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This is the translation that Chi Mie came up with in his mind.

And Yunzui couldn’t help but sigh and say, "Gao Fushuai is tall, rich and handsome, but you have appearance, wealth and status. This is a compliment."
Chi Mie, although I heard about commendatory words for the first time, isn’t that a compliment?
Suochi knows that it’s a good idea and it won’t be a bad word.
"What about the rich man?" Chi Mie asked again
Chapter One Perfect Match
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It’s funny that you care so much about your image.
Thinking that if Chi Mi is turned to modern times, modern girls will see Chi Mi.
It happened that Chi Mi was wearing an ancient costume to cross the past. If he was in a prosperous area, those modern people would definitely see Chi Mi. He is an actor.
And so handsome and so temperamental.
It will be surrounded by flattery, but at the same time, Yunzui can’t help but worry. What if the pool is angry and splits those modern people?
Will Chi Mi be arrested for experiments?
It was a fantasy of Yunzui, but in the end, Lenovo Yunzui always came up with bad things, so Yunzui stopped fantasizing.
She went on to explain that "a rich husband is actually a golden turtle"
After that, I also made a turtle crawling, and I couldn’t help but frown deeply.
Did he misunderstand at first?
It’s still precious. Who knew it was a turtle?
See ChiMie frown like cloud drunk immediately said, "You don’t think wrong. Although the rich man is a turtle, he is really a golden turtle. That is valuable, just like Gao Fushuai. They are all men who have careers and money. They are the kind of men who are very fascinated by women and scream when they see it. Every woman’s fantasy object wants to marry the rich man and Gao Fushuai."
I know what I’m talking about, but modern times are too messy to say that turtles are good worshippers.
In ancient times, they liked to call Tianlong a human being, but they regarded the tortoise as a big shot.
It’s really hard to understand
"It’s good to be outstanding in the modern king."
Because in Yunzui’s eyes, aesthetics is a modern vision. If you look at the ancient people with different aesthetics, will he be ugly in Yunzui’s eyes?
But in front of those ancient people, he is the best, which is a very sad thing.
"I’ll tell you another word." Yunzui moved the topic to modern times as if there were endless words.
"What?" Chi Miao is also very interested in raising Yunzui Hyundai, so Chi Miao immediately has the interest to ask
After Yunzui smiled mysteriously at Chimie, she was a little embarrassed to say "Bai Fumei".
Chi Mie doesn’t feel like a man when he hears this word.
That’s the woman? Yunzui, is this a compliment to yourself?
Chi Mie is a little embarrassed to know what Yun Zui’s expression just now is.
It turns out that this is intended to praise yourself.
After expressing understanding, Chi Mi deliberately said, "Then Bai Fumei said that it will definitely not be you."
Smell speech cloud drunk expression can’t help but immediately collapsed to get angry and move on.
Chi Mie couldn’t help immediately hugging Yunzui from behind Yunzui and saying, "Well, it’s you. Your skin is like jelly. This king knows that wealth is the clearest. Hehehe Wang knows that you robbed Tiefan Beauty King in troubled waters and that if you are not beautiful, there will be no beauty in that world."
Smell speech cloud drunk this just a little happy then said, "that’s more like it. You are Gao Fushuai and I am Bai Fumei. Two people walk together and are born with a pair of hee hee."
It’s rare for Yunzui to appear naughty.
Chi Mie immediately felt nai. In fact, Yunzui is a grown-up who likes to pretend to be old.
9 Chapter 9 Perfect Match (2)
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She should be a naive person when she comes.
But I don’t want to show it. It’s hard to hide my true nature.
"Wang, you see, it’s not long before we are predestined friends with you, and one more thing is that we are good enough, appreciate each other."
I can’t help but roll my eyes when I hear the words. It seems that I can’t praise myself with Chi Mi or it will be endless.
"Well, I’ll tell you one thing at last." Yunzui didn’t plan to talk all night. They also planned to go in now and make a trip to the secluded hall.
"Huh?" Chi Mie told Yun Zui that he would never refuse modern things.
All ears
"In fact, you are not an old cow eating young grass." Yunzui said slowly.
Chi Mi couldn’t help but wonder that his old cow eats young grass? !
Yunzui smiled and said, "You are young and talented in modern times, but I am a minor in modern times. I don’t know how many times I exaggerate than you. This is uncle Lori’s love."
Chi Miwen couldn’t help but frown more deeply. Uncle and girl?
Yunzui’s age is Lori. He’s an uncle.
Uncle is still understandable in the eyes of ancient people.
Isn’t an uncle and a girl just an old cow eating young grass?
"Don’t be sad. In fact, I am about your age in modern times." She is also in her twenties.
It’s about the same age as Ike, but it’s a little smaller now.
Chi Mie still knows the secret of Yunzui. If Yunzui doesn’t talk about it, isn’t there a lot he doesn’t know?
"Is that the same age as Su Dye?" Chi Mi suddenly thought of Su Dye Pupil.
Maybe Yunzui and Su Dye Pupil are similar in age.
Yunzui remembered Su Dye’s pupil. Yes, in fact, she and Su Dye’s pupil are similar in age.
If you go back to Su Dye’s body, she will be in love with Uncle Loli, who is not in Chi Mi’s life.
Cloud drunk nodded and then suggested "let’s go"
Besides, I don’t know when it will come.


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