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"hi ~"

Ten people from the gg team and fn team in the viewing platform replaced the upcoming war and the J team.
Yefeng and fker meet formally for the first time, from virtual to reality, but he suddenly finds that the possibility of communication between them besides saying hello adds a little embarrassment.
"The game has started."
Soon, I started a confrontation with J, a strong team representing North America and South Korea.
"Which team are you optimistic about?"
"Where’s Zeming?"
"Where’s Xiao Pang?"
"Blare …"
"Forget it, you’d better keep eating hot dogs."
To be honest, Ye Feng is also very concerned about the outcome of this game, because the winner determines their opponents in this game.
There are great differences in style and play between the two teams, and Ye Feng prefers to choose J team opponents if he is given a choice.
The reason is that I’m not afraid of you. I was afraid you were obscene just now
Sometimes it’s not a good thing to meet an opponent who is always dirty in the wild area without gank. It’s not a good thing to learn to be a gank, to have confidence in yourself, and to gank frequently is a good way to fight wild.
The quick sweep of the pilot lens of the match seat also indicates the beginning.
The pride of the team is undoubtedly their single player ber.
Gorgeous exercises, accurate blood volume calculation, bottomless hero Haijia’s handsome appearance ber is not weaker than South Korea’s first player fker in terms of popularity and status in North America.
Of course, ber is really good, but it would be a bit too much to upgrade him to the world’s recognized first place.
It is better to say that ber is powerful than that it is difficult to find a second table in North America besides ber.
Ber is strong, but not too strong.
The J team is a typical Korean team. First of all, it is not necessary to say that the most important thing is that their tactical accomplishment and execution are adhering to the style of the leader of the League of Legends in Korea. Once the opportunity is seized, it will definitely be a storm attack.
The two sides of the big screen were selected, and soon the team took a single robbery and a single sword to cut the back array, while the J team took out a set of double-core harvesting arrays with a single victor and a big mouth.
Soon after the characters are selected, they will enter the game.
The five gg team members will naturally be relaxed this time because they are not competitors. They will lie on the railing of the viewing platform and integrate into the audience role and sit quietly and watch the tigers fight.
"This wave catches people beautifully"
And the birth of the first head of the J team surprised everyone. It was Shan ber who robbed the wild Rexroth and helped gank directly get the head of Victor opposite.
"This wave of Rexroth e-blitz is so beautiful. I didn’t expect the first head of this game to be brought. Now the North American team is so rigid, so the three-level direct gank guy."
And this wave of gank night maple can hear the surprise sound of Xi Lele not far from the side.
"If the robbery is going to die, this wave will still lose. It is true that whether J’s side is a team battle formation or cooperation should be more coordinated. This wave of team battles is still a pity. They are the first to rob and make big moves, but the team battles have not been played."
"This way, there is no way to rob this hero. Once the big move is let go, it will be very dangerous to enter the arena again, and it will be difficult to play out this wave of team battles. A two-for-five is destroyed by the team. Then the second little dragon J should be able to be taken, and the second tower in the middle of the road is very good. Adding a tower to Yi Long dialect this wave may be the turning point of the whole game."
In 21 minutes, there was a fierce team battle between the two sides, and finally the J team was better to win the game
The fourth volume Chapter six hundred and three The showdown is coming
"Can you take the big dragon here in J?"
"I don’t think so, but the victory of this wave of team battle is only the head and defensive tower economy plus the pre-advantage, and J is now ahead of 4 thousand economy. This game is very difficult for me to play, and it is already very difficult to win unless we can win a complete team battle."
"J is very strong, so it seems that my opponent is Team J"
"Of course it’s strong, but it’s not necessarily impossible to play. Not yet. If ber can play well, the game can still be reversed."
"Watch a wave."
"This wave of J is directly stronger to open the dragon, but as the saying goes, the advantage is not to fight the dragon. Is the J team so confident? They really played that game to give a chance. "
When the game came to 32 minutes, the J team had more than 7 thousand economic advantages in hand, and finally they chose to directly open a big dragon wave to decide the outcome


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