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This little ancient god dove is even more frightened to disgrace. At this time, no Fahrenheit will definitely die soon, and no one in the world will know except Qiong Qi and himself! Even if someone knows that it is impossible to calculate it so quickly! Because it will take some time for things to be reflected between heaven and earth after birth. Such a short time can never be calculated.

Looking at the color of the ancient god dove, I knew that she guessed correctly again: "If there is no Fahrenheit, you will not die. The poisonous big bird in this body is not in the tomb of Wuhua. Stay out and scare away what!" Shen Wuwei said lightly, "How’s it going? Now say it yourself. Do you need me to ask? "
All this was seen by Yi Yu. He couldn’t help sighing in his heart: "Cleanliness is really a good means! In this way, the big bird only feels that she is unfathomable and dare not talk nonsense. I can’t believe that there is such an ability to lure confessions without scale! "
The ancient god dove changed her eyes several times and sighed lightly: "Qiong Qi’s family came to our tomb the other day …" The ancient god dove explained how Qiong Qi’s family lured the father and son without Fahrenheit out of the mountain. Accompany him to seize the second treasure of Xuanyuan and how to steal, attack and kill two people.
After listening to Shen Wuwei, he thought for a moment and asked, "So Qiong Qi’s should be nearby …"
The ancient god Dove nodded and said, "Qiong Qi, an evil disciple, is afraid that I will reveal the fact that he got the second treasure of Xuanyuan, so he wants to kill me. I have been chasing here and believe that he will never give up easily. "
Yi Yu has some doubts: "People who can pinch and calculate in the world are like crossing the river. Since Qiong Qi has won two treasures. How can others not know? Why should he kill the ancient god dove? "
Qi Xiaer explained, "Surely there is some secret method of Qiong Qi’s that can hide from the world!"! There are countless secret methods in the world, and there are some strange techniques that I don’t know, but I can’t make a conclusion. "
At this time, the ancient god dove also said, "Yes! Qiong Qi’s family does have a secret method to hide from the sky. Although I don’t know why this method is used, I think this fellow survived several disasters through this method during the Central Plains War. "
Just then Yi Yu frowned slightly and said with a smile, "It’s so fast! I can’t believe that this guy can find the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ so quickly within hundreds of miles. There are some means! Presumably, it won’t be long before he can come in. "
On hearing Yi Yu’s words, the ancient god dove’s eyes immediately lit up and said, "Please help me kill Qiong Qi and avenge my master!"
Yi Yu went to the ancient god dove and gently stroked the feather on its head and smiled: "Why should I avenge your master?" He’s not my master, let alone a father and son without Fahrenheit. "
You!’ When I heard Yi Yu say that it was not the ancient god, the dove, who was angry at once, but now she can only speak in a low-eyed, warm voice: "Qiong Qi has a heaven mirror and a nine-setting tripod. If you kill him, you will get two treasures of heaven and earth. Isn’t that enough?"
On hearing this, Yi Yu, Shen Wusu and Qi Xiaer immediately released six green lights in their eyes and stared at the ancient god dove. The big bird only felt its feathers explode as soon as it cooled down. "You! ….. What do you want? I … I really don’t taste good! "
Wiped her mouth to drool awesomely: "How can you be sure that one of Qiong Qi’s treasures is with you? If you dare to tell a lie, pluck your hair and put it in the pot immediately! "
The ancient god dove quickly said, "Then Qiong Qi has never returned to his lair after he got the treasure, and he will never put the two treasures down."
Yi Yu smiled and said, "It’s really a waste of time to find a place to get it!" I’ll take this heavenly mirror and Jiu Ning Ding! "
As soon as the ancient god dove heard Yi Yu’s words, she quickly struck the iron while it was hot and said, "Thank you for your revenge for my master!"
"well! ? ….. "Yi Yuxi was so happy that Erbao was just about to answer, but suddenly his eyes turned bad and he smiled:" Who said I was going to avenge your master? "
The ancient god dove said in a daze, "You! Didn’t you say just now … "
Yi Yu smiled triumphantly: "What did I say just now?"
At this time, the ancient god dove thought that Yi Yu really didn’t promise it anything, but now the opportunity is rare, and it quickly grabbed: "Aren’t those two treasures enough?" What else do you want, greedy human? "
Yi Yu said with a smile, "Those two things are good. But it’s not yours! I will defeat Qiong Qi’s family and seize the treasure later, but it’s not your reward! I’ll set Qiong Qi free after I’ve got the treasure, which will be a great achievement. "
"You …" The ancient god dove said urgently, "What do you want?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Since your late Lord is dead, you are a homeless little animal, and you are covered with injuries, so I will be kind enough to take you home. It is also a good deed to strike the time on weekdays. "
The ancient god dove thundered, "You want me to commit myself to slavery? That’s impossible! And … and I can’t crow! "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Oh? Is it really impossible? Don’t you want to avenge your master? Don’t you want to heal the old wounds that have been deposited for thousands of years? Don’t you want to fly to Wan Li in an instant? "
Listening to Yi Yu’s confused words, the ancient god dove also showed longing in her eyes and asked, "Can you give me all this?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "If you want to get all this, you must trust me first and don’t doubt it! Only by trusting me can I get my help. "
"What do I need to pay?" Obviously, the ancient god dove can’t be deceived in a few words.
Yi Yu smiled. Patted the head of the ancient god dove and said, "All you have to do is be loyal to me!" "
Look at Yi Yu’s magic stick. The ancient god dove tentatively asked, "Is that all?" Obviously, at this time, its mood is very contradictory, and the price offered by Yi Yu is really attractive. But it doesn’t trust Ren Yiyu.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Oh? Do you have any other places? "
The ancient god dove murmured, "Yes! What else do I have besides loyalty? "
Yi Yu said lightly, "You don’t have much time to think about it. If you don’t reply before Qiong Qi comes in. I’ll take it that you rejected my proposal. "
The ancient god dove said, "No, I just promise. As long as you can kill Qiong Qi, I will be yours in the future. But … "
"But what?" Yi Yu casually asked.
The ancient god dove said seriously, "you can’t always talk about eating me!" This will make me very uncomfortable. "
Yi Yu was one leng, but he didn’t expect the ancient god dove to make such a request. He agreed without much thought. Yi Yu nodded: "Very well, I promise you. In the future, you will be glad that you made a wise choice today! "
"I also hope so! Please don’t let me down. " After making a choice, the ancient god dove was a lot easier.
Yi Yuxiao laughed: "It shouldn’t be difficult for Qinger to help her get rid of the poison on her body first. You are an expert. But be careful. Now the big bird is very weak. If it doesn’t work, don’t force it. "
Qinger hurried to the ancient god dove and looked at it carefully. "Qinger knows, but it seems that the situation of the ancient god dove seems to be in some trouble. After all, the time has dragged on for too long."
Yi Yu patted Qinger’s head and smiled: "It doesn’t matter. Take your time and don’t worry." Then Yi Yu smiled strangely and said, "Let’s go and see who this uninvited Qiong Qi is!"! By the way, bring back those two treasures. "
Just two steps later, Yi Yu suddenly said, "I heard that the Heaven Mirror and Jiu Ning Ding are the most powerful treasures. Although these two treasures have just been unmanageable by Qiong Qi’s income, there is no guarantee that he won’t use them once or twice each. Later, just to be on the safe side, Xi ‘er and Shui ‘er will ambush and prepare for the strongest attack. Watch my signal and type it together. Everyone else is prepared not to be merciful. Once you shoot, you must not leave anyone alive. " For the funeral, please see the next edition of Xuanyuan Treasure.

Back to the two hundred and thirtieth Xuanyuan treasure
Jade reminded everyone: "We must try our best not to have a chance when we make a move later …"
Others have no objection, except that the cold calyx rolled its eyes several times and asked, "What if we break the Haotian mirror and Jiu Ning Ding together? Wouldn’t that be a big loss?"
Yi Yu smiled slightly and said, "If we break it in these two moments, I think the Heaven Mirror and Jiu Ning Ding are not treasures. If they are broken, there is no pity."
Mrs. Bao Xiang held the cold calyx in her arms and said with a smile, "My silly daughter, the mirror of heaven and the tripod with nine curbs are the treasures of the world in ancient times. If you can’t stand the attacks of several people, it will be destroyed long ago. How can you stay now?" Besides, when you see Yi Yu suffer, don’t worry! "
Yi Yu’s praise of Mrs. Bao Xiang can only be ignored. Cold calyx suddenly laughed: "Yes! Why didn’t I think of that! This bad guy won’t suffer if he comes back. " Yi Yu smiled and didn’t argue much. She went out directly to prepare for the upcoming Qiong Qi’s.
Let’s talk about Qinger, who was left here to heal the wounds of the ancient god dove. She turned around the big bird that collapsed on the ground twice and asked, "Who left this essence of ebony on you?"
The ancient god dove’s silence for a moment seemed to be thinking and hesitating for a long time without answering Qinger’s question.
Qinger smiled faintly: "Why is there anything you don’t want to say? It’s not good to avoid illness and avoid medical treatment! "
"That … what is the essence of ethyl wood?" Finally, a moment later, the ancient god dove asked a question that made Qinger absolutely fall.
Qinger sat patiently and said, "It’s the toxin of the wood property entrenched in your body! You are really good enough to be poisoned for thousands of years and still don’t know what it is! "
The ancient god dove was embarrassed and said, "I was originally ignorant of toxicology, and I was put in the tomb of Wuhua not long after I was injured and poisoned … I think it was the spring god under the Yellow Emperor who hurt me! I haven’t felt better since she hurt me. I think it’s her. "


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