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Meeting with two big birds, three women feel back to the bird’s back because there are two big birds walking instead of walking. Although the delay is longer and longer, three people and two birds have gradually recovered some strength, but when calculating, they were trapped for nearly a day, and all three felt heavy in their hearts.

When it was Yu Yingnan’s turn and Li Yingqiong’s turn to protect the law, it was always surrounded by darkness when three people and two birds were on the rampage. Now Yu Yingnan listened to two children and said that his voice was inseparable. He knew that the enemy’s law was fierce. Although he was flying far away, he was still not far away from Fiona Fang.
She thought to herself that it was always not a way for us to waste a lot of effort, so she called Ying Qiong to stop flying, and the two birds stopped flying. Three people and two birds gathered in one place to protect the sword light and watch the changes in the law. At the same time, the three people were fidgety.
Only three people and two birds grounded soon and listened to the enemy whispering there. Yu Yingnan was angry with him in her heart, but suddenly she had a brainwave. When she remembered Yuanjiang, her brother gave herself a magic weapon named Suzaku Chong, which was a former ancient treasure. Once it was used, she could attack the enemy in a short distance with visual impairment. Although it seemed to take a lot of effort, she estimated that her skill should be enough to make her think of it once, and she didn’t hesitate to take out the crystal-like small shuttle from her waist and dry Kun bag to recite the formula and input her strength into her heart.
When Li Yingqiong saw that she took out the magic weapon, her eyes lit up. After the magic weapon flew out, she was eager to see the birds, and she followed the Suzaku to the back and released her own purple sword. She had an idea in her heart. We followed the flying sword several times and failed to cut the enemy, but we were met with many cynicism and stopped because we failed to hit it repeatedly.
Now that two or three hours have passed, the enemy must be. We won’t go in vain again. Maybe we have lost our guard at this time. Besides, now that Yingnan has got that strange magic weapon, maybe it will work?
Moreover, she heard Song Changgeng say that this purple Ying sword is a psychic vision, and she has spirituality. Even if she can’t use the imperial sword to move her mind, she can automatically attack the enemy. Now she has tried hard to refine this sword. It is a magic treasure refined by a real person with long eyebrows in the past, and she is extremely wonderful and poor. That’s why she put her sword out for testing.
The two children are the masters here. Sun just now, the young woman, their mother, the green sideburns fairy Niang Wei Qingqing, had something in the temple. Just now, she was drawn out to trap the enemy array and then went back to the temple. She repeatedly told the two children that they could take their flying swords alive and pay back their lost swords, so they could not move and hurt the law together.
The enemy of two people has become a fish in the net. Soon, they will faint and be captured, and they will argue again for a while. Both of them have relaxed a lot, but when we were talking about some household words, suddenly a red light flew up, and they were frightened and hurriedly changed their array to stop it, but the red light seemed to be as spiritual as the change of law, and they could not resist it.
The red light has embarrassed the Yi brothers a lot, but after the red light, we flew out with a purple light, chasing themselves like the red light. Two people couldn’t help but be frightened. They were still enemies in the platform, but they didn’t know it was purple. The sword body was as clever as the rosefinch’s attack, which made them go to find the enemy and make them hurry-scurry.
The purple light and the red light turned out to be supernatural. With the pursuit of the two men behind them, the Yi brothers went the same way, even reversing the law and breathing for a long time. The law was constantly changing.
Now one side is chased by purple light and red light, and the other side is afraid of another defeat. We don’t know each other as good as good. After a long time, Ying Qiong knows that this sword will never turn back unless she takes it back by herself.
But it’s been a long time, and I’m afraid that something will go wrong. Suddenly, a white light appears in the dark, and purple light and red light barely resist it. Then I heard a crisp female voice shout, "Yi Ding, Yi Zhen, don’t put away the array. Do you really want to die?" As soon as a word was said, the three girls felt that it was still sunny when they saw a light in front of them.
The three men took a look at this and now they have been moved out of the stone stage in front of the temple. Not far away in front of the three men, a little girl with an extremely short figure is set. The sample is seven years old. Jade and snow are lovely and a face of pride. At this time, a white light is pointing to stop the red light and purple light in the middle, and they are still entangled with each other.
Look around again and you will see that the two Yi brothers are looking at three people with a full face of resentment, but they are not saying a word behind the girl. Obviously, the girl’s identity is not simple. When the girl saw three people and two birds coming out, her eyes lit up and she barely smiled and said, "Several Taoist friends are extraordinary, even my Ananda sword is not an enemy. We are all fellow Taoist friends. Please stop and meet each other. Two amiable girls are easy and polite."
End of volume 25
Volume 26 Strong Zhong Lian Chapter two hundred and fifty-one Deja vu
"Yi Jing? We don’t know you. Since you are still talking about some reasons, we should talk about why you bully people and have laws. I tell you … "Qin Han calyx a pull a full face of aren’t just about to say Li Yingqiong with the girl, but she vaguely heard of this person but can’t remember clearly, but the family can’t easily offend.
She called Shuangying to take back her magic weapon, the flying sword. She also received her flying sword and made a gesture of meeting each other and talking. When the other side spoke, she intuitively felt that the other side seemed not to want to fight, but they were strong in the law. However, they knew very well that this would be released, and naturally they did not want to go back and taste it.
Sure enough, as Qin Han calyx expected, this girl responded and said, "I just got back, too. I didn’t expect two nephews to be so ridiculous. I don’t know how many people are called by the family." From the door of the elder in Emei, I am Yi’s brother and aunt, and a real brother in the corpse cave of Mo ‘er Cliff, Dagulang Mountain, Kunming, Yunnan, is called the goddess Ying Yijing. "
Qin Han calyx one leng, she smiled after handing over the ceremony. "It turned out that Miss Yi was rude. We didn’t want your two nephews to see our mount Shenjun, so it’s hard for us to lose anything. We are not from Emei School, but from Qingcheng School. We must have mistaken the girl for someone else. We have something to say goodbye to."
Say that finish will leave the goddess baby Yi Jing immature face one leng hurriedly reached out and stopped, "This is my nephew’s fault, please don’t hurt the two families at this point. Say something slowly" as he said, he also looked at Li Yingqiong’s sword in his hand, revealing a trace of doubt and strange look.
"What’s there to say? I know you today, fighting swords, but plotting against the law is at your doorstep. Hum! Is it great to have an array? " Li Yingqiong said with a look of Shaqi that she had always been very angry at being blocked by people, and it was nothing. She was angry that her carving was not as brave as the two sisters and had a fierce image.
After listening to her words, the goddess Ying Yi made a gift to the threesome seriously, and then primly said, "Although I don’t know the real situation about this matter, my two nephews don’t know that I love a few mounts and misunderstood my daughter. Fortunately, we didn’t lose a few Taoist friends, so don’t get angry again."
Although she has a seven-year-old appearance, she looks like a mature and elderly woman. Three women are all one leng, but they don’t smile. Since the other party has made up for their own side, there is no loss, and the three of them don’t want to pursue the other three. Although they are pampered, they are not unreasonable.
Look at her immature appearance Li Yingqiong well a burst of softhearted also disappeared, and was about to say something to contact the two children behind the emotional goddess Ying Yijing. The beautiful-looking child said bitterly, "How can you just forget it?" You guys are okay? I didn’t know it was my fault that the bird was provoked by its owner, but you ruined a magic weapon for me and it’s even.
But you shouldn’t even destroy me and my mother’s flying sword. Don’t just forget it unless you leave a bite of your flying sword. "Say that finish, although his face is serious, his eyes keep looking at the three women’s flying swords, especially at Li Yingqiong’s flying sword. A few people here can feel his greed.
Yi Jing had a burst of contempt and disgust for him. She had left here because she was at odds with Sister-in-law Green Temple Fairy Wei Qingqing. In addition, she didn’t like her two nephews, but she couldn’t say anything in front of outsiders.
See this nephew so no rules can’t help but look back malicious stared his one eye and said "yi Zhen you long matter? Greedy for petty gain and losing our face is just a matter of interrupting when the elders talk. Who taught you to be so rude? Step aside and wait for your grandfather to come back and punish you. It is certain that no one will protect you this time. "
Then he turned to the three women and smiled. "The poor family education made several people laugh, but I don’t blame my nephew for snacking. This sister’s flying sword is really good. My Ananda sword is my master’s own flying sword, and I can’t resist looking at the sample of this sword. It seems that I mean the purple sword in Emei, so I think you are Emei middleman."
I don’t know why Li Yingqiong felt very close to Yi Jing after seeing her. It seems that when she was with Yu Yingnan, she almost met Yi Jing and asked her to touch her own sword. She proudly said, "This sword is the purple sword of Emei, but the blood god, the traitor of Emei, took it from Miao Lady’s hand and I took it from him."
Yu Yingnan don’t want to be stiff in both ways and say with smile, "It seems that Daoyou is very respectful to Emei when they talk just now. I don’t know what it is? But speaking of which, we are also registered brothers of Emei. You didn’t say that we are Emei brothers. I don’t know anything. As soon as I saw Daoyou, I felt like I was old friends from the heart. "
Yi Jing’s ugly child is called Yi Ding. He has been talking with a few people. He didn’t expect his aunt to laugh and laugh with others on weekdays, but he was very close to the two women who wore red and purple. The kind smile seemed to have been revealed when he was with his grandfather and grandmother. He couldn’t help but feel stunned.
After listening to her words, Yi Jing Zheng hesitated for a moment before saying, "I felt the same way when I saw two Taoist friends. According to my master in this life, I was an immortal in my previous life and had several close Taoist friends who had died and struggled with each other several times. Today, I feel that I have never seen them before. I think you must be my close Taoist friends in my previous life."
Then he looked at Shuangying calmly and kindly and said, "I’ve always been arrogant to anyone, and I can’t speak calmly to two people who are like me. I just respected Emei in my words because I was taught by Emei to save my life."
Li Yingqiong’s eyes lit up and smiled. "I don’t know if we had any predestination in previous lives, but I think you are the one who likes to be close to me most besides my father, brother and British man. By the way, you said that Emei Sect taught real people to save your life? What happened? I met him when I was in Yuanjiang for treasure, and he was not a very good person. "
Yi Jing doesn’t seem to care about Li Yingqiong’s domineering manner. She laughs. "That’s why people say that the leader of Qi is a very nice person. It’s a long story. Since my sister asked me, I simply said a few words. I was born with a high talent and proudly became a first-time father in those years. I didn’t fly through the robbery and became a scattered fairy. I was even more proud.
When practicing in southern Xinjiang, she killed many demon people, and as a result, she got caught in the array by her magic. The nine ghosts lost their lives and lost their bodies, but they were saved by the real people of Emei Palm Sect, and escorted our Yuan God to my master. I didn’t reincarnate for a while, but asked the master to concise my Yuan body and become a baby.
Now you see that my sample is refined by secret method. Although it is the same as a stranger, it is not a stranger or a baby. I haven’t reached that level yet. This is my body made by the core of then.
Speaking of shame, I have hated myself for not getting enough collar since I went back to the mountain angrily. I have never been born for many years except to come to the Xuangui Temple every three years. Now I have been practicing in the mountains. Although my body is not a stranger, it is tempered by the secret method, but it soon became a practice. I am also a every cloud has a silver lining. I am worthy of suffering from refining my soul when I am concise.
This time, I took my aunt Shenni Youtan’s flying sword, saying that Emei taught her to hold a grand meeting of immortals in Ningbi Cliff of Emei Mountain, and ordered her to go to an appointment a few days ago to pay back her old kindness. Because some magic weapons she had refined were going to find a dove and a grandmother to settle old scores soon, I went back to the temple to pay my respects before going to Emei for an appointment, so I took some magic pills and gifts with me.
Walking near the Xuangui Temple, I suddenly saw that the array of Jiugongtai in front of the temple had moved. Previously, my father or brother and sister-in-law decided to preside over the array, and I still wanted people to dare to invade my house so boldly. Into the array at first glance, but now only two nephews Yi Ding and Yi Zhen are presiding. They have been forced to go their own way by a purple light and a red light, and I didn’t make moves until I recognized the origin of purple light.
Actually, I know that 90% of my two nephews are in trouble. They must have caused trouble while my father or brother and sister-in-law are away. I know that this Yi Zhen nephew has always been brave and used to make trouble. Seeing a few swords and light is also teaching a pulse, which will never invade my family. His two brothers must have made a mess while their grandfather and parents were in the morning.
And these two little guys don’t know the fate of the array. Although they trapped you in the array, they were forced into such a mess by your magic weapon and flying sword. It’s a shame. I’ve heard for a long time that the Emei Sect has purple swords and green suojian. I think the purple sword light in this world should be an Emei middleman, and I think of the past. Whether the bearer is reasonable or not, I have to let her out of the array.
Thought of here, while drinking to stop the two nephews’ orders, they will take away the law and fly out of their own sword light to try the purple Ying sword. If you don’t want to be really fierce, you are really good at admiring it. After seeing the two sisters, you feel particularly close. From your words, I guess it’s my nephew who is wrong. I’ll ask a few people to look at my meager sensibilities and let them go. "
Volume 26 Strong Zhong Lian Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Chinese Emperor Que
Yi Jing said that she wanted to go back and ask her two nephews to apologize, but after she appeared, she was left with the ugly Tong Yiding, and the handsome Tong Yizhen had disappeared. I think it was already when the two sides talked. Yi Jing felt annoyed, and she ran away with her sister-in-law on weekdays, otherwise Yi Zhou’s collar would be enough for her to learn a generation.
Her sister-in-law’s green sideburns, Fairy Wei Qingqing, dislikes Yi Ding’s ugly appearance, but dotes on Yi Zhen’s handsome appearance, justifying her faults and pampering her frivolous behavior. This is also the root cause of her sister-in-law’s bad blood. She was born in the first house and her brother was born in the side room, and the family disputes are the basis of discord between the two sides. This should also be the sentence that every family has a hard time singing and reciting.
Now Yi Zhenli must have gone back to find her sister-in-law, and relying on her sister-in-law to spoil Yi Zhendi, she must have helped outsiders oppress her. If she loves her, she will never give up if she hears the letter and walks out of two aspects, and her sister-in-law is provocative. Now her father has gone home in the morning, and people have made it ugly in front of outsiders.
But when I turned around, Yi Jing’s mind had turned several times. Thinking of this, she turned around and smiled at Li Yingqiong. "I should invite a few people to go in and do my best, but the three just said that something happened here. I was not good at delaying several things, so my family couldn’t receive them in the morning. I’m afraid I neglected them. I don’t know what it was that I might help?"
Li Yingqiong was quick-tongued. "It’s not that we stayed here for a long time. We came to play nearby. After my brother came, we went to Ziyun Palace to save someone. We worked together with several people in Emei before, but I didn’t expect them to calculate our place. We split up with them. Emei came to ask for real water. We came to save people, but it was irrelevant."
Yi Jing listened to Zheng, and his head turned white. This is the rivalry between the two sects. It is not appropriate for him to participate. However, Emei has something to do in the South China Sea, and he has to contribute to temporarily saving his life. Besides, he doesn’t want to see Sister-in-law’s face irritating for no reason. Just don’t go with these people.
Thought of here, she laughed. "Since the three girls have something to do, I can’t stay here. It must have been delayed for some time in Ziyun Palace. I’ve heard that the three girls of Ziyun have recently made friends with different demons, such as Xu Feiniang. Emei has no friendship and went to borrow water. I think the other party is definitely not going to borrow water to save people. I’m afraid it won’t be agreed according to the character of Ziyun Imperial Secretary.
My sister’s original intention was to go to Emei for an appointment to celebrate the government, so she turned around and went home to get some gifts. Dan Yao didn’t want to give up her nephew’s gift, which hindered several people. Now I heard that my father was wandering back, and my two sisters and I just accompanied three sisters to Ziyun Palace to see what they got.
By the time Ziyun Palace returns, my father will be wandering around. At that time, we will come back by the sidewalk and wait for me to take my belongings. I will go to Emei with my sisters to celebrate. Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone? "
Yi Ding wanted to interrupt that his mother was ruined by them. I’m afraid I won’t let a few people go right, but it’s hard to say it in front of outsiders. After all, it’s a family thing. He doesn’t want to refute his aunt’s face in front of outsiders. After all, because of his ugly face, his family doesn’t like having an aunt, which still hurts him.
After listening to Yi Jing’s words, Yu Yingnan said happily, "It’s certainly good for my sister to go. To tell the truth, after I met my sister, I was very close, just like I was with Ying Qiong’s sister, but my foolish sister accidentally injured your sister-in-law and made your nephew fly a sword. This is really disturbing. Although things have happened for a reason, we have settled now. Should we please ask your sister-in-law to apologize before leaving?"
Yi Jing also don’t want to bring about troubles immediately interface "now that we have met each other, we are a family, and what happened just now is due to misunderstanding, so we must meet at this moment? It’s important to go to the South China Sea. In my opinion, it’s not too late for everyone to go to the small things here until we come back. "
Li Yingqiong three people feel that they and others have been delayed here for nearly a day. My brother said that in three days, I don’t know when it will come. I can’t wait to leave and go back immediately. However, knowing the details of others, Yi Jing is the kind of humble person who feels guilty about destroying people’s flying swords like an old friend after meeting everyone. I can’t help but say hello.
Now, after listening to Yi Jing’s statement, we were about to thank him, and everyone set off together. Yi Jing suddenly said, "Please go ahead, three sisters. Little sister has two words to say to my nephew. I will catch up with her when I am young."
Three women, one eager to get to the road, and the other are all slightly heard of the goddess baby’s name. Young people are strong in the center of the earth. I want to try her. As soon as several people wink at each other, they all break away and take their own big birds and carved Buddha slaves to hide in the clouds. See the master fly up and meet naturally.


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