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As soon as the words fell, he turned and walked to the maple forest.

North slave Chu Yejun hurriedly followed behind her, and North slave asked softly, "Why is the clothes of Chu Yejun’s white sister so weird? Yin and yang? "
Walking in front of him, Bai Jue suddenly stopped to look at Chu Yejun behind him and shrugged his shoulders.
North slave some embarrassed, after all, I came to whisper, but I didn’t expect to be heard by Bai Jue.
Bai Jue sighed and turned his eyes to see that Bei Nu was a little nervous. The tone was quite nai, which solved the mystery. "Bei Nu is because I am a priest, and the two hexagrams of Yin and Yang represent my identity as a priest."
Northern slave was startled. She never imagined that Bai Jue was an offering teacher!
Smell the priest can communicate with the Yin spirit.
What made her know each other in vain?
She suddenly felt that Chu Yejun had an ulterior motive in luring her to the Yuanta.
The eyes were complicated and glanced at Chu Yejun, but it was inconvenient for her to ask Chu Yejun what he was doing because Bai Jue was present. Do a good job of holding back his head and secretly thinking about it. Ask him when you find a time.
Bai Jue suddenly took Beinu slightly cold hands. "Let’s go, I’ll take you into the place where I worship, and then let Yejun take you around Guiyuan Tower. Your relatives died tragically. Since you are predestined, I will help them to scatter their souls in the six realms and get together to reincarnate them."
North slave is suddenly. Is this the order of Chu Yejun?
I look back at Chu Yejun again, but he gave her a gesture to reassure her.
Bei Nu’s affection for him is even more profound. Chu Yejun is a person who can’t say much, but will silently be with him …
This is not to say that Chu Yejun is not good, but it will make her heart fall into his tender feelings inadvertently. Chapter 117 Sacrifice to the Teacher 1
All the way, I watched the red maple leaf suddenly fall off the branch and fly. The scenery was very beautiful, but it made Bei Nu feel that the maple leaf was leaving the branch in pain.
She could feel the falling maple leaves and didn’t want to leave the branches.
Staring at the maple leaf in the middle of the tree, holding her hand and saying to her, "There are some things and feelings that you should let nature take its course. There is no need to give yourself too much sadness. You won’t know whether it is sad or happy until the end. For example, in front of your eyes, it is a sad thing for your loved ones to die tragically, but if you look at it from a different perspective, it is actually another rebirth of your loved ones."
Bei Nu looked at the front to lead the way. Bai Juebai didn’t look back. She was still the smooth and shiny hair. Her back was lonely and strong, which made Bei Nu feel strange. Bai Juebai seemed to be the same world as her.
Chu Yejun strolled through the maple leaf forest and followed Bei Nu’s footsteps behind him. Stepping on the maple leaf will make a rustling sound, which is a soft and comfortable feeling of stepping on sponge.
Following Bai Jue’s seven turns in the maple forest, a huge sacrificial tower appeared in front of Bei Nu’s eyes, which shocked her and made her feel that it was not human power. The sacrificial tower was built from the ground, and there would be four thick chains around it, and the wailing sound would come from time to time, making the whole tower look very strange.
The sacrificial pagoda is also the Guiyuan pagoda.
In fact, the tower has nine floors and can give people four floors.
There is an ice bed on the first floor of Guiyuan Tower, which is the promotion of cultivation;
The second layer is warming jade, warming the meridians and repairing the pulse, which also has the effect of relieving all kinds of toxins;
The third layer is that the biggest effect of washing tendons and cutting veins in Pu pool is to make fighters suddenly produce Wu Ling in the fifth Wu Huang;
The fourth floor is the ambush array, where you practice. You don’t worry about being possessed.
The fifth floor belongs to the place where Bai Jue worships. It is from the fifth floor that the piercing and tragic wailing sound comes.
"Why is there a whining sound here?"
North slave was a little frightened and looked a little pale.
Smell the northern slave doubt white unique original smiling face convergence and those gentle eyes like water have sharp tone of murder cold cold said, "don’t just Yin those ghosts! I can smell that I am psychic, and all beings in transcend are heinous, and the evil spirits dare to gather together to return to Yuanta. The tone is arrogant than threatening me to arrange wealth and high roads for them in transcend, otherwise it will make me restless! Dare to come to my site to challenge my majesty is simply overreaching and killing yourself! Now I have suppressed them by the spiritual power in the Yuan Tower, and they are well reflected in the tower! "
Bei Nu looked at Bai Jue’s coldness and suddenly felt that the outside smell was not false.
There is a stunning priest in the night palace, who is as cold as ice and doesn’t care about the world.
And she will always go her own way. I won’t attack me. If anyone attacks me, I will taste it ten times!
It’s like this. With personal love and hate, she will surpass her relatives by her own spiritual strength. Chapter 118 Sacrifice the teacher.
Feel the northern slave strange eyes white off didn’t deliberately to ease his face cold sample is still that as cold as ice sample eyes staring straight at the evil spirits in the tower.
If those evil spirits didn’t really do anything to hurt the world, she would have gone to Yin to ask the leaders of the underworld what they did and ate, and let so many evil spirits out!
On the contrary, Chu Yejun saw Beinu’s lost color face. He gently took Beinu’s small hand and whispered, "Don’t worry, Sister Bai, since she promised to help you, she will definitely help you."
Beinu’s cold little hand touched Chu Yejun’s warm palm, and his heart pounded unconsciously.
A mo Xin rose and nodded at him.
It is still very difficult for her to suppress her feelings for Chu Yejun in her heart.
Bai Jue squinted at Chu Yejun and shook his head slightly with his hands closed, but she didn’t want to expose two people who couldn’t help themselves. Sometimes, when they were exposed too soon, there would be a burning oil situation, which made Chu Yejun and Bei Nu even more reckless to choose together.
Now he and she are such a situation. If she wakes up, two people can’t fall into the world of seven emotions, and they are afraid that they will become two people who are stubborn and want to be together. Then even Bai Jue, an outsider, has to accidentally say that he hopes that after she finishes the relatives of Bei Nu, Bei Nu can really put the former blood feud behind him and return to the Elves with peace of mind.
Three people are staying in front of the tower with their own worries. Suddenly, a pretty woman walks out of the tower and salutes before seeing Bai Jue’s look uneasy. "The young lady said that her stomach hurts."
Hearing this, Bai Jue’s face changed greatly. "What’s wrong with your wife?"
"Miss Xiaoyuan doesn’t know, let’s hurry in and have a look."
White off a flicker and flew straight to the seven-story tower. Chu Yejun and Bei Nu looked at each other, unwilling to lag behind. Chu Yejun took Bei Nu and followed Bai Jue into the tower.
After entering the tower, the tower is not as small as it looks. On the contrary, it is a building like a palace.
Carved beams and painted buildings are as small as a railing, but they are also carefully carved. The carved flowers are dyed in the face, and they look alive, just like the flowers in front of you, so people can’t help but reach out and touch them.
But at this time, when they entered the tower, they were not in the mood to appreciate this unique carving. They followed closely in front of them, and their figures were fast and white. In this palace, they turned two places and came to their destination conveniently. Without hesitation, they closed the door in front of her and whisked them to the door, where they were split by her spiritual power.
A lady appeared in a conspicuous place in the door opening. At first glance, her clothes were about ten years old, and she was wearing white clothes of Yin and Yang, just like Bai Jue. It was very obvious that she was carrying a big belly and leaning on the only reclining chair in the room, quietly sending soup from a bowl in her hand to her mouth. It didn’t seem that the door was broken and there was something strange.
White off to see her a carefree kind a little spirit not dozen 1 to nu way "niang 119 chapter 119 the teacher 3.


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