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Du Guye smiled gracefully. "This is no problem. We all like children very much."

Although he doesn’t remember the past, he is generous and doesn’t have stage fright, which makes some people disappointed.
The emperor loves to see his children and grandchildren satisfied. "Well, you are all filial children."
Lu Chen’s first birthday present was a jade screen.
The screen is exquisite, and it is a magnificent and beautiful picture of mountains and rivers.
"Congratulations to the emperor’s 50th birthday. He is as happy as the East China Sea and lives longer than Nanshan.
The emperor became more and more heart "get up and have a drink with me"
"Xie Huang" Liu Chen was flattered and handed the glass.
On the other hand, the harem is hosted by the toffee Su Linlang, all of whom are high-ranking family members and imperial families with high status.
Everyone around toffee flatters her like a flower.
Full of beautiful things, it’s still calm to listen to more good words.
Su Tingyu’s eyes went out in the corner and she was struggling.
Chapter six hundred and ten Reach a tacit understanding
Update the latest chapter of the evil king’s favorite imperial doctor’s concubine!
Chapter six hundred and ten Reach a tacit understanding
Suddenly she came out of the corner with a glass of wine and smiled. "Toffee, I propose a toast to you. I wish you all the best."
She looked at the woman in front of her, dressed in a big gift, glittering and elegant, as beautiful as a country, and the peony was radiant and picturesque.
I can see that she is very comfortable.
Full of beautiful corners of the mouth sobbed could not help but wake up "this is the emperor’s birthday"
Although there was a gap in her heart, she invited Su Tingyu to the palace for dinner.
Give this face to both public and private.
Su Tingyu gulp a wry smile raised his glass.
"Toffee, I especially envy you, husband and wife, loving children, clever and sensible, and you are the envy of all women because Toffee has everything."
She talks a lot with a sour taste.
Full of beautiful things, I found out that her face was flushed and she was drunk. How much did she drink?
"You drink less."
No wonder you talk so much.
Su Tingyu didn’t seem to hear and poured herself another drink. "It’s very kind of you to live, but I’m … unlucky to the extreme. I haven’t had a smooth life since I was a child."
She seems to be too depressed, and the backlog is pouring out of her mind like a fountain.
Linlang was silent for a long time. "Be strong and self-reliant in good times and bad, and don’t give up hope to be the best you can be."
This is the only advice she can give, no matter what happens, be strong.
Su Tingyu’s eyes were red. "Do you hate me?"
Full of beautiful things have never seen her so rude and frown slightly "you are drunk"
Su Tingyu drank another glass of wine, her face flushed and her eyes blurred. "I have been thinking about how good it would be if we didn’t meet at the beginning."
"You …" Su Linlang froze and stared at her.
Is this regret knowing her?
Nelly genial smile that hurriedly come out to persuade "Rui princess you rude"
It’s crazy not to see what occasion this is.
So many people are watching. What does this make others think?
How can the toffee be guaranteed for such a poor performance?


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