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Qingyang couldn’t help but feel a coagulation, and quickly called back: "You don’t want to intervene, do you? The strength of our side is not enough once it is separated from the group. After all, the other side is a subordinate force, at least the Pope is the best among the immortals. If something really happens, I am afraid it will be bad for us. "

Before, Chen Han didn’t know the strength of these two sects. He just wanted to extort some compensation. With his strength, he could not intervene even if he knew what the secret was.
But now I know from the mouth of the peach blossom eye that the strength of Yin Jingu Palace and Yanchang Gate is not so good. If there are any other benefits, it is not much more valuable than the compensation from blackmail.
It can make the two sects dare not tell the truth to the door, and fight with the power of the whole faction. The hidden value here is far from being comparable to compensation.
"We don’t have to confront each other head-on." Chen’s cold words made Qingyang feel a little relieved.
"But we don’t know what Yin Jingu wants to rob and delay the gate to defend. Since that Xianjun doesn’t know, compared with others, he doesn’t know. Only two groups of popes know the real situation, and at most other immortals are strong. With our strength, it is absolutely impossible to force them to tell secrets. " Qingyang hesitated for a moment call way.
"Not only that, but it is not only forced to be soft."
Chen Han’s eyes flashed a sly look, and he smiled lightly: "It is impossible for the two factions to tell the secret, and even if they do, they will do their best to protect us from the opportunity. However, there is absolutely no need for them to say it. Why don’t we find the answer ourselves? "
Find the answer yourself?
Qingyang was deceived by his words. Since the secret is only in the hands of the two factions, how can we find an answer that doesn’t even have a clue?
At the moment when the two men talked by voice, the claim over there had reached an impasse, and the two factions could not agree to the lion’s big opening of Peach Blossom Eyes. On the other hand, the two factions knew that they were indefensible and the other side had a strong background, and they did offer good compensation conditions, but unfortunately they could not meet their requirements.
The battlefields around are still in full swing, but this group of people are eloquent and have their own views, and they are almost turning into bitches.
"Brother Dao, I have no time to waste when I’m in the middle of something important."
Chen Han went to the peach blossom eye and whispered, "This door will definitely intervene in the things here, even if I am not there. Can I entrust the compensation to my brother? I just need to take a million pieces of the best fairy stones, and all the extra ones will go to my brother. "
The meaning of his words is simple: he is in a hurry and can’t talk to everyone, but if he needs to contribute, his teachers will definitely not stand by. Compensation is definitely indispensable, and then it depends on how the two sides negotiate or fight for it by force. He has something urgent to leave, but he is always the victim, and the compensation that belongs to him is indispensable.
Of course, it is precisely because he is not present that there is not much force to fight for compensation for him, which is why he entrusted the matter to Peach Blossom Eye.
If he didn’t know it at first, it would definitely make people suspicious, thinking that he was afraid that the other party would be too strong to cause any trouble. But now that we know each other’s strength, even without his side, Yin Jingu and Yan Xiangmen will still have to pay compensation, and the price will definitely exceed one million gourmet fairy stones.
Entrust your share of compensation to Taohuayuan, and the goods will get excited immediately, and no matter what the result is, they will definitely make a big profit from it.
"I don’t know which force my brother belongs to?" Peach blossom eye is still more careful.
"Qingtian Sword School."
Chen Han quietly shook a token in front of his eyes. Peach Blossom Eye almost took out a storage ring without hesitation, and put it into his hand with a smile on his face: "I have heard of the Qingtian Sword Sect under Qiong Yuzong, and I can have the Eight Swords and Purple English Order of Qingtian Sword Sect. My identity is enough to convince me."
Didn’t hear him bite by bite before, has he modestly claimed to be next?
The Eight Sword Purple English Order is second only to the Pope’s Nine Sword Purple English Order, and its position in the door is comparable to that of the powerful elders. Plus, the other side is accompanied by two immortals and ten immortals, so you can imagine its extraordinary status. Although Heaven Gate is a super power, however, due to the fact that hundreds of super powers in the celestial world are at the bottom, the comprehensive strength is not much better than that of the Qingtian Sword Sect, and naturally both sides are equal.
Fairy knowledge swept the storage ring, and counted the fairy stone as quickly as possible. After confirming that it was correct, Chen Lengleng swept the two factions of Yin Jingu Palace and Yan Dangmen, that is, the two men who had called all the way before: "I have something important to do, so I don’t have time to waste my breath here, but I have summoned my master for today’s matter. If you and the other two factions compensate for the natural peace, but if you want to make a big fight, this door will definitely accompany you to the end, let’s go! "
Even if Yin Jingu and Yan Xiangmen are ten times more powerful, they can’t be the opponents of the Giant Sword Sect. His words have made the peach blossom eyes happier-plus Chen Han’s claim, he is sure to make a small fortune.
Then, Qingyang also found a reasonable excuse to run away, left a few malicious words claiming that the two factions were waiting, and entrusted the compensation to Taohuayuan.
Chen Han’s claim for compensation is only ten times the fare of the special class, and millions of the best fairy stones are astronomical in the eyes of Ye Xiu, but Fang is nothing in a large power. Didn’t you see that Qi Youfeng casually shot the fairy stones in billions?
Qingyang’s claim price is different, but he lost a star boat!
In addition, there are the subsequent troubles caused by the death of a large number of passengers, and the impact of this incident on the reputation of Changkongfang. Even if there is no element of price increase and extortion, this compensation amount is enough for all the income of Yinshen Palace and Yanchangmen for hundreds of years. The value of a single star boat is an amazing expense for their clique.
In the end, Qingyang actually entrusted his claim amount with 200 million pieces of the best fairy stone. Poor Peach Blossom Eye, despite her distinguished status, could not have taken 200 million pieces of the best fairy stone with her when she went out for no reason?
Anyway, the deal is very cost-effective, and the value of a star boat exceeds 200 million gourmet fairy stones. As long as you fill in this vacancy now and wait until the two factions compensate, you can earn an amazing amount of price difference from it.
As a result, Peach Blossom Eye couldn’t swallow this claim alone, and all the other parties took out their fairy stones and counted them as temporary investments to join the’ shares’.
With 201 million pieces of the best fairy stone, Chen Han and his party drifted away, and Qingyang left in another direction.
Half an hour later, Qingyang circled around and appeared in front of Chen Han and others. At this time, they also bypassed the war-torn battlefield, and a total of 16 people went straight to the territory of Yanchangmen.
The answer is right there.
When Qingyang asked the reason, Chen Han’s words made him enlightened: "Do you remember what you told me about the immortal gentleman whose soul you searched for?"? All factions are desperate to block the Yin Jingu Palace, which means that the secret is not a magic weapon, such as Dan medicine, or it will be stored on the Pope of Yanmen, not to mention blocking each other. If you want to block it, it means that you can’t let the other party enter your own site. The secret is not on your body, it must be in their lair. "
There is an all-out war on the border between the two factions, and the original strength of the two sides is not so good. The number of immortals added up to less than ten, and even the two popes personally participated in the war.
According to this situation, where can the strength beyond the lair be stronger?
There are three immortals in their party. It’s enough to explore the secrets!
According to the name, level, star domain and power of the planet identified on the map, three immortals, with Chen Han, Bing Pupil and Qi Xianer, directly launched a starry sky move with ten immortals. It’s also a big move of the starry sky. It’s far from being used in the cold weather with the immortal statue and the immortal emperor. Even though the three immortals are not strong in the later period, they all affect the space transfer distance with people, and they can reach hundreds of millions of miles in terror at a time.
Before long, a group of people arrived at a nearby planet, and with the help of the interstellar transmission array on the planet, the speed of travel soared ten times again.


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