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Yin Shitong followed the elder, but he didn’t beg for his life. When he heard Yan welcome dust and Jian Xing cold, he thought about it and thought it best to avoid it first. Leave the elder for a while and come back when the elder succeeded.

Although the seniors will be angry, it is better than being delayed by the seniors.
Yin Shitong finally took a hard look at Yan welcome and Jian Xing cold and quickly flicker away.
"That guy is gone" Yan welcome a sigh of relief.
"Do you think they can find us?" Yan welcome body lay back and lifted up her head and asked
"We can, but we can’t just wait for the mystery to save us. We need to save ourselves." Jian Xing Han tried to touch the arm that imprisoned them and directly wrapped up a series of arcs.
Before Yan Welcome and Jian Xing Han found the weakness of the law, they suddenly approved a large number of Lei Guang, accompanied by an old voice "I advise you to be honest or you will suffer."
"Yin shitong? Why isn’t he here? " The sound see Yin Shitong is not confused way
Yin Shitong was sent by him to guard Yan welcome and Jian Xing Han, but somehow he went AWOL.
On the other hand, leaving Yin Shitong temporarily doesn’t recognize that Yan Jiechen and Jian Xing Han can escape the imprisonment of the law. You know, they are trapped, but the third-order law corresponds to the monk’s Yan Jiechen and Jian Xing Han in the foundation period. How can they run?
Not to mention Yan welcome and Jian Xing cold, the abode of fairies and immortals is just beside the elder. What’s the problem?
Even if something really goes wrong, then the senior Yuan Ying can’t solve it. What can he do?
After thinking about it, Yin Shitong slipped away.
Is to let Yin Shitong didn’t expect this slip away, instead of letting himself escape, he sent himself into the abyss.
"Yin Shitong, we’ve been waiting for you for half a day." Then advanced Yuanying magic repairs the abode of fairies and immortals’ doorway’, and Brother Ka Lai’s knowledge of gods can sweep to the edge. A line of people tackled Yin Shitong on the spot.
Seeing the mystery and the return of the year and the snake spirit, many Yin Shitong was shocked. "How did you find this place?"
You know, it’s impossible not to be cautious to practice magic in the three caves of the cunning rabbit even more than to take possession of the house and add advanced magic in the realm
Even he brought Yin Shitong who can control life and death.
It can be said that this place has an insider, Yin Shitong, except himself.
Magic repair can’t betray yourself, so you can be an outsider.
Aware of this, Yin Shitong’s heart is more desperate than just facing Yan welcome and Jian Xing cold.
"We have to thank you for this. Without you, we wouldn’t have found this place." Mystery said with a smile.
"It’s impossible for the seniors to confirm that you didn’t come and say that I’m just a foundation period. What does this have to do with me?" Yin Shitong wondered
Chapter 115 Chapter 115
"Tut tut, I didn’t expect you to go to the mouth even for such an old man. It’s really not picky about food."
After confirming that Yin Shitong had an affair with the Yuan Baby Magic Fix, the mystery tutted.
"But that was before. Now you have something to coax him into?" Mystery looked at Yin Shitong and asked with a smile
Touguxiang means that there are monks who can resist it, but more can’t resist it.
Otherwise, Yin Shitong didn’t try his best to get the Touguxiang formula and collect the materials hard.
Touguxiang is really good for lecherous people, but it can directly reduce the IQ of the other person. If you want to fascinate people, you have to look at the means of the owner.
Yin Shitong, on the other hand, didn’t say that he came to a convent. He took a shortcut and now he wants to capsize directly.
The mystery shows schadenfreude, which makes Yin Shitong’s heart lose people. "Hum, the other person is also a brother Yuan Ying no matter how old he is, and his strength is solid. You have the highest talent over there, then dzogchen, and you still have the mind to mock me?"
Although the capsizing did reduce his impression in Yuan Ying’s predecessors’ minds, his situation was not the worst compared with the mysterious ones.
Yuan Ying’s predecessor knew that he would never show up if he was not sure. Once he appeared, he said that he had the strength to take people.
After all, it’s also true. Then how could dzogchen be the opponent of Brother Yuan Ying? He still thinks about how to coax the other side back after Yuan Ying’s predecessors won.
"Really? I really believe in the strength of Master Brother Guinian, don’t you think so, Senior Sister Snake Spirit?" Mystery said with a smile
Shi Tong, who was awakened by the mystery, did not notice that another dzogchen, who was present, could not help but let the snake spirit be a body, which was not noticeable.
Although her figure is not noticeable, once she is noticed, she can no longer be ignored.
"Why don’t you help?" Yin shitong looked at the snake spirit surprised way
Before he returned to the year and the snake spirit, two elixirs, dzogchen, played two against Yuan Ying’s predecessors.
"What can I do for you? He’s not my equal "snake spirit way.
"It’s not too ridiculous for you to say that my senior Yuan Ying is not an opponent of then dzogchen’s physical training!" Yin Shitong suddenly said in a high voice that he wanted to make a statement to Tianyuan Baby Magic.
"Well, the elder sister of Snake Spirit has you and Guinian Senior Brother here, so I’ll go to Yan to welcome the dust and cold the sword star first." The mystery looked for a while and saw that Guinian really didn’t fall off the wind and was going to leave.
"You take this little guy to help you lead the way, by the way." Snake Spirit said with a smile, and then his teeth suddenly bit Yin Shitong’s body and immediately turned back to a male body uncontrollably.
"Don’t-!" Yin Shitong look horrified refused to say
If he stays a woman, he may still have a way to live. If he becomes a man again, he will be completely dead!
It’s not a secret that he changed from male to female in front of Brother Yuan Ying, but that his female body is too beautiful to make Brother Yuan Ying feel happy, like appearances, and Brother Yuan Ying is too lazy to continue to break him.
But now that the beautiful appearance has faded and turned back into a male body with no outstanding face, it is strange that Brother Yuanying will look at him more, fearing that the former memories will be overthrown by the Ministry.
Yin Shitong is the man who knows the man best, otherwise he wouldn’t have hooked up with the monk of the then-elixir period with his appearance and penetrating incense.


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