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Chapter 53 Reaching cooperation
The collection is not awesome! It took only four hours to get on the list on Sunday to increase the collection by 100, which is a result; Although not the worst; But it is already at the bottom. If you don’t have a collection of this book, please click to join the bookshelf, otherwise it will go on like this; This week’s Sanjiang results are miserable … "Shout; Finally gone. " Sunday and the royal elder sister at the moment when the little girl left; At the same time, I made a sweat-wiping action, which was neat and consistent; Let people who don’t know their details see how they might guess the relationship between them, after all, the tacit understanding; You can’t just do it.
May also be aware of their own performance and Sunday is too similar! After wiping the forehead that there is no cold sweat, the royal elder sister turned her head and stared at Sunday, until Sunday was seen as a lot of cold sweat on her forehead again …
"What’s your secret?"
"What?" When I heard the question of the royal sister; God knows Sunday’s heart was a little slow at that time. After all, the royal elder sister was too sensitive to ask this question. Her heart contained such a secret that she couldn’t share with others. She suddenly heard the royal elder sister ask such a question, fearing that the royal elder sister would find out her secret. Can you relax on Sunday?
But fortunately, on Sunday, when I took out so many ginseng in succession; At that time, I already guessed that I might encounter such trouble. So the heart is more or less prepared, although the royal elder sister asked very suddenly, but on Sunday, she was shocked, but on the surface, she just put on a blank expression and asked the other party after a sentence; He pretended not to hear the meaning of the other party, pretending to be puzzled and asked the royal elder sister, "Elder Rain; What secrets can I have? "
See Sunday has not been cheated out of the secret, royal elder sister nature is more or less feel a little pity. But in fact; Royal elder sister is just curious about Sunday’s secret, but she doesn’t have to figure out the idea. After all, she is so familiar with Sunday, from the previous bad impression to the later indifference, until now; After getting along for a long time, I’m afraid the royal elder sister didn’t find it herself; She has unconsciously regarded Sunday as her companion. So; Although the royal elder sister needs medicinal materials very much, because the object is Sunday; Royal elder sister also just because of curiosity to find out the secret of Sunday, cheat on a cheat, that is, she will use the last resort, now there is no cheat out of anything; At that time, the royal elder sister gave up the idea of pursuing it again, so that Sunday escaped invisibly.
Gave Sunday a meaningful look; The royal elder sister didn’t cling to Sunday’s secret, but changed the subject and said, "Xiao Huan Dan believes you should be in great need!" Otherwise, it depends on your usual performance; I don’t think you are the one who will offer to send me ginseng. Our alchemist practices by alchemy; I can give you a small amount of medicine, but I need you to help me get all the medicines I need, as long as you can get them; I can help you make an alchemy for free. "
When I heard that the royal elder sister stopped asking her secrets; At that time, Sunday was really quietly relieved, although it was already known from the mouth of the royal sister Sunday; I have become a physical practitioner before I know it. However, body cultivation belongs to body cultivation, but Sunday’s means to fix the true are still ignorant until now. Now, even if he believes that he can grit his teeth and not reveal half a sentence of relevant information, because of the existence of those spells of Royal Sister; On Sunday, I can’t guarantee that I can keep my secret. Now see royal elder sister since you take the initiative to give up asking yourself the secret, nature is secretly relieved on Sunday.
But then after listening to the words behind the royal elder sister; On Sunday, it was at that time that I began to be suspicious.
Royal elder sister’s strength is far from that of Sunday now, so it is not difficult to get what she wants to know from Sunday if she wants to. So; On Sunday, when I saw the royal elder sister give up and continue to ask her secrets, I would be relieved directly.
But now the trading scheme proposed by the royal elder sister is very beneficial to Sunday, but it is precisely because it is too beneficial to Sunday that Sunday can’t help thinking.
If you really trade as the royal elder sister said, Sunday will naturally take a big advantage, but what does the royal elder sister do with such a transaction? Help yourself to make an alchemy for free without any benefits; Sunday don’t believe that there will be such a good thing in the world, even if it is how familiar he is with the royal elder sister, Sunday is really hard to believe that the royal elder sister will be so good to herself, and she wants to help him if she suffers.
On Sunday, when the hesitant appearance fell into the eyes of the royal elder sister; Royal elder sister just a casual thought will also find out the idea of Sunday. When I understand why Sunday behaves like this; The royal elder sister was angry and funny at that time, and she wanted to help herself and was afraid of the east and the west, if she really had the heart; It’s not easy to know his secret, so there’s no need to use cheap means.
Heart for Sunday’s performance some angry; The royal elder sister immediately asked her in a bad tone: "Why? Are you still afraid that I will hurt you? "
"Why? I’m just thinking about how to get those medicinal materials. After all, the sale of medicinal materials is almost controlled by major sects. It’s not easy for us to get enough medicinal materials. In order not to get enough medicinal materials by then, I’m trying to find a way! "
"Hum!" Royal elder sister didn’t believe Sunday’s reasons, but she didn’t expose Sunday’s lies, just pulled out a thin book from her sleeve; Pass it to Sunday’s service road: "These are the medicinal materials needed for refining Xiaohuandan, with drawings and identification methods on them. Please try your best to collect all the medicinal materials inside!" If you really can’t get together; I’ll think of something then. "
If it is something else; On Sunday, there is no confidence in front of the royal elder sister. After all, the strength difference between the two sides is there, which the royal elder sister can’t do; On Sunday, you can give up without trying.
But if it is related to medicinal materials; On Sunday, however, it becomes confident, in this respect; Unless what you need is a natural treasure that you can’t get seeds on Sunday, otherwise; Dare to speak on Sunday; If he can’t provide the medicine he needs, no one else can.
The ability of space makes Sunday have enough confidence in dealing with medicinal materials, so after taking the book handed over by the royal elder sister, he directly stuffed it into his arms; Without looking at it, he replied to the royal elder sister, "I will try my best to get the medicinal materials. Please ask Elder Yu to help me a lot."
Royal elder sister don’t know the situation of Sunday; So I didn’t take Sunday’s words as one thing. I only hope that Sunday can gather together one or two materials to give her an alchemy, but I didn’t recognize the hidden meaning of Sunday’s words, so I didn’t care about it casually. "As long as you have materials, I will help you with an alchemy, since I promised you; Will I go back on my word? " Say that finish; The royal elder sister took another Tao from her bosom, and finally took out a jade bottle with a small bottle of Dan, and threw it at Sunday.
In a hurry, I caught the jade bottle thrown by the royal elder sister. When I saw that the jade bottle didn’t fall, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Sunday is full of resentment. Even if she is a fix true person, there is no need to behave like this! Just like Xiao Huan Dan is really just a jelly bean, you know, according to the relevant memory of this world; Sunday knows; If a small Dan is put in the Jianghu, it will definitely cause a burst of blood shed’s treasure. At present, what the fighters outside want but can’t get is thrown away so casually. If this matter is known to the fighters outside; That is not to vomit blood with anger!
No matter how much resentment there is on Sunday, the royal elder sister doesn’t have the consciousness, and she doesn’t know how much blow her behavior will cause to outsiders. After seeing the jade bottle she threw in the past on Sunday; Royal elder sister also directly back to the room at that time, leaving Sunday alone; Dealing with the jade bottle of his hand.
"Sixty, enough for a while." After counting several bottles of Xiao Huan Dan, he nodded his head satisfactorily on Sunday. For this harvest; Sunday is quite satisfactory.
Just; When Sunday’s mind flashed a figure, Sunday suddenly got a shiver, and when I looked at the little ones in my hand again, I couldn’t help but take a few dreary expressions.
Sunday almost forgot the little girl, and now she took the little Dan thing from the royal elder sister. On Sunday, she estimated that the little girl might have a good idea, and whether she would be eyeing her own small Dan things, Sunday used to know the result.
Don’t give it to little loli! It is impossible to think about it on Sunday. Sunday’s heart is still not hard enough, and she is stared at by the little girl’s star eyes for a while; It is estimated that when the time comes, I will also be unable to resist surrender. Have a hard time; On Sunday, I don’t want all the fruits of my own efforts to be eaten by the little girl as jelly beans. At the end of dreary exercise, I took a look at the small ones in my hand, and on Sunday I would grind my teeth to separate half of them. It was packed in another bottle.
Just get that thing done; Zhou genius out of the royal elder sister’s gate; He also looked at the little girl bouncing figure is coming towards his position …

Chapter 54 Go home for revenge
"Ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, ageless grass, Schisandra chinensis …" With the continuous reading on Sunday, the names of the medicinal materials needed by Yujie came into Sunday’s eyes one by one. To be honest; Although almost all those medicinal materials have some requirements such as year, it is not easy to collect suitable medicinal materials, but because most of the medicinal materials needed are those commonly used in yiguang, for Sunday with space; It is difficult for others to collect; But for him, it is a very easy thing to do.
Only; Now Sunday can easily get the medicinal materials needed by the royal elder sister, but a conversation with the royal elder sister before is to make Sunday dare not act rashly now.
Just taking out too much ginseng has aroused the suspicion of the royal elder sister. Now if the medicinal materials listed by the royal elder sister are all taken out at once; Needless to say, then the royal elder sister will be more interested in the secrets of Sunday, and it is hard to say that one day she will suddenly attack Sunday; Let it know the existence of space; That would be a great disaster for Sunday.
So; Medicinal materials must be taken out, but before taking out those medicinal materials on Sunday; Is ready to leave the royal elder sister them for a period of time, first, in order to give the royal elder sister they create a false impression that those medicinal materials are looking for themselves outside, and secondly; However, because of the great progress of Sunday’s strength, my heart has something that has been pressed in my heart; Now I feel it’s time to solve it.
After the heart has made a decision; Sunday immediately left his room; Toward the royal elder sister lived in the yard …
After hearing Sunday’s words; Royal elder sister also didn’t say much, although Sunday if left; The royal elder sister will have one less person to instruct. But relative to these things; Whether you can find all the medicinal materials on Sunday is the most concerned thing for the royal elder sister. I heard that I went out on Sunday to find those medicinal materials. No matter whether this is true or not, the royal elder sister did not hesitate in the end. Nodded his head and even agreed to Sunday’s request, giving him a time to act alone.
With the consent of the royal elder sister; On Sunday, I didn’t stay in the same place at all. I just came out of the courtyard of the royal sister. Without saying anything, I set off in general …
Sunday will have such a big reaction; The problem is out of the little girl. At that time, I got some small Dan from the royal elder sister, but it was because the little girl knew the reason of this matter. Although Sunday was smart enough to hide half of the small Dan in his own space in advance, the other half was small Dan; Is the little girl off and on to go to the most.


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