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"Well," Jiang Hu listened to Zhang Hao’s suggestion and chose Debon’s manager to accompany Zhang Hao crazy.

On the fifth floor of Zhang Hao, the robot was selected in seconds, and then a message was sent. Then the teammates fried the pot.
You got me drunk. I’m really drunk. What’s this?
Oo hehe Qiqi
Yy ? 543 Great God, I’m broadcasting live. You’re stealing the camera. You made it.
And in the end, no one left, that’s all
Zhang Hao and Jiang Hu are on the blue side.
Blue square tree, middle fox, wild blind monk, Luther and robot.
Purple Fang Dan Rambo, Zhong Dan Yasuo, Wild Mantis, Lu Xi ‘an and Qin Nv.
Blue and purple phalanxes are very violent, and several powerful heroes are free, but Debon is really not understood.
After all, it is rare to have no ad bureau. Throughout the lpl arena, it was also the time when S and the royal family confronted each other. The royal family had an ad array and lost, which also made the audience feel that they could not play without ad bureau.
But Zhang Hao never thought how powerful ad was. ad is a continuous output and Debon is an instantaneous output.
In fact, sometimes instantaneous output may be better than continuous output.
Chapter 27 The robot is a good hero
That’s the end of the game. Zhang Hao bought the sacred shield. This is an artifact. Zhang Hao never pulls it.
When the relic shield is upgraded to the mountain, that active effect shield is a must for the tower residual blood show.
Go out to Zhang Hao to signal your partners to follow.
Ceng Long and Chen Jiahao simply came behind them, and the robot Debon combination attracted their attention. They were used to seeing boring roads, and it was interesting to look at this non-mainstream collocation occasionally.
"level 1 q, level 2 e is dry"
"Well" Jiang Hu followed Zhang Hao’s suggestion.
"Come with me and I will die first." Zhang Hao woke up again.
"Well" Jiang Hu heard this heroic promise and never looked back again. In the final analysis, it was dry.
The local map Enron Zhang Hao robot has not played any great role. In this era of folk decoration, the robot ability is not as unexpected as before
Moreover, Zhang Hao’s ability of their first-level regiment is outstanding, and the opposite side also chose to avoid its sharpness and not confront it head-on
Debon was still level 1 at the time of the line, although he tried to communicate with blind monks and took this red buff to make Debon line level 2, but this yy ? 543 guy didn’t let buff give up when he saw it. After all, it’s not good to talk about it.
In fact, that live broadcast is also selfish and doesn’t want to make way for too many people to steal the camera. Zhang Hao, you know, it’s such an idea that you have to spit out old blood.
When Lucian saw Debon, he didn’t figure out why the opposite side would be so combined, but he was a little contemptuous for a moment.
At the time of the Jianghu Bureau, it seemed that the situation was somewhat passive. Lu Xi ‘an suppressed Debon’s recruitment so that he did not dare to be too forward, which made Jianghu very entangled.
Fortunately, at this time, Zhang Haosheng’s shield played its role, relying on the spike effect for two seconds. Debon slowed down the urgent need. If you have been crushed, you will have no fun. There is a saying that you are crushed step by step.
Lucian has been suppressing Debon, revealing the clues. Zhang Hao sees the opportunity and pulls Lucian with a hook in the grass.
I also blame Lu Xi’ an for taking the lead. A Debon actually went out of the line. At this moment, Liping A attacked the animation robot and had the opportunity to twist Lu Xi’ an.
""Zhang Hao urged this time pay attention to is a steady malicious can’t have a little hesitation.
Jiang Hu didn’t pit dad directly. Q skill and gun light up and attack Lu Xi ‘an floret.
There is no doubt that off the charts was hurt. Lucian was shot twice before handing over the flash. Zhang Hao also urged "flash"
Jiang Hu didn’t hesitate to flash directly to attack the third strike. At this moment, Qinnv made a weak Lu Xi’ an and made a flash treatment to save a life.
Debon retreated in the face of Lucian’s anger. After all, he must have suffered some losses when he came back after a long-term indiscriminate gun attack.
Lucian still has one and a half squares, and the blood volume is almost 15 points, while Debon still has two and a half squares, which is more than 25 points.
"One more wave and he will kneel." Zhang Hao smirked that Debon’s flash changed the opposite piano girl’s weakness. Lucian’s treatment of flashing double photos was simply not too cost-effective
After a wave of education, Lucian has obviously restrained a lot. Zhang Hao has cast tons of shadows on his young mind, and Zhang Hao has already begun to prepare for the second attack.
"Don’t fall with you." Zhang Hao is awake. Once the situation is played, it is the rhythm of slaughter, but once it is crushed, it is not fun.
The offensive must come in waves like the tide, so that it can be suppressed. If it is light, the other side will not dare to replenish troops, but if it is heavy, it will be fatal.
"Hua" appeared with a dazzling light, and Debon and the robot came to the second opportunity at the same time.
Zhang Hao, clean up the lines. If there are too many lines, you can’t fight.
Lu Xi’ an is still making up the soldiers. I don’t know that a massacre has helped the piano girl to constantly improve her skills, but she doesn’t dare to get too far ahead. The robot is too threatening, especially the second-class Debon has great lethality.
"There are still a few seconds left in E-skills," Zhang Hao asked.
"3 seconds"
"Prepare" Zhang Hao is ready to kill.
"Ding" Zhang Hao marked the opposite Lu Xi ‘an, although the signs of the robot moving in the grass handed over.
A moment later, the robot came to the side of Lucian, and then the E-skill energy iron fist severely hit Lucian and flew to Debon. Without the E-skill, the displacement skill didn’t come with Lucian, and he died in Debon’s gun.
"I’m lying in the trough. This injury is too high." Jiang Hu was scared and almost instantly destroyed Lu Xi’ an’s ability to resist
"That’s the combination. If it doesn’t output, I’ll choose him to die." Zhang Hao was complacent about this array, but he wanted to come out
Of course, this time, it is not that the enemy has a fatal hole, but that once the line fails to play an advantage, it will be a tragedy. During the team battle, it is almost a soy sauce role.
And it’s the kind of situation from beginning to end
In addition, I am afraid that the robot in the line changing routine will not cooperate with other melee, that is, I am afraid that once the opposite line is changed to the tower, two melee is the best way.
The robot is to slowly pull them out of the tower.
After killing Debon and the robot, they will push the line quickly, and then go home in the grass. It’s nothing to waste the line all the time. It’s better to go home first to replenish.
"That’s ok." I didn’t expect Zhang Hao to shed a blood so early and it was the most violent one
Back home, Debon made two long swords to output, but the off the charts-shaped robot made a red crystal to increase blood volume and pave the way with an eye stone.
When going out, Zhang Hao brought a real eye, a red eye and a blue eye. After all, if a wave of undead situations can be dragged away, it will be the winner
When I got to the line again, Lu Xi ‘an dared to be presumptuous. Zhang Hao put a real eye on the grass in the river to ensure that the road view was not squatted to the opposite side, otherwise the rhythm was suppressed, which was not fun.
"Just play the piano girl. Lucian is not easy to play. There is little hope." Zhang Hao is awake. Jiang Hu has changed the target of attack. The robot is Debon Online to strive for the best interests.
No matter who you kill, the effect is the same.
"Know" Jiang Hu is eager to try. He is also going to fight Lu Xi ‘an, but when he heard that he was going to bully the piano girl, he immediately pursued it.
When Zhang Hao moved towards Lucian again, it was actually agreed that the real goal of feint was the piano girl.
This tactic worked very well. When Lu Xi ‘an handed over the E skill, Zhang Hao’s mechanical flying claws flew to the piano girl, which made the piano girl completely unresponsive at the moment.
Forced Qin Nv to hand over the flash to escape Debon’s pursuit, but Zhang Hao didn’t give up because Debon’s belt was ignited when the game was over.


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