for the appearance of Mountain hare, he still wouldn’t think of the snow-carved Ji. Ma Kun hurried to pick up Mountain hare and walked towards the woodshed.
In the woodshed, the injured snow Ji Diao Shase hid beside the woodpile. After days of hunger, it was cold all over, leaving only the last breath. king of the hill, the former snow, has now become a dying house sparrow.
Xue Ji Diao listened to the sound of the woodshed door, involuntarily squeezed into the haystack, and stretched out his fearful eyes to observe the coming disaster.
Ma Kun, with Mountain hare in hand, came to Xueji Carving near, but the Xueji Carving didn’t understand Ma Kun’s intention. Seeing Ma Kun coming near, he used up his only strength and reached out to Ma Kun with his double forehead like a silver hook.
Ma Kun didn’t have much affection for this snow eagle. When he saw it attacking, he threw it to Mountain hare and kicked the dying snow eagle into the distance. The snow eagle fell to the ground and lay down beside the firewood helplessly waiting for death.
Ma Kun drew a green sword and came to the crowd coldly. Suddenly, he raised his sword and stabbed it at Xue Ji, who closed his eyes in despair. At the same time, Zhou Yinlong’s figure flashed in Ma Kun’s mind.
Ma Kun hurriedly withdrew his sword, and his face gradually eased a lot. He turned his sword and provoked Mountain hare to throw it into the crowd of snow carving, and walked out of the woodshed without looking back.
In the woodshed, it returned to the usual tranquility. Snow-carved Ji slowly opened his eyes and observed that there was no one around. Because of hunger, he did not consider that many Mountain hare devoured everything; ; ; ; ; ; In this way, Ma Kun often brought back some hares and pheasants when he went up the mountain to practice martial arts, and threw them to Xue Ji for eating, but these game have never been shared with his fellow disciples. Because of this, he has been teased by his fellow disciples many times, and even ridiculed in cold words.
Ma Kun has never had a good impression on the snow-Ji carving. On the contrary, he always looks at it with cold eyes. In his view, the snow-Ji carving is not a lucky thing, and the care for it is only to repay Zhou Yinlong’s kindness.
; ; ; ; ; ; Liu Xuanyu, who is hungry and scrawny in Erlang Mountain, is lying on the bed of Long Laosi with no expression. Seeing the charm, his cold poison has been half better. After many hardships, Liu Xuanyu has become smarter and is no longer as naive as usual.
A corner of the roof is densely covered with cobwebs, and it seems that Long Laosi doesn’t often live here.
Outside the house came a conversation between Wu Zheng and Jia Zheng: "Wu; ; ; Master Wu, listen; ; ; Heard that a few old; ; ; The old monster received their master’s fly; ; ; Flying pigeons pass books and ask them; ; ; Stand; ; ; That is, find out the situation of the tiger’s roaring sword; ; ; Fall, otherwise; ; ; Otherwise, their master; ; ; To clean up in person; ; ; They "
Vaguely, Wu Zheng said: "Well! According to my observation of them for many days, they seem to listen to a mysterious figure, but who that person is is never known; ; ; ; ; ; Come here, come here, I say to you; ; ; ; ; ;”


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