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Because the tower of Babel is the blood hub of the family management system, it brings strength and fetters. Once it is provoked, it will attract revenge, and I am afraid there will be a temple of ghosts and gods that can match it.

At present, the youth has the breath of the Great Sage in Kyubi no Youko, and ten of them are very close to each other’s blood. Look at the achievements made by the other side. The devil finds that he can’t fathom his vision and is even more afraid to start work.
"Babel? The Great Sage of Kyubi no Youko is a strong fox. I have never been out of Dongsheng Shenzhou in Liuzhou, xi he all the year round. How can I have his taste? "
These two words and the small white fox purple pupil figure flashed through their own experiences in Chen Shaobai’s mind and gave birth to an incredible idea
Purple pupil that whole Ri just sleeps and eats silly goods, but it turns out that the fox family in the Tower of Babel has a little pulse.
Although surprised in my heart, Chen Shaobai hung his opponent Gherardini without showing his face, and said nothing.
Mystery and the unknown are the most likely to cause people to guess and fear. Even though Xiang Devil is not a human being, he is a spirit, but he has escaped into the world of mortals and cultivated the wisdom and advantages of people for thousands of years. He has learned people’s suspicions and shortcomings, and he can’t help but get contaminated.
In this way, the two men chased each other, and both of them kept a strength and went with the flow in the sea of ink.
Until one day … to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three As the saying goes, so does the magic.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three As the saying goes, so does the magic.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three As the saying goes, so does the magic.
Two people chase after each other and fear each other and dare not exert their strength.
A demon king seems to be afraid of the "Babel" behind Chen Shaobai, who seems to be guessing his identity and waiting for a wave of storms to infect himself with big cause and effect.
But fortunately or unfortunately, half a month passed in a hurry, and they never even met a storm.
Self-serious demon king has exhausted patience and seems to be ready to kill Chen Shaobai here.
This Ri Chen Shaobai found that the number of Lingshi was less than one million, and his state of J: ng God also slipped to a dangerous level. When he was ready to fight to the death, he gave birth to a light in the virtual space of about a hundred miles away.
This light has just been derived, and it is difficult for human beings to penetrate the moat at a high speed to form a poor and distant galaxy.
"Someone hit the tunnel!"
Chen Shaobai couldn’t help himself with joy, but he didn’t hurry to speed up the escape.
He is now blessed by the real yuan to protect his physical strength, and the vitality of the fairy can reach ten times the speed of sound. In less than half a minute, he can cross this distance and enter the tunnel. But the devil behind him has an old monster accumulated for ten thousand years. Compared with the instantaneous explosion speed, he is not his opponent.
He turned around and held a silver sword like Leng Yue. "You’ve been after me for so long, and now it’s time to settle the feud."
Although the tunnel has been opened, it will take a long time to really condense out of the door.
Hearing this, Xiang Devil’s eyes, which had always been behind him, turned away from his shaqi-filled appearance, and his breath changed to look like a kind elder. "A few days ago, I still doubted that now it seems that you are the Great Sage of Kyubi no Youko?"
Know what the other party must have moved. Chen Shaobai doesn’t talk about it. Cold hum a.
"The flood rushed to the Longwang Temple. We are disowning our own people. Look."
Say a devil breath after a transformation gradually gives birth to six fluffy fox tails to the whole people need to fill the air like a real fox family.
My heart secretly surprised Chen Shaobai but on hold waiting for each other y and n for "this is you? …”
"Although my body is the spirit of Ding Tian’s alms bowl, since the death of the living Buddha, I have been wandering around in person. The first thing is to be reborn in the Babel in Liuzhou, xi he. Speaking of it, I am still your elder." The demon king’s tone is extremely gentle and does not contain any hostility, but there is a little bit of murder in his eyes
What he said is not a cave to the wind, but the real experience of the demon race. Although Shou Yuan has been exhausted, the source breath has not been completely dissipated. Now it is integrated into his body to simulate the posture of the year, and it seems to be smooth and comfortable. It is not like making up lies for no reason
The most important thing about the Babel in Liuzhou, xi he is to kill each other. Once this happens, the number of people who lead to the fairyland will never be less than two.
This is even more horrible than killing the devil’s brother and offending the temple.
Feeling the smell of the other person’s body, Chen Shaobai gave birth to a plan to prepare for the show. "I know the family list by heart. Although my predecessors were born ten thousand years ago, I must have heard about it. I don’t know what your name was?"
"hide the sky"
A demon king replied firmly without any hesitation.
"Turns out to be hidden day predecessors! Is ….. After so many years, Shou Yuan has dried up and died long ago. How can … "Chen Shaobai continued to ask questions.
"You also know that my body is Ding Tian’s alms bowl, the body and the Tao are wonderful and poor, but there is no problem in suppressing all things to protect a source. You are not bad. If you are less than 100 years old, you can finish taxiing Buddhism, Taoism and magic, and you can also achieve quenching gas and rebuilding four times. It is a good seedling. In those days, this source was not available, so I will give it to you."
A demon king’s tone is like taking a lollipop to tempt Little Red Riding Hood into the door.
For the younger generation of ordinary foxes, Vulpix Linghu source is the best way to increase the potential of longevity and increase the potential of pure mana, which can’t be replaced even if it is a treasure.
Hearing this explanation, Chen Shaobai thought for a moment and didn’t seem to find any contradictions among them. He couldn’t help being tempted and hostile, and the whole people gradually relaxed a little.
Seeing him relax, the demon king slowly flew close to him in a way that would not lead to misunderstanding. "Don’t be afraid that although I act perversely and violently, I won’t do anything to kill my younger generation."
This sentence is like a reassurance. Chen Shaobai jǐng disappeared and his face was exhausted
It’s not pretending, it’s Se’s performance. He’s been working hard these months to guard against the double threat of storm and demon king. He’s really tired.
"I don’t know if my good nephew will go to such a dangerous area as the two worlds?"
A demon king slowly raised his hand to take the Vulpix Linghu source in his hand and condense it into a touch of green Hong. He slowly approached Chen Shaobai with a kind heart and waited for an answer while handing out the demon source.
Chen Shaobai looked like he was completely undecided and stupidly thought about the reason. "Well …"
Passing 18-wheeler didn’t wait for him to really say that the demon king burned Zhongyuan J and NG Hua’s finger, and a flash of time came to the front.
True yuan protector refined array has not been activated before it is all sealed up.
Chen Shaobai, who was pressed by a finger like a gold iron at Nabao point in the chest sandalwood, suddenly felt that his qi and blood were completely banned and his mana was trapped in a layer of shackles. If he had the slightest resistance to fluctuations, he would be noticed by the other party.
It is impossible to secretly gather strength to prepare a fatal blow against the opponent’s roots.
"It is my miscalculation that you are willing to burn against me as a quenching quadruple." Chen Shaobai’s face is more terrible than calm.
"Ha ha ha ….. play tiger for skin with me? You are leading a dead end! " A demon king looked up at Chen Shaobai with laughter. There was a red luo naked greed in his eyes. Yu seemed to regard him as an object rather than a human being.
There is no pity, sympathy and plunder
Hundreds of years ago, after being injured, he has been unable to find Buddhism, Taoism and magic. The monk of the Three Cultivation Arrays should have any scruples about letting him meet in this middle of nowhere!
"If nothing unexpected, are you afraid of really coming out of the Babel? Aren’t you afraid of revenge?" Chen Shaobai blinked.
"cultivate immortality is to brave j and jīng into pay attention to a heart smooth to the mouth, a little scruples are timid and what immortal into what way! Although you are talented and lucky, you are still a little young because you lack some experience and mental skills to compete with me! "


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