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"Ying, you have carefully analyzed all the passages of the International Trade Building, even the places where rats can drill." Wu Xiaojian knew Chen Ying very well and asked her.

"Brother, what reward do I have for this success?" Chen Ying acquiesced in his words and began to ask for benefits.
"You can choose whatever you want when it’s done. We robbed a lot of money anyway."
Before or considering the situation here, I have to stay here all the time. Now it seems that because of the lifting of the magic star seal, less monsters no longer add value, and the rest is handed over to Yunlong and they can handle it. There is no need for him to continue to manage here. Li Fangqiang and Ma Ling were immediately saved and left here to go back to reality. Enjoy is king.
I didn’t expect him to spend such a wonderful summer vacation. When he got to the dormitory …
By the way, speaking of the dormitory, we should take Song Qing and Luo Bing out together, but it should be a small matter to leave it to the night.
"I’m going to make you something to eat." Li Qianru was even more worried. Wu Xiaojian swung her handsome ponytail and went to the kitchen to make him something to eat and mend his body.
"Well, thanks."
Li Qianru’s most successful place is that she grabbed his stomach with one hand and made him want to break up with her unless he wanted to commit suicide.
A group of people gathered in the living room.
Wu Xiaojian found out in the living room that they were really in the ancient city of Heiling. Anyway, there are piles of houses in the ancient city of Heiling, and they are no longer built. Just find a little cleaning and repeatedly move other furnishings such as Li Qianru’s house to decorate it, which can become a very good residence.
Because they haven’t finished the occupation of the ancient city of Heiling, they can also temporarily live in a relatively marginal place, which is two blocks away from the white skull BOSS without a raiders.
"Judging from the layout of the building now, they are really afraid that we can’t even run in if we rob it, but it’s really full of loopholes. I would never decorate it like this." Chen Ying opened her notebook and let her brain display the 3D structure of the International Trade Building. There are also red dots to mark the activities of the characters inside, and even click the corresponding red dot to display the nearby surveillance probe picture.
"That’s what you said when you got the surveillance system under control. If it’s a disgrace, run in and make sure you don’t know how to get there." Wu Xiaojian woke her up.
Chen Ying spits out her tongue and proudly raises her smiling face. She still has this thing to make him say this, okay?
"The easiest way to save Li Fangqiang and Ma Ling is to fish them out from the roof directly through the stairwell." Wu Xiaojian carefully observed the patrol arrangement of each floor and admired that there are so many people who believe Yunlong’s nonsense to recognize him as the culprit. He didn’t want to make a quick decision when there were too many waves in this matter.
Besides, he has never taken the usual path and asked him to learn five things at a time and hit the 15th floor unless he was stupid enough to know that it was the most unfeasible way.
"But I want to save people from the surface. Those summoning animals patrolling outside the floor can’t be seen."
Chen Ying’s little screen, the white dots next to the composition of the International Trade Building, these dots mark the summoning of summoners by summoning players. These things are monsters, and they can stay awake for 4 hours. If foreign objects break into them, they will be killed and they don’t care. Anyway, the alarm has been sent out.
"Things are very troublesome these days."
Wu Xiaojian admits that flying things is a big trouble these days. It is no wonder that they are so relieved that Fang’s security is so lax that few people patrol there.
"What is this side?"
Wu Xiaojian noticed that the international trade building was very big.
"parking lot?" Chen Ying refers to the parking lot of the International Trade Building.
"Not this layer of area"
Wu Xiaojian clicked on the screen to let her see clearly that the parking lot and the first floor were marked with red fields in the composition.
"Here, here, I remember it seems to be …" Chen Ying Macha didn’t notice this place because she helped to consider the rescue of Li Fangqiang and Ma Ling Passage.
"Eat first."
Li Qianru doesn’t want to go to too much trouble. She cooked a little noodles and brought them to taste Mu Jiao Jiao. She was hungry in the past.
Other beautiful women are not people, they are all goblins. They don’t eat for ten years. They eat mainly the aura of heaven and earth. It can also be said that they are not willing to refuse things that are delicious.
"Here seems to be …"
Chen Ying finally found out what that area was and told Wu Xiaojian.
When Wu Xiaojian’s eyes lit up, the horse narrowed slightly and thought of a good idea, saying, "Actually, we can still …" See what he thought about.
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Chapter No Distinction between Ghosts and Shadows [Chapter 18, Latest Update 131 19:33:13]
"ouch! ! !” A wild animal howled suddenly in the dark room, and through the dim light, you could see that the room was like a bomb.
"shout! Hoo! " Heavy breathing makes the sound painful.
Suddenly, the room lights up, so that the man curled up in the corner of the room can’t help hiding his face in his arm to escape from here. Is it dazzling light?
"Have you found a way out?"
The man seemed to know who came in and asked him without looking.
A cold female voice came from the direction of the door.
The man immediately exposed his cold and handsome face from his arm and questioned the woman looking at the door, holding back great pain and asking, "What’s the way to communicate with the outside?"
The woman looked at him and felt very distressed, but she shook her head regretfully and cut off his last hope.
A man hits the ground with one punch and directly hits the floor of his body, which shows the situation of meeting each other.
"That … they? !”
Men put their last hopes in his mouth.
"Haven’t appeared and disappeared from this world." The woman was very confused and sorry. She told him that she paused and continued, "Yunlong, we can’t rule out that they may have …"
"They won’t! They are still in our hands and they will not just jump out of this world! "
Man ….. Yunlong finished like a seriously injured dragon. His eyes hated and he seemed to understand Wu Xiaojian’s clamoring for difficulty. He got up and was horrified to see that there was an exposed black heart on his chest, which was constantly eroding his body. His vitality was beating, making him look like a man without a ghost and a ghost.


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